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YITH WooCommerce Wishlist nulled plugin 3.31.0

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Allow your consumers to make wish lists and share them with family and friends.
What you can get from it:
Allow your consumers to keep track of the things they want and check costs, availability, and so forth.

Examine your clients’ preferences and the most popular items on their wishlists.
Increase conversions by giving users tailored promotional emails and discounts depending on the contents of their wishlists.
Allow consumers to share their wishlists with friends and family to increase sales.

YITH WooCommerce Wishlist nulled plugin Learn what your consumers want and be prepared to satisfy their demands.
Wishlists are a great marketing tool and one of the most important features for an ecommerce store: on the one hand, it motivates visitors to return by enabling them to track things they find interesting. On the other side, if consumers share their wishlist with friends or via social networks, this will enhance product sales and help promote your online company. Consider the sales volume you may achieve around holidays or birthdays when your consumers share their wishlists with family and friends.

YITH WooCommerce Wishlist nulled plugin You will be able to check data on the most popular goods in your store and watch your customers’ wishlists. What if you could provide a special discount on your most popular product? Based on this, you may offer special promotions and discounts to entice your clients to purchase the product they want.

Allow your consumers to make as many wishlists as they like.

Christmas, a birthday… If users desire to keep goods classified by category or other factors, they will be able to create and manage several wishlists.

A transparent approach to privacy management

Your customers may establish a privacy option for each wishlist and choose whether to share or keep the wishlist private.

A more complex and flexible wishlist management system

Your customers may use the drag&drop feature to organize the goods in the wishlist, transfer products from one wishlist to another, control product quantities, export the wishlist content to a.pdf file, share the wishlist on social media, and much more!

Keep track of your clients’ wishlists and the most popular goods.
You may see your clients’ wishlists, learn which goods they like, and build focused marketing tactics.


Send promotional emails to consumers with wishlist items to encourage them to purchase.
It just takes three clicks to send promotional emails with discount coupons to consumers who have added certain goods to their wishlist and encourage them to purchase.

Allow consumers to purchase the product directly from the wishlist page.
Allow users to transfer goods from one wishlist to the basket with a single click, retaining the information about the size, color, or number specified when adding the product to the wishlist.

Select a lovely design for your wishlist page.

The wishlist is one of the most popular features in an ecommerce business, but the page layout is frequently inadequate and unappealing to the consumer. With our plugin, you can choose from a variety of layouts to provide an even more engaging experience to consumers who build a wishlist on your website.

Widgets for wishlists in the header and sidebars
Increase the exposure of your wishlist by using our trendy widgets, which you can place in the header, sidebars, or anywhere else you like.

Allow users to keep track of the prices of the items in their wishlist.
We were inspired by one of the most intriguing aspects of Amazon product pages: consumers can now see when is the optimum time to purchase a thing and how much they can save when there is a promotion running or a discount on the goods they’ve saved to their wishlist.

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