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YITH WooCommerce Tab Manager nulled plugin 1.33.0

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Create customizable tabs on product pages to display all relevant information such as instructions, papers, maps, and galleries.
What you can get from it:
You will increase the usefulness of the product page by structuring information in a simple and organized manner.

You will be able to incorporate any form of material without interfering with the page structure, such as extensive technical data sheets, user instructions, video tutorials, FAQs, and so on.
You will be able to arrange product data as tabs to provide your clients with a comprehensive overview and allow them to identify relevant information before purchasing the goods.
You may use the tabs to enter promos and special offers, recommend similar goods, and so on.

YITH WooCommerce Tab Manager nulled plugin  Give your customers what they desire.
Have you ever made an online purchase only to be disappointed because you couldn’t locate the information you needed quickly? This is due to the ineffectiveness of the product page you were viewing. And what if I told you that YITH WooCommerce Tab Manager can fix all of your problems?

When we make a purchase, we are constantly demanding: we want to know that we are getting the appropriate thing.
YITH WooCommerce Tab Manager allows you to evaluate the default product pages and their contents, enabling you to vastly alter according to your requirements. Manufacturer information, a spec gallery, video instructions, supplementary files to download (such as PDF manuals),… there is no end to the material you may include in these tabs, even a map of how to get to your physical shop!

Furthermore, with YITH nulled plugin Tab Manager, you will be able to build a tab for each product, which is the perfect way to present a potential offer, a caution, or, why not, give special focus to a product that you are certain will be purchased easily. You will both materialize the purchases and your users will feel more certain about what they will acquire in this manner.

YITH WooCommerce Tab Manager nulled plugin Place your tabs anywhere you like.
Feel free to place them before or after WooCommerce tabs based on your preferred approach.
Put an icon next to the tab name and personalize your tabs so that your users can quickly recognize them based on their purpose.

Choose where you want to display your tab.
Display it for all items, products in a certain category, or individual products.

Change the content of your tab.
You can create a tab for all items but edit their content from a single product page.

Choose from eight distinct layouts.
And use shortcodes to display photos, videos, contact forms, maps, FAQs, files, or anything else you want.

The Layout tab
Change or remove WooCommerce menus
Take ultimate control of your website’s content!

On mobile devices, hide the tabs.
If you just want your information to be available at higher resolutions,

On mobile, hide the plugin tab.
Make use of the WPML compatibility.
You may quickly translate the plugin using the excellent WPML tool.

Wpml Compatible vs. Premium
Create an infinite number of “global” tabs that are shown on all goods.
Put your tabs after the WooCommerce tabs.
For the content of your tabs, use a textual layout.
All of the free version’s features
You may make your tabs visible for select product categories.
Your tabs may be shown in certain goods.
Display an icon next to the tab name (custom icon, default icon, or none)
Place your tabs anywhere you want: they may even appear before WooCommerce tabs.
Choose the picture gallery layout.
Choose the layout with a video gallery.
Choose a map layout.
Choose the layout with a contact form.
Choose a download layout.
Choose a shortcode layout.
Choose a FAQ layout.

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