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YITH WooCommerce Recently Viewed Products nulled plugin 2.21.0

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Examine your users’ navigation history: utilize it to highlight previously seen goods and send them personalized emails with special offers.
What you can get from it:
Increase conversions by emphasizing goods that have captured your consumers’ attention and those they may be interested in;

Improve the user experience by giving fast connections to your consumers’ favorite items and strengthen your relationship with them.
Send smart emails to encourage your visitors to purchase: ask them to return to your site by reminding them of the things they were interested in;
Encourage your users to purchase by providing them with a discount coupon and specific deals on the goods they have browsed.

YITH WooCommerce Recently Viewed Products nulled plugin Help your consumers locate the things they’re looking for and encourage them to purchase with targeted communications and incentives.
Customers come into your store, look at an item, and want to buy it, but something unexpectedly distracts them, and they stop viewing and postpone their purchase.

But what if they return to your business and can’t locate what they were searching for? This is a pretty regular circumstance in which you are passing up a wonderful opportunity to make a deal!

YITH WooCommerce Recently Viewed Products nulled plugin Have you ever noticed that the world’s largest retailers, such as Amazon, include a “Recently viewed products” section? While exploring the site, you will be shown goods that you have already seen, since you are more likely to purchase one or more of them.

YITH WooCommerce Recently Viewed goods is a simple and effective feature that uses a user’s navigation history to show them the goods they’ve looked at on your e-commerce site.

You may also create a strong marketing plan and send automated emails with discounts and special offers to encourage people to purchase the goods they are most interested in.

Select the location for the “recently viewed” section.
You may either construct a dedicated page or use the shortcode to display the recently viewed part wherever you want: on the Home page, the Cart page, or the My Account area. You can also use the built-in widget to display the goods in your theme’s sidebar or other widget section.

With your customized settings, you may create a limitless number of shortcodes.

YITH WooCommerce Recently Viewed Products nulled plugin Choose whether to display simply the goods that your user has seen or similar products (those in the same tag or category), how many products to display and how to organize them, and whether to display the slider: Configure the plugin to your liking and create an endless number of custom shortcodes. Simply copy and paste them where you want them to appear. Quick and simple.

Display a “Most Viewed Products” section.

Showcase your most popular items: the “Most viewed products” shortcode allows you to build a section that displays a list of the most viewed products. You may also choose the number of goods to display, whether to show all most-viewed products or just those from certain categories, and activate the slider for this shortcode.

Keep consumers’ product lists up to current, even across browsers.

Your visitors will be able to access the “Recently viewed” area even if they visit your shop from different browsers thanks to the extra data storage in your site database.

Set up automated emails to entice your customers to return to your store.

Set up an automated email after a certain number of days to remind your consumers about the goods they have seen in your store. When you select this option, the plugin will handle everything for you, including sending a reminder email with your time settings and inviting customers to purchase the goods they are interested in.

Personalize the automated email message and include a promo code.

To alter the automated email message, use the built-in editor: Add compelling words and a custom-value discount coupon to urge your consumers to buy the things they prefer: one bonus they won’t want to miss!

Display all of the user’s recently seen items on the product page, along with those comparable by tag and category.
Set the number of recommended goods to show.
Display only recommended goods that are “in stock”

Set an expiry date for the cookie that will hold the users’ most recently seen goods.
Display a page containing all of the user’s recently browsed goods.
Choose whether to display just the user’s recently seen goods or those related by tag and category.
Sort recommended goods by sales, pricing, most recently seen, random, or publication date.
Exclude consumers’ already bought goods from their recommended product lists.
Show just the goods from the user’s most frequented categories Show recommended products in a slider
Send a personalized email once a certain number of days have passed since the user’s previous login.
Combine with Mandrill
Include a voucher in the email so that consumers may use it to earn a discount on the first recommended product they add to their basket.
Shortcodes for displaying Recently Viewed and Most Viewed Products New
Set shortcodes Param ‘category’ to most viewed shortcode to customize the recommended goods for your consumers. It will enable you to display the most popular goods by category.

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