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YITH WooCommerce Product Gallery & Image Zoom nulled plugin 2.29.0

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What the plugin does
Enable zooming on product photos and adjust product gallery thumbnails in a sophisticated manner.
What you can get from it:

Set up a slider to display the product gallery area.
To display real-size product photos in a modal window, enable a lightbox.
Provide a comprehensive overview of the things you offer by allowing consumers to observe intricacies and specifics that aren’t visible in standard-size photographs.
Provide people with a more convenient and useful purchase procedure by significantly lowering doubts while examining the goods and returns owing to an erroneous impression of the product’s characteristics.

YITH WooCommerce Product Gallery & Image Zoom nulled plugin Improve your product photos and the main aspects of your product page.
Product photos are critical in allowing customers to make a buying choice regarding a certain product.

When online shoppers cannot physically inspect the things you offer, they must depend on an examination of the photos on the product page.

This is why it is critical not only to utilize professional and high-quality photographs, but also to allow visitors to magnify them – via zoom or lightbox capability – to better view every detail such as the material, pattern, fabric, stitching, buttons, garnish, and so on.

The more visuals you provide, the more accurate and pleasant your consumer experience will be. But don’t forget to properly order the photographs on the product page so that it doesn’t look to the user as an overpowering chaos. YITH WooCommerce Product Gallery & Image Zoom enables you to enable zoom capabilities and a lightbox on your product photos, as well as display thumbnails in a convenient slider for a clean and contemporary look.

Make the zoom function available in your product photos.
Enabling the zoom option on your photos allows your consumers to see even the tiniest detail of your items. You may choose whether or not to utilize an icon to indicate the zoom option, as well as position the zoom window in respect to the main product picture (within, next to, above, or below).

Disable zoom on selected goods

YITH WooCommerce Product Gallery & Image Zoom nulled plugin To block the zoom option on particular goods or categories, use the exclusion list.
Do you want to deactivate the zoom option on some goods or categories in your store while keeping it active on others? The plugin’s Exclusion List provides you with the most freedom.

Allow the lightbox to display high-resolution photos in a modal window.
In addition to the zoom option, you can activate the “lightbox” capability to open the full-size picture in a modal window and allow your consumers to examine the product details attentively and conveniently.<br /> Since version 2.0, you may change the colors of the lightbox icon and the modal window overlay.

Product thumbnails slider

Enable a slider for the photographs in the product gallery.
If you have a lot of photographs in your product gallery and want to avoid the usual WooCommerce functionality that just shows them in rows one after the other, you can activate a slider instead and choose how many images to show on each slide. You may also activate autoplay and move the slider to the “infinite” position.For gallery thumbnails, the primary picture changes as you click or hover over it.
When you hover over one of the gallery thumbnails since version 2.0, you will see an option to edit the main product image. This method is inspired by Amazon and many other large e-commerce businesses in order to improve usability and save your consumers time.

Gallery custom colors Replace picture on hover
You may change the colors and sizes of all icons and arrows.
We have also replaced the fixed graphics with SVG images from version 2.0. You will be able to modify their sizes and colors to meet your shop’s aesthetic. You may also change the border-radius to make the icons as circular as you want them to be.

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