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YITH WooCommerce Product Bundles nulled plugin 2.3.0

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Create unique deals in your business by putting items in bundles and selling them at discounted or special pricing.
What you can get from it:
You will be able to use bundle marketing methods to offer various items at a discounted price, improving conversions in your e-commerce.

You will raise the average order value by producing targeted chosen goods (by combining commonly purchased together products or related things) to persuade consumers to buy them all in one transaction.
You will profit from a strong upsell strategy that will encourage consumers to purchase similar things in bundles with the product they are interested in.

YITH WooCommerce Product Bundles nulled plugin Sell more by mixing items and providing them as unique deals to your consumers.
The “bundle” strategy is one of the most effective ways to improve the sales of product combinations and encourage clients to return in search of fresh discounts.

YITH WooCommerce Product Bundles nulled plugin Consider what people seek for on your website, what they purchase, and what they want to buy. For example, if you offer cameras, the vast majority of your customers will also want a memory card or a rechargeable battery pack.

How can you persuade people to buy these things on your website while also growing sales of related products and developing a strong upsell strategy? YITH WooCommerce Product Bundles allows you to build ad hoc bundles that combine goods and manage discounts on the final selling price.

Add goods to the bundle and choose how they are displayed.
You may add an infinite number of goods to the bundle and select whether or not to display the product, its name, and description. You may utilize the default information or create a custom description to each product.


YITH WooCommerce Product Bundles nulled plugin Add product variants and let consumers choose the color, size, and so on before adding the bundle to the basket.
You may also include changeable items in your bundles so that consumers can choose the best alternatives before making a purchase.

Set items as ‘optional’ and enable your consumers to select whether or not to include them in the package.
Optional items will be shown in the bundle with a checkbox, allowing consumers to select whether or not to purchase them.


Set the bundle’s buying rules.

For optional goods, you may determine the minimum/maximum amount of products that the user must pick in order to add the bundle to the basket.

Set a set price for the bundle or rely on the pricing of the included goods.
When constructing the bundle, you may provide a set price or utilize the price calculated by adding the individual goods.


Apply a discount to the bundle’s items.

Apply a reduction to the prices of the items included in the bundle, and make incentives to entice people to buy.

Choose how to handle the bundle’s shipment.
You may choose to send all of the bundled goods at once and charge the buyer a single shipping fee, or you can ship the products individually.


Choose how to handle the bundle’s out-of-stock items.

If one of the additional goods is out of stock, you may select whether to conceal the bundle, change it to “Out of stock,” or leave it visible but without the ability to purchase it.

Choose how the bundle should appear in the cart and on invoices.
Select whether to display simply the bundle in the cart and order invoices or a list of the goods contained in the bundle and their associated pricing.


Use the “Products bundles” widget to display a list of your bundles on any widget section of your store.
Put a widget in the sidebars of your product pages, the main page, the footer, or any widget section of your theme to add value to your bundles.

Make the most of YITH WooCommerce Quick View compatibility.
Use our plugin Quick View to display the information of the product contained in the bundle in a modal window, saving consumers from having to go through the many product pages.

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