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YITH WooCommerce Order Shipment Tracking nulled 2.23.0

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Allows your consumers to conveniently monitor the shipment of e-commerce purchases.
How to use it: add, amend, or import the order tracking number, carrier name, and tracking URL of each order made in your store.

Improve the user experience in your business by providing a simple method for consumers to monitor orders and shipments; incorporate tracking information in order emails sent to customers and on their My Account page;
minimize the strain of your customer service by providing automated order tracking to minimize the amount of phone calls or emails about the status of orders.

YITH WooCommerce Order & Shipment Tracking nulled plugin Allow orders and shipment tracking to increase client confidence.
The primary purpose of any e-commerce site should be to provide a pleasurable purchasing experience. However, the buying experience does not end when the customer adds the product to the cart and pays for it; rather, it is only after paying that the user begins to feel vulnerable and wonders if your shop is reliable, trustworthy, and if the product will be shipped for real, with which carrier, when it will be delivered, and what steps to take in the case of a late delivery or no delivery at all.

According to usability study, 97% of consumers expect to be able to track every stage of the delivery process for items bought online.

YITH WooCommerce Order & Shipment Tracking allows you to insert shipping information (carrier’s name, delivery date, tracking code, carrier’s site URL to track the order in real-time, etc.) into each order and display the same data in your customers’ accounts (both in the orders list and order details) and emails.

Giving clients the ability to see the full product delivery process with a single click can simplify the entire sale process, help you create trust with them, and minimize the strain of your customer care.

YITH WooCommerce Order & Shipment Tracking nulled plugin Choose your shipping carriers from a list of over 480 supported services.
The plugin supports 489 carriers; just choose one and the tracking URLs will be produced automatically. You can’t seem to locate your carrier on the list? Don’t be concerned! Please notify us, and we will include it in a plugin update as soon as possible.

Insert the tracking information into the order
The plugin is quite simple to use. Once installed, all that remains is to open the order and enter the tracking data into the relevant panel. A CSV file may also be used to import tracking data.

Show users the tracking data by including it in the order details.

After putting the tracking data into the order, you may alter the wording and display it on the customer’s account, the orders list (as a tooltip), and the order details.


Display tracking data to the user by including it in order emails.

Tracking information may also be included in order emails sent to clients. You may change the wording and decide whether it appears before or after the product list.

Using the shortcode, create an order tracking page.

Do you wish to provide an additional service to your customers? Create an order tracking page with the plugin’s shortcode and enable people to monitor the delivery status by entering their email and order ID.


Incorporate the tracking information into the packing slips.

You may incorporate order tracking data into the packing slips created by this plugin thanks to the interaction with YITH WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips.


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