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YITH WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts nulled plugin 4.8.0

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What the plugin accomplishes
Increase conversions by using dynamic discounts and pricing restrictions, as well as creating strong and targeted offers.

What you can get from it:
With a few clicks, you may apply a discount to the whole store or to all goods in a certain category.
Create targeted offers and boost average order value with discounts depending on quantity or total amount in cart.
Set up the most popular specials (such as 3 for 2, 2 for 1, BOGO, and so on) in your store.
Schedule automated discounts and promotions (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Halloween, Christmas, and so forth).
Provide a free product or a discount to all consumers who purchase a specified product or spend a certain amount;
Provide dynamic discounts in the basket or free delivery when consumers spend a certain amount.

YITH WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts nulled plugin  Increase consumer loyalty with targeted incentives and adjustable pricing policies.
Imagine going along a street in the city center, surrounded by shops of all kinds. Which storefronts have piqued your interest? The answer is straightforward: companies that provide specific specials and discounts. Colored posters advertising end-of-season specials, buy two get three deals, or everything for $10 till the end of the week are just a few of the most common commercial activities.

YITH WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts nulled plugin  Use the same marketing strategies in your YITH WooCommerce store. Dynamic pricing and discounts are a strong tool for creating targeted promotions that will capture your consumers’ attention and keep them loyal day after day. It’s a plugin that adds vitality to your e-commerce and allows you to improve visitors – and hence sales – by using basic marketing methods.

Discounts, special rates, promotions, incentives, and free products: the only limit is your own imagination: with just one plugin, you may create hundreds of promotions to improve your shop’s sales.

YITH WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts nulled plugin  In just a few clicks, you can manage any form of discount, promotion, or special offer.
Configure, plan, and manage discounts and complex promotions using the plugin builder. You may choose from the most popular deals or develop unique promos depending on your specific requirements.

Create whatever sort of discount or offer you want: 3 for 2, 2 for 1, Buy One receive One Free, 50% off the second item, Buy X and receive Y for free, and so on.
The only limit to the special offers you can make is your imagination: from the user-friendly plugin panel, you can create any kind of promotion, choose the goods to which it will apply, and schedule it for a certain time period.

With a few clicks, you may apply a large discount to the whole store catalog or to goods in a specified category.
You have hundreds of goods and want to offer a 10% Black Friday discount? Want you provide a one-week discount on all goods in a certain category? You no longer need to manually change each product; instead, you can define the discount rule with a few clicks.


Set varying pricing depending on the amount of the chosen goods and urge your consumers to purchase more to get a discount.
Set dynamic discounts depending on product quantity and decide whether or not to display the quantity/price table to alert the consumer about the current deal.

Create discount rules for the cart.
Apply any advanced discount rule to the cart: you can offer a 10% off and free shipping only for orders totaling $300 or more, or if the cart contains at least a certain number of items; you can create a discount that only applies to specific users or user roles, as well as customers who have placed a certain number of orders in your shop or have exceeded a defined spent threshold.


Display dynamic messaging in the basket to persuade visitors to spend more in order to take advantage of discounts and free delivery.
Offering discounts or free delivery depending on cart amount is pointless if these deals are not advertised. Since version 3.0, you may display dynamic notifications for discount rules that are applied based on the cart total. This will encourage visitors to add more things to their basket in order to take advantage of the promotion and/or free delivery. A solid practice employed by major retailers that you should not overlook if you want to give discounts and promotions on the cart page and enhance the customer experience.

Display a modal window in the cart and offer one or more things as a gift to consumers who spend more than a particular amount or buy specified products.
A free product or “gift” is a terrific way to persuade your consumers to complete the transaction. Use the “gift product” option to specify how many and which goods will be given away, to whom, and under what circumstances (for example, users with a cart total of at least $100 or the product X in cart).


Display a modal popup promoting the current special deals on the goods in the basket.
Do you want to provide clients who purchase a certain product a gift or a discount? Create the rule and promote it using a modal box that appears when the user adds a product to the cart. The most effective approach is to highlight discounts and promotions and encourage users to take advantage of these tailored offerings.

Make a last-minute offer to display on the cart or checkout page.
Use the urgency principle to propose upsell goods on the cart or checkout page before your consumers finish the transaction. You may make the offer available for a limited period by displaying a dynamic countdown to encourage people to buy right away.

Make dynamic messaging for your product pages.
Improve your promotions by displaying dynamic messaging on your product pages to tell consumers about the deal and encourage them to purchase.

Determine whether or not the offers may be combined.
Decide whether to allow your users to combine several promotions and get the maximum possible discount, or whether you wish to place certain limits so that they may only benefit from one deal at a time while purchasing from your store.

Choose whether to provide discounts to all of your consumers or just a select niche.
You may make discounts and promotions available to all users or restrict them to individuals with specified roles. Set up offers for members of a specified plan if using our Membership plugin. Create cart discounts that are only available to clients who have previously spent a particular amount in your store or who have made a certain number of purchases.

To automate discounts and offers, choose a start and end date for your discount rules.
You may manually start and stop a promotion or specify the start and end dates to run automatically. This way, you can design discounts and special rates ahead of time for various periods of the year (Black Friday, Christmas, end-of-season sale, etc.) and ensure that the plugin automates the whole process.

Select whether the discount should be applied to the unit price or the total price.
Once in the basket, choose whether the discounts associated with a single product will affect the product’s unit pricing or – new from version 2.0 – if the discount will only apply to the cart total.

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