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YITH WooCommerce Custom Order Status nulled plugin 1.33.0

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Easily manage your order statuses and generate personalized labels for your orders.
What you can get from it:
You will be able to generate new, ad hoc, and limitless custom order statuses based on your e-commerce needs.

You will have extensive administration and control over all order statuses, from purchase to delivery.

YITH WooCommerce Custom Order Status nulled plugin Make your life simpler and your order management better with a few easy clicks.
Order administration has never been easier: with just one plugin, you can improve the layout of your “Orders” section and easily and quickly track the progress of your e-commerce transactions.

With the YITH WooCommerce Custom Order Status plugin, you can enhance the style and usefulness of your “Orders” page, making the most relevant information more visible to visitors.

You will also have access to additional capabilities that allow you to track the processes that occur between the purchase of an item and its delivery to your clients.
You will, for example, be able to add custom labels (with adjustable colors, images, and text) to designate the various stages of order processing and so have a fast overview of current orders.

Although WooCommerce is a powerful plugin, order administration may be fairly chaotic: our plugin is the most effective option to make your life simpler and offer your back end area a more useful look.

Overwrite WooCommerce order status Customize the ones you want to make it easier to run your store.
Use symbols and labels to help you easily identify orders allocated to a given state.

YITH WooCommerce Custom Order Status nulled plugin You have complete control over the actions of your commands.
Configuring the following actions for a certain state.
Allow your users additional flexibility of action.
Allows you to cancel or pay for an order, as well as download any associated files.

Follow up on all orders
Not just the “Completed” ones, but all other statuses may now be included in the report.
Send personalized order status emails
Configure the options in the relevant area, and your email will be ready in a matter of minutes.

Make use of the WPML compatibility.
You may quickly translate the plugin using WPML’s powerful tool.

Create a plethora of order statuses and give them distinct names and colors.
The ability to overwrite WooCommerce order status
Each state should be represented by an image or a textual descriptor.

Possibility of creating a new order state and deciding what activities will occur as a result.
You may choose from the following options for each status:
permit order cancellation
accept payment
Consider the paid order NEW Allow users to download the related files
replenish products in the order display the state in the Actions column show orders with this status in WooCommerce reports
Emails may be customized for each specific status.
Custom statuses from third-party plugins may be imported.
Order Tracking Integration with YITH NULLED PLUGIN

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