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YITH WooCommerce Bulk Product Editing nulled plugin 3.5.0

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What the plugin accomplishes
Save time and effort by mass modifying your shop’s goods.
What you can get from it:

Enable the fields of your choosing for bulk editing (taxonomies and custom fields may also be enabled); build and save views to rapidly filter the products that appear in the bulk editing table. For example, you may construct a view that only displays on-sale goods, another that displays all products without images, still another that displays just out-of-stock products, and so on.
Save time by editing many products at once rather than opening, modifying, and saving them one at a time. Increase or reduce pricing, add images to all goods, add text to all product descriptions… all with a single click.

YITH WooCommerce Bulk Product Editing nulled plugin The best way to mass modify WooCommerce goods
Editing WooCommerce goods in a business with hundreds or thousands of items may be a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. Is this a reoccurring scenario? It may be a waste of time and effort for an e-commerce site with a modest inventory. Do you routinely be requested to raise all product prices by $10 or to provide a 10% discount on the whole catalog in order to attract new customers? These seem to be simple modifications, but in reality, you must manually open and modify each and every product (and repeat these steps on fifty, one hundred, or five hundred goods) and spend hours and hours on this effort.

YITH WooCommerce mass Product modification is a life-saving solution for individuals who manage a WooCommerce store since it enables for mass modification of every product information, including names, SKUs, categories, photos, descriptions, pricing, shipping classes, and so on. With a few clicks and a few minutes, each aspect of the complete product catalog, whether it contains tens or thousands of items, may be maintained in an advanced manner.

Select the fields to allow bulk editing.
As a first step, choose the product information you wish to enable for bulk modification. In the modal, you’ll see a list of all the fields you may activate. Taxonomies and custom fields may also be enabled and added to the list.

YITH WooCommerce Bulk Product Editing nulled plugin Create an infinite number of product views to fill the database.
By default, the table will display all of the goods in your store. You may build and store an endless number of custom views to pick which goods to display in the table, making it easier to modify and manage products. You may, for example, design a view that only displays on-sale goods, another that displays products with a stock number less than 5, still another that only virtual or highlighted products, and so on. With a single click, you may save and apply the views; the product table will be changed in real-time, and only the items matching the given filters will be shown (and, of course, those goods will be accessible for bulk editing).

YITH WooCommerce Bulk Product Editing nulled plugin CSV file export of the current product view
After building the custom view, you may choose the goods and perform bulk operations on them, such as duplicating or deleting them, opening the bulk editing modal, or exporting a CSV file containing all of the information connected to the current view.

Create new goods for your catalog quickly and easily.
Do you want to develop and add a product to the table fast and in real-time? By selecting the appropriate button, you will be sent to a modal box where you may input the necessary information to create a product. You may also opt to post it immediately or store it as a draft.

Edit items in bulk straight from the products table.
Do you need to rapidly modify a product that has been added to the table? You may quickly update any product information, such as the price, name, or picture, with a single click. After saving the table, all modifications will be implemented.

Modal for bulk editing
Edit the chosen goods in bulk using the dedicated modal.
The modal where you may bulk modify your shop’s goods is at the heart of the plugin. Select the items in the table that you wish to update and click the “Bulk editing” button to open the modal: any changes you make will be applied to all of the chosen goods.

Bulk modify your goods’ names, descriptions, and primary information.
You may bulk modify your items’ key information under the “General” section. You may, for example, add a word to the name of all chosen items, add text to the descriptions, deactivate reviews, change the visibility to conceal the products from the catalog with a single click, and many other things.

Edit product photos in bulk
You may manage the photos of all the chosen goods in the “Images” section. You have the option of removing all of them, uploading a new one that will be applied to all of the items, emptying the product galleries, or adding a picture to all of the chosen products. This is a great option if, for example, you want to quickly add a promotional picture to all of your items.

Edit categories, tags, and characteristics in bulk.
You may also bulk modify categories, tags, and characteristics (color, size, etc.) for all chosen goods in the modal. This enables you to rapidly restructure your store (by fast shifting goods from one category to another, or adding a tag to 100 products with a single click), add the XXL size or the color black to all T-shirts that did not previously have these variants available, and so on.

Edit product pricing and potential promotions in bulk.
One of the most popular plugin features is the ability to bulk adjust the pricing of several goods at once. Do you want to raise the whole catalog price by 10% or $10? Or how about a 20% off all merchandise on Black Friday? In the blink of an eye, you can alter and apply everything you need.

Edit product sizes and shipping types in bulk.
You may change the sizes, weights, and shipping classes of all chosen goods in the “Shipping” section. This option is useful if you create ad hoc shipping classes (one for voluminous products, one for lightweight products that can be sent in an envelope, another to offer free shipping for specific products, etc.) and want to easily and quickly assign them to specific products or categories.

Sizes and shipping types may be edited in bulk.
Managing stock using the bulk editing modal is another valuable function. You will be able to put all chosen items as “out of stock” in the “Stock” section, or vice versa, select all out-of-stock products and change their status with a single click. You may also choose the same available quantity for all of the goods you’ve chosen.

Edit upsells, cross-sells, and other advanced information in bulk.
Finally, under the “Advanced” area, you may make all of the chosen items featured, virtual, and/or downloadable, specify the product category, and—this is a really interesting option—define which products should be designated as upsells or cross-sells of those in the table.

Delete several goods in bulk with a single click
In the table, you may bulk change the chosen goods by downloading a CSV file with the product data, duplicating them, moving them to the trash, or permanently deleting them with a single click.

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