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YITH Point Of Sale (POS) nulled plugin 3.0.0

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Convert your WooCommerce installation into a strong and simple cash register for any sort of shop or company.You can sync your retail point of sale with your online shop’s orders, customers, and product listings, and vice versa. You will have complete control over your business; you will be able to create a virtual cash register for any business activity (shop, pub, gym, etc.) without purchasing a physical device and saving money on the expensive yearly subscriptions of traditional point of sale tools and services; you will be able to use the virtual cash register on any computer, touch screen, or new generation web browser.

YITH Point Of Sale For WooCommerce (POS) nulled plugin You have two alternatives if you require a POS to make physical sales. The most frequent and most costly method is to purchase a specialized POS terminal (prices range from €250 to €1000) and pay a monthly membership fee for a particular POS software (about €40-50). So, only one POS terminal would cost you €500 each year. If you need additional registers, double the price by two, three, five, and so on.

YITH Point Of Sale (POS) nulled plugin Instead, the solution we provide enables you to utilize WooCommerce, a free program, to convert your computer or tablet into a versatile cash register that is inexpensive and simple to use due to the integration of our POS plugin.It makes no difference if you operate a supermarket, a bar, a retail shop, or a beauty salon: you’ll be able to completely control your Point of Sale with several registers. Set up cashiers, create goods, sync orders, add a markup, discounts, and promo codes, design receipts, track each register’s revenue and payment methods… plus a lot more.

A seamless connection between your POS register and your WooCommerce shop.

YITH nulled pluginPoint of Sale is WooCommerce-native and connects to your store using the WooCommerce REST API. All orders placed via the frontend POS register will be immediately synced to the database of your WooCommerce installation, as will any other information such as product stock, customer data, and so on.

An infinite number of shops and POS registers in a single installation

The plugin enables you to create infinite shops (for managing chain stores or franchising) and infinite registers (for managing a supermarket with several sections and specialized registers). Set up several cashiers, create receipts, configure categories and goods, enable unique payment methods, and more for each register.

A sophisticated and adaptable dashboard allows you to monitor the orders and income of each business and POS register.

You can depend on a dashboard that enables you to analyze the sales trend and income of each Point Of Sale, as well as filter this information by shop, cash register, and date, thanks to the interface with the WooCommerce Admin panel. You may also see which cashiers have the most sales and which payment options are most popular.

A sleek and configurable login page provides direct access to the POS register.

Allow cashiers to access the registers without going via the backend of your e-commerce shop by creating a login page for them that can be modified from the admin panel.

An appealing and functional POS register interface, suitable for any sort of store and product.

We created a simple and user-friendly POS registration interface with a carefully designed style. As a consequence, the approach may be used to any company activity, independent of the items or services supplied.

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