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YITH Payment Method Restrictions nulled plugin 1.1.20

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What the plugin accomplishes
Depending on your requirements, enable or disable various payment options for each product in your shop.
What you can get from it:

You may eliminate excessively costly payment options for each and every product.
You may select whether to display or conceal the payment method based on the cart total, product tags, and so on.
In the event of bank transfer payments, you may choose the bank to be utilized.

YITH Payment Method Restrictions nulled plugin Only specialists can sell every single goods with the appropriate payment option.
As you are probably aware, successful businesspeople never skip a beat, and the digital industry is no different.

However, did you realize that several aspects of the purchasing process are often disregarded or omitted?

Have you ever considered whether it would be more profitable or suitable to allow your consumers to choose one payment method over another when buying particular products?

YITH Payment Method Restrictions nulled plugin You would definitely reap greater advantages if you restricted purchases to credit cards rather than bank transfers or PayPal, however…

For the time being, this is not feasible, and you will undoubtedly lose this edge.

YITH Payment Method Restrictions nulled plugin To be candid, you can’t give up so easy if the first rule of company is to not miss anything and improve every single process, particularly in sales.

You’ll be relieved to learn that the features of our plugin Payment Method Restrictions for WooCommerce tackle this issue to the best of our ability.

What you could do right now is as follows:

You may restrict or accept various payment methods by configuring precise criteria in a matter of seconds.

For example, you may only accept credit card payments for orders that surpass a specific amount, or you could exclude PayPal purchases for certain goods. You may also enter various banks for bank transfer payments and correlate them with different items.

View our screenshots and test out the live demo. Don’t pass it up!

Dynamically disable one or more payment methods
removing the checkout page’s gateway

YITH Payment Method Restrictions nulled plugin To delete a payment method gateway, select it.
Remove one or more gates if your basket contains certain goods from your store.
Choosing items based on their name, tag, and/or category

Remove a gateway based on the user’s location.
Inserting one or more nations into the limitation rule’s criteria

Enable a gateway based on the total amount in the cart.
The sum must fall inside the rule’s parameters.

Change the bank account that will be used at the checkout dynamically.
If many accounts are available, the system will choose one depending on the requirements you have set.

Inform the user of the reason for the unavailable gateway.
Displaying a personalized greeting on the checkout page

Make use of the WPML compatibility.
You may quickly translate the plugin using the sophisticated tool provided by WPML.

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