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YITH Multiple Shipping Addresses nulled plugin 1.23.0

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Allow your clients to provide several shipping addresses for goods bought in the same transaction.
What you can get from it:
It will boost the average order value since your consumers will be enticed to buy more things with a single order.

Sales will skyrocket around the holidays since ordering and sending presents via your business will be simpler and quicker.
Customers with diverse business headquarters may buy from you and have things sent to their preferred location.

YITH Multiple Shipping Addresses nulled plugin Increase your e-commerce sales by sending to several recipients in the same order Alex is shopping on your website. He added three items to his basket before browsing and discovering an item that he thinks would be ideal as a birthday gift for his father who lives in another nation.
Satisfied, he adds this to the basket as well, thinking of his father’s delight when he receives the present unexpectedly.

YITH Multiple Shipping Addresses nulled plugin However, as he is ready to complete payment, he finds that he cannot place one transaction with two separate mailing addresses. He feels compelled to remove his father’s present from his cart and place a fresh purchase later. He thinks, maybe later, maybe the following day, as soon as he gets 5 minutes.

Perhaps never, as is so frequently the case. Because, in the meanwhile, he may discover a comparable thing on another e-commerce site, or he may discover it at a lower price at another shop, who knows.

Whatever the cause, removing a product from an order is a lost sale that is unlikely to be regained.
Assume Alex chooses to eliminate his merchandise and solely purchase the present for his father. In this situation, the economic loss would be three products rather than one. And assume that same event repeats multiple times in your e-commerce over the course of a week or a month. How many sales are you already missing out on without even realizing it?

YITH Multiple Shipping locations for WooCommerce is a solution that enables your customers to easily and quickly pick the delivery of specific goods to entirely various locations.

A highly adaptable plugin that allows your clients to make several purchases for friends, colleagues, and family members in a single transaction. Consider what this technology will do for your company next Christmas, when Alex purchases presents for his father and all of his friends on your website.

Enable the multi-shipping option for each and every purchase.
Allowing everyone or just registered users to specify their shipping addresses

Several shipping addresses
Prevent multi-shipping on certain goods in your store by sorting them by product or category.

Products should be excluded from multishipping.
Add an infinite number of custom shipping addresses.
To make it simple for your customers to input and manage them on the Checkout and My Account pages.

Change the shipping address
Divide the product quantity
Allow users to mail the merchandise to several shipping addresses.

Product division for various shipment
Manage the delivery status by selecting Processing, Shipped, Cancelled, or Returned according on your requirements.

Set the status of each shipment.
Send a notification email
To notify your consumers when the shipment status of their ordered items has changed

Email notice of shipment status
Make use of the WPML compatibility.
You may quickly translate the plugin using the excellent WPML tool.

Wpml Compatible Features enable customers to manage shipping addresses from the Checkout and My Account pages and allow multi-shipping for each purchase.
divide the amount of a product put to basket across several shipping addresses remove certain goods or categories from multi-shipping
enable/disable product variation multi-shipping
control each shipment status inside the order send consumers an email when a shipping status changes

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