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YITH Amazon S3 Storage nulled plugin 1.9.0

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Manage your website/store files and decide whether or not to upload them to Amazon S3.
What you can get from it:
You will lower server load and bandwidth utilization.

You won’t have to worry about running out of server space.
Amazon S3 will keep your data secure.

YITH Amazon S3 Storage nulled plugin Improve the security of your digital merchandise by uploading WordPress media assets to Amazon.
We are often influenced by the characteristics of successful eCommerce platforms such as Amazon while designing our most popular plugins. Most of the time, before we sell our plugins, we install and test them on our platform to fully understand their capabilities and to develop and make them even more powerful and successful.

That is why YITH nulled plugin Amazon S3 Storage is more than just a plugin; it is the complete solution to the objectives we set for ourselves when we began selling digital items: decreasing bandwidth usage to make your e-commerce more successful and protecting your products once they are online.

Our experience shows that, regardless of the type of online business you run, if you focus on selling digital products, you will have to deal with the issue of never having enough hosting space and the need to protect your products so that they are only accessible to those who are fully entitled to it.

Our plugin will allow you to automatically upload – without having to open the Amazon S3 page, publish the media, copy the URL, and manually replace it with the WordPress URL – all of your media files (videos, pictures, PDF files, archives zip, etc.) on Amazon S3, reducing the server load for your website in a single action!

Once the files are uploaded to Amazon S3, their security will be greatly enhanced since you may make them “private” – meaning they will only be accessible to verified customers – and/or make them available for a limited period.

The most powerful and adaptable solution for managing and securing your online data is YITH Amazon S3 Storage.

Transfer all new WordPress media files to Amazon S3 Images, audios, and videos: you will have a synchronized backup of all your media assets.

Download files from Amazon S3 instead of your website.

The automated change of download URLs will help your site load faster.
url should be replaced

Remove it from your website. the files were sent to Amazon S3

You will save space on your server thanks to this automated process.
Images should be removed from the server.

Allow files associated to your WooCommerce virtual items to be downloaded directly from Amazon S3.
Make the most of an Amazon S3 account’s capabilities and security.
WooCommerce Digital Products: Select a file

Add files to Amazon S3 manually by taking advantage of WordPress media gallery

Use this possibility to upload files that have nothing to do with your site

Set an expiration for the downloads linked to the products

Access to the resource can be limited to a few minutes since the users access the download page

Make use of the WPML compatibility.
You may quickly translate the plugin using the excellent WPML tool.




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