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xProfile Mobile App Template 1.1

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PerfectX is a profile picture border frame app that allows users to create unique and stylish profiles with various patterns, colors, and shapes. The app offers a wide range of features, including the ability to adjust photos, flip and rotate photos, change colors, crop photos, and add stickers. It also supports multiple ad networks and offers a clean code source. The app is available for download on various platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and TikTok.

The app is owned by iStudio and is not an official meta platform like Instagram, Facebook, or WhatsApp. The Envato policy states that free support is provided for bugs in the project, not for package name changes or creating release apps. The app does not offer refunds, and users should read the description and compatibility content thoroughly before purchasing. The app is not available for sale in the Envato market, but the source code can be sold to interested buyers.

xProfile Mobile App Template  This profile picture border frame functions as a narrative generator. Create an original profile photograph using the DP Maker 2023 to add exquisite and fashionable frames. A border frame can be effortlessly applied using a profile image creator. Astound your acquaintances with your dynamic profile picture generated by a dp maker. Modify your profile picture at will to attract interest to your account. And more, thanks to this incredible profile picture border frame application.

We offer an inexhaustible selection of exquisite designs featuring a variety of patterns on square frames and pixiets, including neon, floral, badge, love, bokeh, and gradient, among others, with background hues that can completely alter and transform the image into an entirely new and amazing appearance. Apply a variety of vibrant hues and intriguing new forms to your photographs, transforming the mundane into the exquisite and extraordinary.

xProfile Mobile App Template
Donate your exquisite works of art to TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Snapchat…

IMPORTANT: ● Although PerfectX is my personal application and not the app that you receive with a Regular or Extended License, it will not be available for purchase on the Envato market. However, I am willing to sell the PerfectX app’s source code to anyone interested in purchasing it. xProfile, Your Custom Portrait Creator (1) xProfile, Your Custom Portrait Generator (2)
NOTE: ● Avoid running multiple applications under a single license. A regular license is limited to one app; you may only live one app on the Play Store. Additionally, paid apps cannot be live-streamed with a regular license.
In advance, PREVIEW:
xProfile: Your Custom Portrait Creator (3) xProfile: Your Custom Portrait Maker (4)

Your Personal Portrait Creator (xProfile) – 5

FEATURES: ● An extensive assortment of DP frames encompassing over 250 popular border frames; ● The ability to adjust photos within DP frames; ● Rotate and flip photos; ● Alter the color of DP frames; ● Crop photos using rotation capabilities; ● Select photos for editing and enhancing DPs; ● A collection of stickers spanning various categories for appending to photos and improving DPs; ● A variety of saved DPs with multiple sharing options for sharing across social media platforms; ● A comprehensive archive of saved DPs with the ability to access them across all social media; ●
Eight AD networks are supported. ‘FAN BIDDING’ Admob | Fan | Admanager | Applovin Max | Ironsource | Unity | Startapp | Wortise ● Banner | AppOpen | Interstitial | Native Template’Multi-Ad Format
Appearance-Friendly and Responsive User Interface ● Compatibility with All Devices
● Support for Android 13 Target SDK 33 ● Awesome UI Design ● Android Studio Pure Java Code ● Support for RTL/LTR ● In App Update ● In App Review ● Free Updates ● Clean Code Source ● Simple Reskin

ADISCLAIMER: ● The utilization of company, product, and service names within this application is solely for identification purposes. Brands and trademarks are used without implying endorsement. We “iStudio” own the profile picture border frame/pfp creator application, which is not an official meta platform (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, TikTok, or Snapchat). We maintain no official affiliation, association, authorization, endorsement, or connection with any of the social media applications mentioned.
xProfile, Your Individual Portrait Creator, Version 6

ACCORDING TO ENVATO POLICY: ●Free support is restricted to project-related issues and does not extend to package name changes or the creation of release apks.
OUR REFUND POLICY: ● No refunds are available. (“Should the item be downloaded”)Prior to making a purchase, kindly review the description and compatibility information in their entirety. In the event of an error, a refund is not available.

Mobile App Template

Mobile App Template

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