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WP Online Contract nulled plugin 5.1.4

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WordPress Online Contract is a unique plugin that enables online contract creation, management, and storage via WordPress. It allows clients to access, sign, save, and print contracts from any location and device via the internet. The plugin is fully responsive across all devices, allowing clients to access, sign, save, and print contracts from any location and device via the Internet. The plugin is designed specifically for clients, allowing them to manage and maintain their contracts professionally and instill confidence in their clients.

Additional features include mandatory fields, print names, updated and authenticated purchase codes, PHP7 integration, altered contractual perialink, audit log, play options, Gutenberg editor, noindex/nofollow, theme configuration, enhanced JS management, plugin assistants, automatic notifications via email, reusable agreements, statuses signed and unsigned, customized shortcodes, shortcodes of reorder, and contract printing online.

The plugin also offers password security, significant authentication, unlimited potential for creating custom shortcodes, contracts, and templates, and the ability to be paid in a quick spike. It also allows for redirects to direct consumers to a new page upon contract signature, and classes of contracts similar to WordPress posts.

The plugin is designed to be one-of-a-kind, allowing clients to manage and maintain their contracts professionally and instill confidence in their clients. Additional features include the ability to generate multiple client add pages and modify shortcodes on any page.

WP Online Contract nulled plugin

WordPress Online Contract is the first plugin to enable online contract creation, management, and storage via WordPress. Contracts can be modified through the utilisation of shortcodes and flat text files, and revisions to existing contracts can be viewed. Permit your clients to access and sign your contracts online from a single location.

Fully responsive across all devices. Provide your consumers with the ability to access, sign, save, and print your contract from any location and device via the Internet. Commence operations more rapidly and effectively by utilising WordPress Online Contract.

Having designed this plugin specifically for your client, it is one-of-a-kind. Employ our system to manage and maintain your contracts in a professional manner, thereby instilling confidence in your clients. Years ago, we implemented a flat file type system and integrated it into a fully functional WordPress nulled plugin that can be managed with a single click.

Multisite is supported by this plugin with the purchase of the Multisite add-on.

Supplementary Add-ons
Purchase Our Stripe Payment Extension

Purchase Our PDF Print Integration Addon for PDF Print Integration. NEED ASSISTANCE?

Documentation Online: Access Documentation Online


  • COMPLIMENTARY FIELDS ADDED TO CONTRACTS Include a mandatory set of fields in a contract that necessitate the user’s completion prior to affixing their signature. Before signing, any shortcode field can be specified as mandatory.
  • ADDED PRINT NAME You have the ability to require a user to print their name prior to signing a contract.
  • UPDATE AND AUTHENTICATION BETTER Integrated directly with APIs to store and authenticate purchase codes more efficiently. A more streamlined functionality for updates.
  • The integration of PHP7 Integrating updated core code with more recent WordPress installations and servers.
  • Alter the contractual perialink Configure your contract to produce the desired links. No longer is the /contract/ permalink restrictive.
  • AUDIT LOG An audit log is generated each time a contract is modified, reopened, or signed.
  • PLAY OPTIONS After a contract has been signed, the values remain visible but cannot be modified until the contract is reopened.
  • GUTENBERG IS COMPLETE. Capability has been added to utilise the Gutenberg editor with contract display shortcodes.
  • NOINDEX ADD NOFOLLOW Noindex/nofollow was appended to the contract in order to impede search engine indexing.
  • THEME CONFIGURATION Contract may be presented in your theme’s header and footer, or it may be presented with a white page.
  • Enhanced JS management Integrated directly into the fundamental functionality of WordPress nulled theme to handle JS requests.


  • Developing One’s Own Templates Using the inbuilt editor of WordPress, you can design your own contract template.
  • AUTOMATIC NOTIFICATIONS VIA EMAIL Automatically deliver email notifications to your consumers by simply checking a box.
    Establish reusable agreements Permit users to execute a contract without the need to repeatedly generate it. Terms of Service Agreement Example
  • STATUSES SIGNED AND UNSIGNED The status of your contracts is displayed in a graphical format on the contract list, dashboard, and individual contract edit displays.
  • Tailored Shortcodes Include custom shortcodes.
  • SHORTCODES of REORDER Order shortcodes that were previously or newly created.
  • COMPLAINT SHORTCODES Utilise the default shortcodes as demonstrated in our demo with ease.
  • CONTRACT PRINTING ONLINE Your client will print the contract and remit the initial balance payment once it has been signed.
  • PASSWORD SECURITY With the built-in password protection feature of WordPress, contracts can be secured with ease.
  • SIGNIFICANT AUTHENTICATION When a client signs online, its IP address and timestamp are recorded and displayed, allowing you to confirm that the signature was made in a fully responsive manner. Facilitates the use of any device to generate, modify, or electronically sign a contract.
  • IMPLIED POTENTIAL Create an unlimited number of custom shortcodes, contracts, and templates.
  • The reopening of contracts By removing a signature, a contract can be reopened for modifications.
  • CONTRACTS INITIATED BY CLIENTS You can add a form to any page on your website and receive an email when a client generates their own contract by utilising a shortcut code.
  • BE PAID IN A QUICK SPOKE As an add-on, accept multiple payment methods, such as Stripe, Authorize.net, Dwolla, and Skrill. PayPal is integrated at no cost with our plugin.
  • DELETE WHILE SIGNING Create redirects to direct the consumer to a new page upon contract signature.
  • Desire a printable contract only? Without the signature window, provide clients with an offline version that can be downloaded.
  • CLASSES OF CONTRACTS Classify your contracts similarly to how you would your WordPress posts.
  • COMPANY IMPED Implement functional contracts using a shortcode on any page.
  • Have a suggestion for an implementation? Message us on Code Canyon or share your thoughts in the comments; we may consider your suggestion for our next revision.
Modify Log
Fifth Version 5.1.4
  • Issue with selecting a new template after contract creation has been resolved.
Installation of Version 5.1.3 fixes in a subfolder
  • Resolved archive replacement
  • Resolved issue with improper multisite redirection
  • Correction to the frontend error message when a purchase is invalid
  • Post ID shortcode [postid] has been added.
  • Current date has been assigned a shortcode [currentdate].
  • Template select for frontend and backend shortcodes has been added.
  • Template attribute has been added to the frontend shortcode [clientadd].
  • Ability to generate multiple [clientadd] pages has been added.


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