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WP Job Manager Applications nulled plugin 3.2.0

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The Applications add-on allows candidates to apply for jobs using a form, allowing employers to view and manage applications from their job dashboard. It features a developer-friendly code for easy customization and allows for private rating, commenting, and organization by status. The application form replaces standard links with a form with candidate information, email, cover letter, and upload field. Submitted applications can be managed through the frontend or admin dashboard, with private notes, ratings, and status organization. The plugin integrates with other add-ons like Resume Manager, which allows users to select a logged-in user’s resumes on the application form and store them in the database.


WP Job Manager Applications nulled plugin Allow prospects to apply for positions via a form, and employers to monitor and manage applications using their job dashboard.


  • Allow applicants to apply for positions via a form, and save applications in the database.List apps on the employer’s job dashboard and the administrative dashboard.
  • Privately assess and comment on applications, categorize them by status.
  • Developer-friendly code allows for easy customisation.
  • The Applications add-on allows you to display an application form on your job ads instead of the conventional email/website links.

An Application Form

The application form replaces the typical links and includes form fields for the applicant’s name, email, cover letter/message, and an upload area where the candidate may attach their resume file.

Submitted applications are saved in the database, and the employer receives an email notice.

Application Form Editor

WP Job Manager Applications nulled plugin The application form may be modified from the backend using our editor. You may add, modify, and delete fields.

The editor also lets you personalize the email alerts delivered to the company and the applicant.

Application Management

Submitted applications may be handled in two ways.

If you accept job listing submissions on the frontend, you can use this nulled plugins to make applications available on the employer’s dashboard.

If you publish your own employment, applications may be submitted and shown in the admin dashboard.
Job applications may be given private remarks, ratings, and sorted by status.

Each application includes buttons to contact the candidate, see any attachments, and read their cover letter.

Integration with Other Add-Ons
Applications connects with a few additional add-ons:

If you utilize Resume Manager, a logged-in user’s resumes will be available on the application form. A link to the online résumé will be supplied with the application.
If you utilize the apply form that comes with Resume Manager, those applications will also be recorded in the database.

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