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WooCommerce Wishlists nulled plugin 2.3.0

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WooCommerce Wishlists is a powerful extension that allows customers to save and manage their own wishlists, increasing sales and conversions. It offers an unlimited number of wishlists, with full privacy control over the lists. Customers can share their wishlists on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and email. The extension also supports grouped products, product variations, and simple products, and allows notifications for existing wishlists. The “Add to Wishlist” text can be customized, and the admin section allows for easy viewing and management. WooCommerce Wishlists integrates with WordPress Menus, allowing for easy integration with any menu supported in your theme. The front-end wishlist settings are customizable, and the extension inherits your current theme’s styles for buttons and other elements. Shop managers can view and sort wishlists, edit them directly from the backend, and gain insight into customer preferences.

Increase Sales and Conversions with a WooCommerce Wishlist.
According to studies, enabling consumers to store and manage their own Wishlists may boost sales and conversions. What better way to encourage visitors to return to your website than to let them save goods for later or make their own wish list of products for that particular occasion? consumers may also use social media to share lists with friends and family, thereby attracting new consumers and visits.
Key Features: WooCommerce Wishlists is a strong addon with unique and valuable features.

Guest visitors may establish their own Wishlists, which will be saved for up to 30 days or until they clear their cookies.
WooCommerce Wishlists nulled plugin Registered consumers may create and save Wishlists forever.
An unlimited number of Wishlists may be established. Whether it’s one list for a unique event or a few personal and shared lists, the options are limitless.
Complete privacy control over listings. Customers may make their Wishlists public (everyone can search and discover them), shared (only someone with the unique URL can access them), or private (only they can see them).
Wishlists may be shared socially on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and even by email with a customized message.
Full support for grouped items, product variants, and basic goods, as well as products created using Product Add-ons and Gravity Forms Add-on.
When browsing on-site, you will be notified whether the item already exists in your wishlist and which one(s).
The “Add to Wishlist” wording is editable and may be changed from a button to link text with a star or icon. Designers may develop and use their own icons.
A comprehensive admin panel for viewing and managing generated wishlists.
Integration with WordPress Menus allows you to add links to any menu supported by your theme.
Bulk Actions to Manage Wishlists: Add several or all products to the cart, quickly remove one or more items, alter quantities for one or more items, and simply shift one or more items to another list or a whole new list.
Easily customizable.
Front-end Wishlist Settings for Your Shop’s Customers.
Front-end Wishlist Settings for Your Shop’s Customers.
Edit and update fundamental settings using Wishlist’s custom WooCommerce settings tab. WooCommerce Wishlists allows you to customize a message, button look, and colors, as well as share Wishlists via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and email.

WooCommerce Wishlists nulled plugin WooCommerce Wishlists inherits your existing theme’s button and element styles, regardless of their kind. If you’re a designer or developer looking to create some magic, do it! Add custom CSS to change the look of WooCommerce Wishlists to reflect your own theme or style.

Admin views for shop managers.
As a store manager, you may sometimes glance into made Wishlists to get a sense of what clients really desire. The administrative interface allows you to see and arrange Wishlists using a number of settings, as well as change Wishlists straight from the backend.

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