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WooCommerce Slack nulled plugin 1.3.0

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WooCommerce Slack integrates your WooCommerce store into Slack channel conversations, allowing you and your team to stay informed about store events. With seven notification types, customizable channels, emojis, and text, you can easily customize each message. Some types offer extended notifications, allowing you to send detailed order line items or review content. The app is also customizable, making it easy to use and dev-friendly. For more information, check out the available documentation or open a support request.

WooCommerce Slack nulled plugin Brings your WooCommerce shop to the forefront of your Slack channel discussions.
Receive Slack updates about occurrences in your WooCommerce-powered shop as they occur!
WooCommerce Slack integrates your WooCommerce shop into your Slack channel chats, enabling you and your team to quickly remain ‘in the loop’ about what’s going on in your store with no effort.

WooCommerce Slack nulled plugin There are now seven optional notification events. You may choose the channel and emoji for each message, as well as personalize the notification text!
Some notification kinds also included ‘extended notifications,’ which allowed you to transmit full order line items or the text of your reviews without having to access your dashboard to see your most recent orders.
Custom Notification Message Builder
You may even modify each notification message to your liking. For example, here’s a customized New Review notice and how it appears in Slack:
Key Features:

7 Notification Types
Easy to use.
Features include custom channels and emojis, as well as event-specific channels and notification messages.
Extended Notifications for certain notification types
Extensible and Developer-Friendly
For a more in-depth look into WooCommerce Slack, consult the available documentation or submit a support request with any pre-sales concerns.


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