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WooCommerce Search Engine nulled plugin 2.2.17

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The WooCommerce Search Engine is a powerful plugin that transforms a simple search box into a multifunctional magic box, enabling you to sell more products. It features smart autocorrected search, search by tags, SKU, taxonomies, categories, and attributes, search by synonyms, smart price expressions, search results page, search analytics, trending products, featured products, and recently visited products. The plugin is compatible with all WooCommerce themes and offers additional features.

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The “WooCommerce Search Engine” plugin transforms your WooCommerce store’s search box into a powerful and easy-to-use tool for increasing product sales. The plugin’s UI is compatible with ALL THEMES.

Smart and magic search engine

  1. WooCommerce Search Engine nulled plugin Smart autocorrected search: If your customer writes an inaccurate product name (for example, “smartfon” instead of “smartphone”), our smart system identifies it and returns appropriate results.
  2. Search using tags, SKUs, taxonomies, categories, and attributes: The plugin allows you to create a search box that detects goods based on their title, description, any custom field, product tag, product category,
  3. product characteristics, and other criteria, which is really handy. The plugin also supports WooCommerce searches by SKU.
  4. Search for synonyms: Place many custom synonym pairings, and the plugin will take them into consideration.
  5. Intelligent price expressions Automatically detects pricing in searches (e.g., $100 smartphone, smartphones around $100, smartphones under $500, etc.).
  6. Search results page – Provides the same smart search results as your theme’s search results page (the page
  7. that appears after clicking enter) – without modifying your theme’s interface.
  8. Search Analytics: Keep track of what your visitors searched for. Discover new goods that your visitors demand but you don’t have currently.
  9. Trending Products: (New) Show your consumers the top-trending goods on your website. The plugin
  10. provides a unique technique of defining trending goods.
  11. Featured products: Show chosen goods to your visitors before they begin entering to search.
  12. Recently Visited goods: Display recently seen goods to your visitors.
  13. Show all variations throughout the search.
  14. And some more fantastic things you may like.

Excellent functionality for your WooCommerce website.

  1. Main Feature: Very quick search recommendations based on product name, description, category, tag, meta fields, attributes, and SKU – there is no loading time, waiting, ajax, or server-side loading, thus it is really fast.
  2. The featured items block in the live search recommendations box allows you to add any product you desire.The most recently viewed goods block appears in the live search recommendations box, which is tailored for each visitor.
  3. In the search suggestions box, additional assistance messages may appear, such as “type any text you want: f.e. child shoes” or “no match found, you would like these new products”.
  4. The nulled plugins is seamlessly linked with WooCommerce, allowing even theme developers to add it to their themes.(via an extended license)

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