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Product Reviews Pro is a powerful tool for online conversions, offering Amazon-style reviews and filtering, additional review capabilities, and discussion options. It allows users to accept text, photo, and video as part of product reviews on their store, and enable “review qualifiers” in a dropdown. The extension also allows users to set a threshold for reviews per product, create upvoting and downvoting systems, flag reviews that need to be moderated, filter reviews by star rating, add badges to admin or employee responses or contributions, and “watch” any thread to get notified of replies.

Product Reviews Pro also includes structured data markup for rich snippets in search results, supports product vendors, and adds a review list to manage reviews separately from blog comments. It also allows customers to update existing reviews, allowing them to leave one review per product based on the email submitted for the review.

The extension is compatible with WooCommerce Social Login, allowing buttons to be automatically shown on login modals for customers adding reviews, watching threads, or voting on helpfulness. Customers can choose how to show reviews in their store, and filtering by rating provides an intuitive reviews experience. The “Reviews” list allows users to view and moderate all product reviews in one place, while the “My Contributions” list shows customers all reviews, comments, and other contributions they’ve added on the site.

Customers can also watch a thread to be notified of replies to their reviews, which can help them research products and make purchasing decisions. The extension also includes structured data markup for rich snippets in search results.

To get started, purchase the extension, enable review types, create qualifiers, and check out the extensive documentation for advanced setup help. With Product Reviews Pro, you can enjoy professional-level product reviews and ensure your WooCommerce store’s performance is as important to you as it is to your customers.

WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro nulled plugin  Accept text, photos, and videos in product reviews on your shop, and enable “review qualifiers”.
Improve Your Best Sales Tool: Product Reviews Pro.
Product evaluations are well-known for providing social proof, making them an exceptionally effective strategy for online conversions. According to studies, around 70% of consumers read product reviews before making a purchase1, and more than 63% of customers are more likely to make a purchase if a website includes product ratings and reviews2. According to other research, these figures may be considerably higher:
85.57% of participants answered that they checked reviews before making an online purchase. 83.65% of review readers compare good and bad reviews to one another. 3

WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro nulled plugin While product reviews are incredibly effective sales tools, they are often misused by online retailers. WooCommerce has some of the strongest basic review options available, however they fall short of the potential of product reviews.

WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro nulled plugin That is what WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro is for: it allows you to supercharge your product reviews by adding Amazon-style reviews and filtering, expanding review possibilities, and providing more conversation opportunities. Give your clients the review capabilities they expect when purchasing at huge e-retailers inside your own store!
Product Reviews Pro will enable you to accept product reviews in the same manner that you do today, but you can now accept user photographs and videos as part of the review, as well as include “review qualifiers”, which are questions regarding the product in a dropdown (how it fit, whether it was comfortable, etc.):
WooCommerce Product Reviews: Pro Review
Add Review with Qualifiers (Storefront theme).
Other forms of debate contributions may also be enabled as an option. This allows you to accept client queries, product images, and videos. Each kind may be enabled independently, allowing you to select the best configuration for your shop. You can also enable comments on these contributions for discussion or responses.
WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro Settings
Customers will be able to sort and filter reviews, and you may choose to display the most current or useful comments first.
WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro Filtering
Filter / Sort Reviews
Customers may see both good and negative evaluations, since even bad ratings are beneficial to your shop. 4. Reviews may also aid with your product SEO by supplying indexable information that you acquire free from your customers’ reviews. 5. Professional-level product reviews.
Create review qualifiers that push buyers to provide particular information and product comments.
Allow consumers to add photographs and videos to their reviews.
Ensures that buyers do not write duplicate reviews; instead, permit updating product reviews!
Optionally permit additional discussion contributions, such as questions, standalone photographs, and freestanding videos (no ratings), as well as comments on these contributions.
Display login buttons from WooCommerce Social Login on the review login forms. NEW
Set a threshold of reviews per product to prevent revealing reviews while you collect feedback. NEW
Develops upvoting and downvoting techniques to identify useful reviews or contributions.
Users may flag reviews that need to be regulated and inform store workers.
Customers may filter reviews by star rating (e.g., see all 4-star reviews).
Add badges to admin or staff answers or contributions to distinguish them as “official”.
Customers may “watch” any topic and receive alerted of responses to the contribution.
Contains structured data markup for rich snippets in search results; shops using WooCommerce 3.0+ will utilize JSON-LD schema markup.
Allows product suppliers to approve and manage flags on their own reviews. NEW
Reviews list was introduced to handle reviews independently from blog comments.
Detailed product reviews
Your WooCommerce product reviews may now be more detailed than ever, making them more beneficial to your potential consumers. Answers to review qualifications will be presented, as will any associated material for the review. Allow your consumers to help you sell!

WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro: Review Qualifiers
Update Existing Reviews: NEW
WooCommerce enables buyers to post multiple reviews for a product by default. Product Reviews Pro changes this behavior to ask your consumers to improve existing reviews rather than posting new ones each time they provide comments.

WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro updates the review prompt.

This guarantees that buyers may only write one review per product (depending on the email address they provided).

Social Login Compatibility
When combined with WooCommerce Social Login, buttons for posting reviews, viewing discussions, and voting on helpfulness may be shown on login modals automatically.

WooCommerce Social Login Product Reviews Pro Modal.

Optimal Review Sorting
While consumers may choose how to display reviews in your shop, your default sorting can guarantee that they get the necessary information quickly while perusing your product reviews and comments. The WooCommerce core displays the most recent reviews first, although sorting by the most helpful reviews may be more beneficial (6). We enable you to choose whether to display the most helpful or most recent reviews first for your shop.

Filter by Rating
Customers are provided with a significantly more intuitive review experience, allowing them to investigate your items and make purchase choices. Customers may sort and filter reviews based on almost any criterion, including star ratings.

WooCommerce product reviews may be filtered by star rating and reviewed at a glance.
Reviews are no longer mixed along with blog comments! WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro includes a “Reviews” list, allowing you to browse and control all product reviews in one spot. Your past reviews will also be included in this list under the “WooCommerce” tab.

WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro Review List:
My Contributions:
Customers may also quickly read the reviews they’ve left. The “My Contributions” list will be added to the My Account page, displaying any reviews, comments, and other contributions that customers have made to your website.

WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro. My Contributions:
My Contributions (Customer Account)
Contribution Responses
WooCommerce does not inform consumers of responses to their reviews by default. With Product Reviews Pro, consumers may ask questions or communicate with your team, and you’ll want them to know when you respond. Customers may monitor a thread (their own or another user’s) and be notified by email when a remark is posted to it.

WooCommerce product reviews pro: watch a contribution.
Watch any contribution.
Schema.org Structured data for rich snippets.
WooCommerce uses structured data markup to properly show your product reviews in search results. Product Reviews Pro also optimizes and adds structured data to reviews to guarantee that they benefit your SEO (see the manual for more information).

How To Get Started
Buy this extension! 🙂
Download and install in your WooCommerce plugin shop.
Enable review kinds and add certain qualifiers as required.
Check out our comprehensive manual for any advanced setup assistance.
That is it! Sit back and enjoy professional-grade product reviews!
Need more reason to buy? When you buy a SkyVerge-developed extension, you receive the best extensions for your WooCommerce business. Gain piece of mind knowing that when you buy our items, we care about your store’s success just as much as you do.

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