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WooCommerce Per Product Shipping nulled plugin 2.5.6

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Per-Product Shipping is a solution for selling one-off, heavy, or large products that require additional shipping. It can be used as a standalone shipping method, add costs to other methods, or be used in combination with other shipping methods. It can be used as multiple shipping methods or as a standalone method.

WooCommerce Per Product Shipping nulled plugin Define different shipping charges for each product, which are merged at checkout to get a total shipping cost.
This is an excellent option if your business sells one-time, heavy, or big items that need more delivery, as opposed to the rest of your catalog, or if you simply have a few items with fixed shipping prices.

Add expenses to existing shipping methods or use as a stand-alone option.
Define line and item costs per product or variant.
Set varying delivery prices for items depending on consumer location.
Import and export rates using the built-in basic CSV handler.
Use as a stand-alone delivery option, with the total cost including all product prices.
Alternatively, add per-product expenses to alternative delivery options.

Per-Product Shipping may be used in two ways:

WooCommerce Per Product Shipping nulled plugin  Multiple Shipping options: If enabled, rates may be applied alongside your other shipping options. For example, if your business sold a big product and you wanted to charge additional shipping rates, you might add a fee to that product. If you had many goods in your basket, two types of shipping would be reflected in a single cost: a) the default shipping charges for the other things in the cart, and b) the shipping cost of the bulky item.
Standalone Method: In this case, ‘per-product shipping’ is the default shipping method. In this example, all product expenses are combined to generate a single rate. When the Standalone method is selected, no additional shipping options are available.


Need some advice? Read the detailed documentation to discover all you need to know about the Per Product Shipping extension.
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