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WooCommerce Order Status Control nulled plugin 1.16.0

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The WooCommerce Order Status Control extension allows users to control when paid orders are automatically completed. It allows users to change the order status to “completed” after successful payment for virtual-downloadable products, but not other orders. This is useful for stores that sell shippable or virtual products, or those that do not require action between when an order is paid and completed. The plugin can also block virtual and downloadable orders from automatically completing. Users can also manually complete more orders than WooCommerce does by default, by setting the order status to “complete” instead of “processing”. The extension can be installed into WooCommerce and can be customized to change the order status for all orders, only for orders containing all virtual products, or stop auto-completion all together. The SkyVerge-developed extension is a high-quality extension for WooCommerce stores, with a 30-day money-back guarantee if users are unhappy with their products or service.

WooCommerce Order Status Control nulled plugin  This addon will automatically update the order status to “completed” following a successful payment.
Control which paid. WooCommerce orders are automatically completed.
WooCommerce immediately completes orders for virtual-downloadable items after successful payment, but it does not autocomplete other purchases since you may need to take action between the order’s processing and completion. If you offer shippable things, you should probably ship them before completing the purchase. If you offer virtual things, such as services, you will most likely need to do something between the time an order is paid and finished.

WooCommerce Order Status Control nulled plugin  However, this is not true for all businesses, and you may not be required to take any action between the time a purchase is paid for and finished. For example, you could wish to auto-complete virtual orders, as well as ones including non-virtual or downloaded items. Similarly, you may want not to have any orders completed automatically.

In this instance, you may utilize the WooCommerce Order Status Control plugin to have more control over when paid orders are automatically fulfilled.

WooCommerce Order Status Control: Settings.
Auto-Complete Settings
Do you want to entirely block orders from automatically completing? You may use this plugin to prevent virtual and downloaded orders from going directly to “completed”.

Do you need to automatically finish more orders than WooCommerce does by default? You can also do it. Normally, orders with successful payment are moved from ‘pending’ to ‘processing’ status. Once the order is processed, you must manually finalize it. If your business receives a high number of orders that do not need any action while they are being processed, changing the order status to complete for each of those orders is a time commitment that may be reduced.

WooCommerce Order state Control may designate paid orders as ‘complete’ rather than ‘processing’, therefore bypassing the ‘processing’ state. It just takes 1 minute to set up, and you’ll never have to worry about updating the status of paid orders again.

WooCommerce Order Status Control: Auto-Complete
Order Status: Auto-Complete
You may choose to automatically finish paid orders that solely include virtual products or all paid orders in your store, regardless of the kind of product.

How To Get Started
Purchase and download the extension! 🙂
Upload and install in your WooCommerce plugin shop.
Go to WooCommerce > Settings > General, then scroll down to Order Status Control.
Select All purchases to change the order status to “completed” after successful payment for all purchases. Virtual Orders alter the order status only for orders that include all virtual items, or There is no option to disable auto-completion completely.
That is it! Sit back and enjoy automatic order status updates!
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