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WooCommerce Memberships is a comprehensive membership solution that integrates content, commerce, and memberships into your online store. It allows you to design a complete membership system that is easily integrated with your shop, allowing you to limit material access, drip it over time, turn your store into a purchasing club, provide better shipping options for members, and reward them with special discounts.

Memberships can be sold or assigned independently of items, allowing you to designate 0 or more items to support a variety of memberships. You can also turn your store into a purchasing club by establishing members-only items, limiting product viewing to members, and dripping product access.

Membership administration should be simple for both you and your members, as they can access all the information they want regarding their memberships in the Member Area. You can also import or export members using WooCommerce’s options, such as importing a member list into an email provider or bulk-updating current members.

Memberships can be used with WooCommerce Subscriptions, which provides additional control over membership payment. Memberships can employ recurring billing, use subscriptions as a payment plan, allow free trials, and manage material restrictions and dripping. Members can also suspend their subscriptions, upgrade or decrease their memberships, and use subscription’s proration to ensure membership prices are correct.

If you need to sell memberships to companies or groups, the Teams for WooCommerce Memberships addon can be used to offer access to a group of users rather than an individual. Overall, WooCommerce Memberships offers a comprehensive and user-friendly membership solution for your online store.

WooCommerce Memberships nulled plugin

Access control to content and products and member discounts may help power your membership organization, online magazine, e-learning sites, and other projects.
A fully integrated membership solution for your content and goods.
WooCommerce Memberships is more than just a plugin for limiting your site’s content; it’s a simple, site-wide membership solution that integrates your content, commerce, and memberships.

“This plugin’s settings are simple and straightforward, making it easy to administer.

“You’re going to love this plugin.” Christopher Lema

Memberships enable you to design a complete membership system that is effortlessly integrated with your shop.

You may limit material to members, but you can also “drip” it over time to control when members have access. Sell memberships, incorporate memberships with product purchases, manually allocate memberships, and fully integrate member bonuses into your shop.

Sell or assign memberships.
Memberships are not a distinct sort of WooCommerce plugin product; rather, membership plans are built independently of items. This allows you to choose how access is provided, providing maximum flexibility. You may designate 0 or more items (of nearly any kind) to a membership plan to support a variety of memberships:

Sell a subscription as a standalone product. Create a product for the membership, then link the plan to that product to sell it.
Allow access to a membership with a product purchase, such as a meal box subscription that includes free access to the recipes area. Additionally, you may offer access to the same membership across many items (e.g., annually or monthly).
Assign memberships manually for an invite-only members section.

Strategically grant content access.
You put a lot of effort into creating member-only material; thus, memberships allow you to choose when your members should have access to it. You can drip material, which means you can control when users get access to your stuff. For example, you may need consumers to be members for a week before they can see particular postings or sites.
This provides you with greater control over how new users use your site and allows you to expose them to your material at your own pace.

When used with subscriptions, you can even choose which material is available during a free trial period using content leakage rules.

Turn your store into a purchasing club.
Memberships allow you to establish members-only items, transforming your site into a buying club, or you may provide certain products only to members.

You may limit product viewing to members, which implies that certain items will be hidden from non-members in your store. You may also limit buying, such that items are public but only members can purchase them.
You may also drip product access so that members do not have quick access to the items.

Provide better shipping options for members.
Members should be your most loyal consumers, so providing them with incentives to buy from you on a regular basis keeps them coming back. Memberships expand your free shipping options, allowing you to provide free delivery directly to your members while forcing non-members to fulfill additional requirements (such as a coupon or minimum purchase quantity).

Reward members with special discounts.
Because you may wish to provide your members with exclusive benefits, you may offer member discounts on all items, select products, or specific product categories.
Automatically Show Members’ Perks
Membership administration should not only be simple for you but also for your members. Members may access all of the information they want regarding their memberships in the Member Area. Members may access the section for any membership type by selecting “View” on the “My Account” page.
You may set up any or all portions of the member area to display a list of accessible content (posts and pages), items, discounts, and/or public membership remarks. If a member will have access to material in the future, they may also see the access date.

Import or Export Members
WooCommerce provides a variety of options for managing members, but you may also wish to connect to other services, such as importing a member list into an email provider. Memberships allows you to export members to a CSV file so that you may transfer member data from WooCommerce to other solutions.
You may also import members using CSV to add new memberships, create new users, or bulk-update current members by combining your file with existing data.

Simplify communication with members.
Running a membership site requires a significant amount of effort spent on customer support and member management. We’ve made membership as simple as possible. We’ve included “Membership Notes” to allow you to monitor information about a customer’s memberships, add your own notes for future reference, and even simply contact a specific member by emailing them a message.

You may also use expiration and renewal reminder emails to notify members of their membership expiration and encourage them to renew or upgrade.

Membership and Subscriptions
Memberships is completely functional as a stand-alone membership solution, but it works very well with the most powerful eCommerce recurring payment system available: WooCommerce Subscriptions.

When both plugins are enabled, memberships may use several subscription capabilities to provide you with additional control over membership payment (further information is provided in our documentation):

Memberships may employ recurring billing (i.e., monthly payments) for the membership rather than a fixed period (such as a year).
Memberships may utilize subscriptions as a payment plan, but they regulate the access duration to accommodate installment payments.
Free trials may be used for membership with a subscription.
Material restriction and dripping may include or omit free trial periods, giving you control over what material is accessible during trials.
Members may interrupt their own memberships by suspending their subscriptions.
Members may upgrade or decrease their memberships by switching subscriptions.
Upgrades and downgrades may use Subscription’s proration to make sure that membership prices are correct.
Even if you do not wish to utilize recurring payments, you can still benefit from Subscriptions’ other advantages by limiting the subscription term to one billing cycle, allowing you to take advantage of upgrades, downgrades, and trial periods.

Selling memberships to companies and groups
Need to sell memberships to teams, businesses, or organizations instead? Check out the Teams for WooCommerce Memberships addon (available separately). This plugin adds to WooCommerce memberships, allowing you to offer access to a group of users rather than an individual.


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