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WooCommerce Bookings nulled plugin 2.0.7

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The WooCommerce Bookings nulled plugin allows clients to reserve equipment, schedule appointments, and make reservations all from their website. It works with the latest WooCommerce core features, including the Cart and Checkout blocks, providing a personalized and conversion-focused shopping experience. The plugin allows clients to choose their preferred times, limit appointments, and offer discounts to specific organizations, days, or people. It also displays available times in the customer’s time zone, ensuring bookings arrive within the hours chosen.

Confirmations and free cancellations are available to help reduce no-shows and ensure efficient resource allocation. The plugin also allows users to sync with Google Calendar to manage their schedule as they see fit. Users can also manually add appointments to their calendars.

To achieve more bookings, users can use extensions like deposits, AutomateWoo, follow-ups, and the Hotel theme for hotels or B&Bs. Additionally, self-service submission and management of offers by service providers can be integrated into the platform with product vendors. Add-ons like oil treatments, massages, or group bookings can enhance services and make it easier for clients to make reservations. Overall, the WooCommerce Bookings nulled plugin offers a comprehensive solution for managing bookings and enhancing client experience.

WooCommerce Bookings nulled plugin

Make it possible for clients to reserve equipment, schedule appointments, or make reservations all from your website.

WooCommerce Bookings nulled plugin works with the latest WooCommerce core features, including the Cart and Checkout blocks, which provide a more personalized and conversion-focused shopping experience.

Make it easy for your clients to reserve, schedule, or hire a vehicle without ever picking up the phone. Make the most of your time and schedule by allowing your website to do the heavy lifting.

Make it easy for clients to reserve products, make appointments, or enroll in courses.
You can provide your consumers with anything you want using Bookings:

  • Class, appointment, or guided tour times are examples of predetermined possibilities.
  • Similar to checking into a hotel, provide clients the freedom to pick their preferred times by allowing them to book within whatever range they require.

To further tailor your calendar to your needs, you can use either option to mark some times as unbookable. This will give you more time to attend to other matters and to build in buffers between appointments.

The plugin lets you book in minutes, hours, or even days, so you can be as precise as you want with your time windows.

Schedule group activities or individual consultations

Limit appointments to one at a time or allow many people to schedule a class or tour based on your specified minimum and maximum numbers of attendees.

Give discounts to certain organizations, days, or people

Show discounted costs for early birds, higher prices on weekends, special prices for youngsters, and discounts for groups or those reserving numerous slots. With bookings, you have complete control over the price.

Display available times in the time zone of the client

Show your availability in the customer’s time zone so they may schedule the time that is really necessary if your services are online or if you are sending anything to them. No more unpleasant surprises—bookings will arrive within the hours you choose, regardless of where they originate from—New York, New Mexico, or New Zealand.

It works well for online appointments, virtual courses, or rental items that need client delivery.

It is entirely up to you whether to demand confirmation or to provide free cancellations

In order to give yourself time to evaluate before finalizing the booking, set up confirmations. Reduce no-shows and determine if appointments may be canceled automatically by sending out reminders before the appointment.

Send out reminders to cut down on no-shows

Use convenient email reminders to remind customers of their appointments at the time of booking, confirmation, and one day prior to the scheduled appointment.

Send a personalized reminder from your site if you’d like to go above and beyond.

You will never be double-booked

By allocating sufficient resources to each booking, you may prevent unnecessary duplication of effort. If a stylist is only accessible until 3:30, for instance, and your bride has a fitting scheduled at 2:00, the stylist won’t be available for the 3:00 appointment. There will be no need to worry about providing the same resource to several consumers simultaneously.

The freedom to manage your schedule as you see fit, with the option to sync with Google Calendar

Check out the progress you’ve made so far today or this month using the calendar view. Bring up-to-date availability or reservations, or use the filter to zero down on certain resources.

Are clients still using the phone number to make reservations the traditional way? While you’re on the go, manually add them to your calendar.

In just a minute, you can manage your store’s appointments and see the changes reflected in your Google Calendar.

Achieve More Bookings

Take a look at these extensions that other WooCommerce plugin users have used with WooCommerce Bookings nulled plugin for a completely personalized experience.

  • Use deposits to collect a reservation fee.
  • Make use of AutomateWoo to send out automatic emails to clients upon booking confirmation or completion, which will enhance their experience, reduce cancellations, and even give you the opportunity to upsell to them.
  • Follow-ups are a game-changer for reminder emails.
  • Posting a calendar or schedule of available slots with the word “Bookings Availability” on it will help you sell more reservations.
  • For those who own hotels or B&Bs, we offer the free Accommodation Bookings add-on, often known as the Hotel theme.
  • Incorporate self-service submission and management of offers by service providers into your platform with product vendors.
  • Enhance your services with add-ons like oil treatments and massages or group bookings for baseball fields with limited edition goods.


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