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WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels nulled plugin 1.2.3

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The Advanced Product Labels extension allows users to create custom labels to promote free products, exclusive discounts, or discounts for specific products or groups. The extension uses conditional frameworks to target specific products in the shop to display labels. The extension offers two main interfaces: global labels and single labels. Global labels can target multiple products at once, while single labels can be created in the product edit screen. The global labels can be found under the WooCommerce -> Settings -> Product labels settings tab. The single label interface has the same settings as the global labels but only applies to the current product. Both interfaces offer a live preview of the label before saving.

WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels nulled plugin Create personalized product labels that highlight your free items, “Free Shipping,” or other special offers.
Custom product labels might help you attract your customers’ attention.
The Advanced Product Labels addon allows you to quickly and simply design eye-catching labels to market your items. Highlight freebies, underline “Free Shipping,” or display unique discounts for certain goods or product categories.

WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels nulled plugin Using the extension’s simple settings, you may show a label on certain goods in your business.
Advanced Product Page Labels in Action.
Grasp attention
Use product labels to direct the customer’s attention to a product. Having the same ‘Sale’ or ‘Promo’ label everywhere is no longer effective; your consumers will ignore it. Create your own customized and unique labels by utilizing the conditional framework to only display labels for a certain category of items.
Example usages
Add a ‘new’ label to goods added less than X days ago.
Display a ‘Sale’ label for goods on sale.
30% OFF / $5 OFF (calculated automatically)
T-shirts from the new summer line. 8) HD films in the films category.
Show consumers which goods offer free delivery.
Show which goods are your bestsellers.
What exactly does Advanced Product Labels do?
Add product labels.
Global labeling; Target numerous items simultaneously.
Single labels; Labels generated on the product edit screen
Allow the plugin to fill in variable sections of a label, such as the sale price or percentage of discount, using smart labels.
Choose from six distinct styles of product labels.
Alternatively, upload and use your own custom image.
Choose from existing colors or create your own unique colors.
Align labels separately.
Extension’s back-end
The addon has two major interfaces: global labels and single labels.
Global Label Interface
The global labels may be located in the WooCommerce -> Settings -> Product Labels settings tab. Here, you may target a set of items that meet the following criteria.
Conditions included.
The following criteria are given as default. These criteria are readily adjusted and/or expanded via hooks.
Product category
Product Type:
In sale.
Product details include age, price, and sale price.
Stock status and amount.
Shipping type Tag Total sales
Featured Product
Single-Label Interface
The single label interface has the same parameters as the global label; however, these settings only apply to the current product. As an additional option, you may omit that product from the global labels.

Both label interfaces include a live preview of the label, so you can see how it will appear before saving.

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