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WhatsApp Food Nulled Script 3.4.0

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WhatsApp is a powerful tool for managing the acceptance of orders in restaurants, bars, and other establishments. It allows customers to create digital menus and QR codes, allowing them to place orders directly on their mobile devices. This innovative solution is particularly beneficial during the COVID-19 pandemic, as it brings restaurants closer to their customers. The application can be launched in less than ten minutes, accepting payment methods like Stripe, PayPal, Paddle, PayStact, and Local Robust. The benefits for customers include direct and instant communication, direct ordering, and the ability to choose from various item variations and bonuses. The project is built on Laravel and can be installed on shared or virtual private servers.

WhatsApp Food Nulled Script

WhatsApp Food – SaaS WhatsApp Ordering

Utilize WhatsApp as a platform to manage the acceptance of orders.
Make a digital menu for your restaurant, bar, or other establishment. You should share this information with your customers and allow them to place orders using their mobile devices.
In this day and age of COVID, restaurants want solutions that are both contemporary and clean for their conventional method of operation. This is a game-changer since it brings them closer to their client.

With the help of this application, they are able to generate a digital menu as well as the QR code for it. Following that, the consumer will navigate to the menu, place their order, and then transmit the order to the restaurant over WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Menus: https://whatsappmenus.com Frontend
https://whatsappmenus.com/login is the backend service.

Benefits for the owner of the project
Your subscription company may be launched in less than ten minutes.
Stripe, PayPal, Paddle, PayStact, and the Local Robust solution are all acceptable methods for subscriptions, and there are no additional monthly fees or any other service requirements.
Managing this company requires little time at all. Automated and expandable to the fullest extent possible.
Utilize this epidemic to your advantage and turn it into a chance for you to succeed.
Benefits of eating establishments
Customers should be able to place orders over WhatsApp.
The only thing they need is their WhatsApp. It is the same eco-friendly experience whether you use business or regular WhatsApp. One tree is equal to one large restaurant menu. Indeed, this is the case.
An online version of the restaurant’s menu is available. Eighty-six percent of consumers frequently look at menus online before dining out, according to research that was carried out by OpenTable (https://go.opentable.com/rs/531-AOS-877/images/OpenTableTechnologyAndDiningOut2015l.pdf).
Communication with the client that is both direct and instantaneous
Mollie.com should be used to accept payments directly. 20, or more, payment gateways

The advantages for the clients
Send your order using WhatsApp and begin a conversation with the restaurant directly.
When you place an order using Cash on Delivery, you immediately pay for it.
They will be able to see the corresponding item pricing in a short amount of time. In addition, they have the ability to choose from a variety of item variations and variants’ bonuses.
Instructions for installation
This is a project built on Laravel. You have the option of installing it on shared hosting or virtual private servers. Shared hosting instructions are provided here. Installation instructions can be found at https://mobidonia.gitbook.io/whatsapp-food/docs/installation.

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