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Weather WordPress Shortcode & Widget nulled plugin 4.4.4

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The Weather WordPress Shortcode & Widget nulled plugin offers a user-friendly, customizable weather display with infinite color options, date format, and imperial or metric units. It also provides seven-day forecast alternatives and multilingual functionality. The plugin includes a widget and simple weather shortcode for day and night temperature options. Users can select city and country, use latitude and longitude coordinates, use imperial or metric units, and customize the number of days for the forecast. The plugin also includes an API key from OpenWeatherMap.org for enhanced performance. Additional widget options include background hue, text hue, title, and location category.

Weather WordPress Shortcode & Widget nulled plugin

Weather WordPress Shortcode & Widget nulled plugin Aspects including:

User-Friendly, Infinite Color Options

Particular Date Format
Employ Imperial or Metric Units
NEW: Interval of update customization
NEW: For improved efficacy, OpenWeatherMap.org users may utilize their own API key.
Seven-Day Forecast Alternatives
Location of the Show Day, Night Temperature, and GSP Coordinates
Multilingual functionality (dates are translated automatically in accordance with the current WordPress localization; weather conditions are accessible in seventeen languages)

Widget and Simple Weather Shortcode

If you only require the current location and temperature for the day, a straightforward shortcode will suffice. You can add any additional parameter, such as the number of days to forecast or the night temperature, to the shortcode.

Should you prefer to utilize a widget, the Simple Weather plugin also includes a widget that is straightforward to configure and contains all the necessary options.

Options for Weather Shortcodes

The user has the ability to select both the city and the country for the weather display.
Coordinates of latitude and longitude may be used to specify a location that is not easily identifiable by name. Employ decimal coordinates, such as 43,343 and 12,4543.

Imperial or metric units may be utilized when expressing the temperature.
Days: The number of days for the forecast is customizable. Seven is the utmost value.
Language: The language of the weather description (e.g., Mostly Cloudy) is selectable.
API Key: An API Key provided by OpenWeatherMap.org may be utilized. This will result in an overall performance enhancement of our nulled plugin.
You have control over the interval at which the plugin updates the weather information.

Additional Weather Widget Options

Background hue: Select the hue of the widget’s background.
hue of Text: Select the hue of the widget’s text.

Title: Select the title of the widget. In the absence of a title, the location will be displayed as the title.
category of Location: Select the category of location. Geographical coordinates.
¹ The following are available languages: Swedish, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, English, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, Ukrainian, Portuguese, Romanian, Dutch, Polish, Finnish, Turkish, Bulgarian, and Swedish.

You can use nulled theme for wordpress.

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