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uCloud is a file hosting script designed for webmasters, freelancers, and small companies to securely manage, preview, and share files online. It offers new features such as support for LiteSpeed, two-factor authentication with Google Authenticator, code embedding, highlight syntax, and performance enhancements. Users can upload files via SFTP, FTP, Rackspace, or Amazon S3, and can track their progress. The script also allows for worldwide access, file sharing, and tracking of progress. It supports file sizes of 10GB and more, and allows users to upload multiple files at once. The script also includes a document information page, a search bar, and a page for terms and conditions. uCloud is built with Ajax, making it lightning fast. It offers thumbnails for pictures and PDF files, previews of various file formats, and a search bar. Uploading and managing files requires an account, and users can view files in various ways, including thumbnails, list format, and zip file creation.

The file server has built-in features like xSendFile and xAccelRedirect, which enhance server performance. It offers various features such as regular downloads, linking to other sites, and sharing files and folders for social media platforms. The server also provides two-factor authentication with Google Authenticator, encrypted passwords, and DNS blacklisting. The admin section uses Bootstrap 3 and features a modern, Ajax-style aesthetic. The site offers language support services, including English-to-Spanish translation using the Google Translate API. Users can filter by files and manage banned IP addresses. The site’s configuration is organized and overseen by file servers, and users can customize their accounts. The admin panel allows for file removal and the ability to log in as any other user. A new admin page has been added for database and codebase backups. The demo site has disabled destructive activities and daily account resets. The server requires PHP 7.3+, Linux, 5+ MySQL, PHP PDO Extension Extension for MySQL, and compatible browsers like Internet Explorer 9+, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, or any other browser that supports HTML5 and Javascript.

uCloud Nulled Script

uCloud – File Hosting Script – Securely Manage, Preview & Share Your Files

With uCloud, webmasters, freelancers, and small companies (such as media firms) may exchange files online with ease. Strong, safe, and lightning-quick—that’s how it was designed!

brand new New support for LiteSpeed (in addition to Apache and Nginx) with PHP 8.1
Brand new two-factor authentication with Google Authenticator
brand new code for embedding video, music, images, and documents
brand new Highlighting syntax and providing code previews
brand new performance enhancements to the core foundation
One may upload files via SFTP, FTP, Rackspace, or Amazon S3.
Support for storage on BackBlaze.
Follow this advice to use with Wasabi.
Direct downloads and uploads from your dedicated server storage allow you to scale your storage capacity.
Sharing files and folders internally. Allow other registered users to access, upload, and download files from your shared directories and files.
Choice for worldwide access.
Upload many files at once while tracking their progress. Supported file sizes of 10GB and more.
Before uploading, images were vetted. Each file’s icon is shown before uploading.
Percentage progress, size left, upload speed, and time remaining.
Transferring files invisibly. During the upload process, you may keep managing your account.
To start uploading, just drag and drop the file into your browser.
When the file is ready, you may send it via email.
Paste the URL to the folder into the clipboard.
Internal URL shortener.
Many file server services are available.
Document information page that includes the following:
Complete file path.
source code in HTML format for use on a website.
Directly paste this code into a forum.
Click here to see the file’s statistics.
Download the file-removal link.
Links to post on popular social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, and others.
Embed the link in an email.
Manage your files:
Sign in using your social media accounts (optional: via the admin): Facebook, Twitter, or Google.
Page where users may register.
Brand new page for terms and conditions.
The updated policy on privacy is now available below.
The complete file manager is built with Ajax, so it’s lightning fast!
Created thumbnails for pictures and PDF files (imagemagick needed)
See previews of a large number of files:
Photo formats: JPG, PNG, gif, and wbmp
The provided file formats include various documents (doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, pdf, pages, ai, tiff, dxf, svg, eps, ps, ttf, otf, xps) and are less than 15MB in size.
Media files: mp4, flv (with Flash installed), ogg
Mp3 audio
Using thumbnail caching to speed up page loads.
You can easily manage the choices by using the right-click menu on any file or folder.
Very effective search bar. It returns results for matching files and directories in a flash.
Refine your search results by selecting a specific folder and upload date.
Uploading and managing files requires an account. (administrator overseen)
There are two different ways to view files:
Displaying thumbnails of files in the icon view.
Displayed in a list format.
Maximizing the screen.
Arrange the listed files in descending order by name, size, upload date, last access, and total downloads.
Set the number of files shown per page.
Take a whole folder and save it as a zip file.
The option to create a duplicate file or files.
Customize file renaming, moving, and deleting.
A folder option for watermarking photos. Choose a location and padding for your PNG watermark, then upload it. The folder is the next place to enable this. You may use this to send clients “proof” versions of your photographs without really granting them full editing rights.
Get your files here:
You already have xSendFile and xAccelRedirect built in! If activated, the server’s performance will be significantly enhanced.
On your web server, all of your files are safely saved. During the upload process, they are renamed to remove the extension and stored in a hidden folder.
A secure access hash is used for downloads, and it expires after use. No two people may use the same download URL.
Statistics for Detailed Files:
Regular downloads: daily, weekly, monthly.
Referring sites.
Seeing other nations.
Browsers that are now online.
System software visits.
File and folder sharing links for social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.
To make a private folder accessible to someone who doesn’t have an account, you may build a unique URL.
Use the email feature to send all of your files and folders.
A toggle to display or conceal the download button is available when sharing folders.
Choose whether all files in a shared folder may be downloaded or not.
Safety: Two-factor authentication with Google Authenticator is available.
Passwords for accounts are encrypted using SHA256 and the PBKDF2 key extender.
Create a public or private folder for your files.
Protect folders using passwords.
DNS blacklisting: prevent access to the site from certain IP addresses.
Backward compatibility with https.
Validated against cross-site scripting (XSS) and SQL injection threats by an external party.
Modifications: Created for PHP 7.3 and later.
Original, unaltered code.
Simple set-up.
Unlimited personalization.
Contemporary design. (personalize and make more with ease)
The aesthetic is simple and clean, with an Ajax style.
Admin section: Bootstrap 3 was used to redesign the admin section.
Bulk import tool that is interactive.
Clear and distinct administrative space.
Summary of current files and downloads on the dashboard.
Look through the archives.
Turn off the files.
brand new Many language support services are available. English-to-Spanish translation using the Google Translate API. Important: Using their API can cost you more money.
Filter by user files and manage users.
Oversee IP addresses that have been banned.
Run the site’s configuration.
Organize and oversee the operation of file servers.
Select a file server or set it to utilize all available space.
Create a template.
Personalize each user’s account:
Periods during which inactive files are retained.
Maximum file size for uploading and more.
Customize the download URL by setting the filename.
The latest in Ajax user interface design.
The logo, additional CSS, and site skin may be quickly set up in the admin section.
Language translations are automatically done using the Google Translate API. With the press of a mouse, you can translate the whole site into another language. Important: A Google API key is needed. “Locked” translations that have been menu-edited will not be overwritten.
An option to prevent the re-upload of the same file has been added to the admin panel. File removal is optional, although abuse reports are set to automatically delete files after removal.
The ability for admins to log in as any other user has been added with the “impersonate user” option.
A new admin page has been added to facilitate database and codebase backups. Features were also developed with the intention of implementing automated updates in the future.
Managerial Dashboard
Please be aware that destructive activities such as deleting and editing are disabled on the demo site and that the admin account will be reset daily. You may see a demo of the admin section by entering in the following credentials: admin and password@demo.
Things needed
PHP 7.3+, which includes PHP 8.0+
The Linux operating system is normally installed on shared hosts.
5+ MySQL with a single null database
The PHP PDO Extension Extension for MySQL
As a default, PHP includes the GD and FTP extensions.
Which one is better: Nginx or Apache?
Internet Explorer 9+, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, or any other browser that supports HTML5 and Javascript

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