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Super Backup & Clone nulled plugin 2.3.3

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The WP Super Backup & Clone nulled plugin is a powerful tool for WordPress users looking to migrate their backups. It offers an intuitive dashboard, cloud synchronization, snapshot setup, snapshot logs, instance migration, one-click restore, cloud snapshots, and backup destinations across various cloud services. The plugin also provides self-diagnosis, allowing users to identify potential issues before backing up. The plugin also supports multisite to multisite, multisite to singlesite, and singlesite to multisite migrations. It also allows for one-click snapshot creation and an ultra-quick migration panel. The plugin ensures complete control over what is moved, ensuring that the migration does not disrupt the current installation. The plugin also supports multisite to singlesite migrations, allowing users to consolidate separate WordPress nulled theme websites into a single WP multisite. The plugin’s features make it an essential tool for WordPress users looking to streamline their backup process and prevent potential issues.

Super Backup & Clone nulled plugin

Super Backup & Clone nulled plugin – Migrate for WordPress

We’re thrilled to announce that WP Super Backup & Clone nulled plugin allows you to do precisely that!

Working on your site is usually a time-consuming and difficult procedure, and it would be a shame if all of your efforts were wasted due to a misconfiguration or issue that was not even your fault!

Having a reliable backup plan in place can help you avoid this. Here’s where our plugin comes into action.


  • Intuitive Dashboard provides a rapid overview of existing backup instances.
  • Cloud Sync – Are you working with both a staging and production server? We have you covered! WP SuperBackup allows you to quickly sync all or just the files you need across servers. This all happens automatically according to a timetable you set!
  • Set up “Snapshots” – You can have one or more backup instances.
  • Snapshot Logs – Easily track all backup tasks and always know what the state of your most recent backup is.
  • Instance Migration – If you have a backup on your trusted hard drive, this function allows you to quickly import and migrate it to your current WordPress nulled plugins installation! You have complete control over which files are transferred, allowing you to ensure that they do not break the installation once the migration is completed.
  • One-Click Restore – Select any snapshot, then click Restore. Done!
  • Cloud Snapshots – If you want to be extra secure, the plugin allows you to transfer your backups to the cloud, just in case your server fails completely!
  • Backup Destinations –

WP SuperBackup supports a wide range of cloud services, including but not limited to your own (s)FTP accounts, Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon, OneDrive, Copy.com, RackSpace, and more.


  • Easy setup – With a simple visit to the “General Settings” tab, you may set up email notifications, define a quota, the backup directory (on the same server), or just clean up current backup files
  • Self-diagnosis – The “System” panel allows you to do a live check on your server settings and immediately identify any potential issues, allowing you to rectify them before you even start backing up!
  • Great Support – Do you need help or have a question? Have no fear! We’ve put the documentation right into the WP SuperBackup dashboard, along with a direct option to contact us through our Support system.
  • MultiSite to MultiSite – The SuperBackup solution allows you to execute a straight Cloud migration from one MultiSite to another without any problems.
  • MultiSite to SingleSite – If you run into a MultiSite Platform, the system will recognize it and you have the possibility to have a SingleSite Snapshot ready to be Migrated to any ordinary WP Site or into another SingleSite available on the other MultiSite Platform.
  • SingleSite to MultiSite – A simple SnapShot from a Standard WordPress Site can be migrated to a specific SingleSite on your Multisite Platform. So you can consolidate all of your separate WordPress nulled themes websites into a single WP MultiSite.
One-click snapshot creation

Creating a new Snapshot is as simple as pressing a button, literally! All you need to do is offer a name and choose one of the established destinations, and you’re ready to start in just a few seconds.

Ultra-quick migration panel

The Migrate panel enables you to simply migrate a separate backup to your current functioning server. This allows you to import a previously created backup, either from your hard drive or an external URL.

With detailed options, we’ve guaranteed that you have complete control over what is moved, so you can be confident that the migration will not disrupt your present installation before you ever press the button!

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