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Real Category Management nulled plugin 4.2.14

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Real Category Management is a WordPress plugin that simplifies large-scale content management by organizing content like articles, pages, and WooCommerce goods into category folders. It allows users to manage categories within each content type’s overview tables, using a mouse to drag and drop posts. The plugin supports custom post types like WooCommerce items, LearnPress articles, and forums, and works well with touch devices. It supports WordPress Multisite and GPDR/DSGVO, and does not gather personal information without user permission.

Real Category Management nulled plugin Organize content like as articles, pages, and WooCommerce goods into category folders. Mass content management made simple!
Organize articles, pages, WooCommerce goods, and all custom post types into category folders. It’s essentially a WordPress-specific file manager, similar to Windows Explorer or Mac Finder. Real Category administration simplifies large-scale content administration!

Real Category Management enables you to simply and flexibly manage all of your WordPress categories inside each content type’s overview tables. Use your mouse to drag and drop posts into categories. Create, name, remove, and reorganize your categories. It simply integrates with any custom post type. Simply install this plugin and it will work with articles, pages, WooCommerce items, LearnPress material, bbPress forums, and much more.

  • WordPress 5.x / Gutenberg ready.
  • Manage material in folders that represent your categories, etc.
  • Full management of your folders with one toolbar (new, rename, remove)
  • Sort folders using drag-and-drop and build a custom order
  • Quickly browse across the folders using the folder fast search.
  • Organize material by drag and drop without having to modify each post.
  • Existing WordPress hierarchical taxonomies are utilized to display the folder three.
  • Custom post types such as WooCommerce items, LearnPress articles, and bbPress forums are supported (with the PRO edition).
  • Support for WooCommerce goods and characteristics
  • In your WordPress backend, you may adjust the pagination without refreshing the whole page.
  • Works wonderfully with touch devices.
  • Translated into several languages.
  • Compatible with WordPress plugins that employ custom post types.
  • Supports WordPress Multisite and GPDR/DSGVO. The nulled plugins will not gather personal information without your permission!
  • Organize your material professionally.

Real Category Management nulled plugin Everyone creates their WordPress website from scratch. However, with time, the material on a website might expand dramatically. Hundreds or even thousands of entries may rapidly gather in your content management system, particularly when using (WooCommerce) shops, (LearnPress) learning material, or (bbPress) forums.

You may rapidly lose track of the overview or spend a significant amount of time filtering through the material. It would be more convenient if you could easily sort the information into folders. Just like you would expect from Windows Explorer or Mac Finder for files. Real Category Management’s category folders allow you to accomplish precisely that. Managing information in folders is more efficient than scrolling through big lists!

Real Category Management expands the capabilities of ordinary WordPress custom post types and taxonomy. Hundreds of WordPress nulled themes employ custom post kinds, such as pages, WooCommerce goods, and testimonials, to handle new sorts of content in WordPress. Real Category Management’s folder tree allows for easy management of each of these items. Taxonomies, which are the default categories for posts, are a method of grouping material. We take these categories and depict them as (hierarchically organized) folders so that your material is readily shown.

This enables you to keep track of hundreds of items in your online shop, numerous classes in your learning platform, or thousands of forum discussions at any time, as well as neatly arrange information!

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