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Pricepep is a powerful WooCommerce plugin that offers advanced dynamic pricing options and discount rules. It is suitable for various WooCommerce discounts, including standard discounts, wholesale rates, bulk offers, role-based pricing, BOGO promotions, tiered pricing structures, bundle deals, daily specials, flash sales, member-exclusive rates, individual pricing, loyalty incentives, behavioral pricing, geographically-targeted pricing, and conditional cart discounts.

Pricepep’s dynamic pricing feature allows for easy modification of prices, pricing in bulk, pricing structures, product categories, purchase restrictions, and more. It also provides a flexible discount system that extends the scope of WooCommerce discounts beyond the conventional coupon system.

Fees associated with WooCommerce are managed by Checkout Fees, which can be used to reduce expenses associated with specific categories of orders. The plugin also offers extensive conditional logic, allowing retailers to establish discounts based on complex criteria, creating promotions that resonate with specific segments of their customer base.

Pricepep’s plugin allows for a wide range of scenarios and requirements, including product, customer, cart, checkout, payment method, shipping method, customer value, products in cart, product variations, categories, attributes, tags, shipping class, purchase history, and more. The plugin allows retailers to arrange discounts in any manner they desire, making it an ideal solution for online retailers looking to optimize their WooCommerce pricing strategies.

WooCommerce is a powerful eCommerce platform that offers a wide range of promotional tools to help businesses communicate their sales, promotions, and discounts effectively. These tools include real-time pricing, product banners, countdown timers, table of volume pricing, customer alerts, descriptions of cart items, and you saved. WooCommerce’s dynamic pricing plugin offers numerous benefits, such as discounts for purchases of 10 or more units, discounts for weighty items, and discounts for stays of three nights or longer.

The plugin also provides real-world applications, such as wholesale pricing offers to attract bulk customers and resellers. It offers quantity and volume incentives, tiered pricing, and BOGO WooCommerce capabilities to increase sales and create captivating offers. The plugin also allows for the creation of personalized pricing thresholds to meet the needs of both retail and bulk purchasers.

In conclusion, WooCommerce is a powerful tool for businesses looking to incentivize larger purchases and maintain enduring relationships with their customers. By implementing these tools, businesses can create engaging and effective promotional strategies that drive sales and loyalty.

WooCommerce is a powerful platform for online shopping, offering a wide range of features and tools to enhance the shopping experience. One such tool is the WooCommerce dynamic pricing plugin, which allows retailers to offer exclusive discounts based on user duties, such as registered members, wholesalers, reviewers, or influencers. This plugin also offers simple percentage discounts, allowing retailers to increase pricing by either a specified amount or a percentage. It also allows retailers to offer discounts on multiple items, making larger purchases more appealing.

The plugin also offers location-based promotions, attribute-based deals, membership tiers, purchase history recognition, coupon code synergies, flash sales, and automated transactions. It also allows retailers to create customized bundles, offer incentives for first-time shoppers, and set dates for seasonal catalog discounts.

The plugin is future-ready, constantly evolving with the eCommerce environment. It also provides a dedicated support team to assist with any issues. This comprehensive plugin can be used to introduce WooCommerce dynamic pricing, establish discount rules, create BOGO offers, or implement bulk discount strategies, boosting sales, improving customer loyalty, and transforming discount strategies.

Pricepep nulled plugin

Pricepep is the ultimate solution for online retailers who are in search of advanced WooCommerce dynamic pricing options and WooCommerce discount rules. Its unparalleled adaptability guarantees that a diverse selection of pricing strategies is in perfect harmony with the pricing objectives of any retailer.

It is appropriate for a variety of WooCommerce discounts, including standard discounts, wholesale rates, bulk offers, role-based pricing, BOGO promotions, tiered pricing structures, bundle deals, daily specials, flash sales, member-exclusive rates, individual pricing, loyalty incentives, behavioral pricing, geographically-targeted pricing, and conditional cart discounts. Furthermore, it provides the ability to increase prices, replace them with revised figures, or impose additional fees at the time of purchase.

Dynamic Pricing in WooCommerce

Setting up customized prices has never been simpler with our WooCommerce dynamic pricing plugin. Everything is at your disposal, from basic WooCommerce percentage discounts to intricate tiered structures.

✔ Easy Modification
Prices can be adjusted by reducing, increasing, or replacing them, regardless of the quantity.

✔ Pricing in Bulk
Prices are reduced in accordance with the quantity of items purchased; the maximum discount is applied to all products.

✔Pricing Structures
Reduce prices in accordance with the quantity of items purchased; each subsequent tier receives a larger discount.

✔ Product Categories
Offer discounts for the purchase of multiple products.

✔ Purchase X and receive Y
Provide a discount on Y units when X units are purchased at the standard price.

✔ Exclude Items That Are Matched
Guarantee that particular products that are matched are exempt from other pricing regulations.

✔ Purchase Restrictions
Prevent customers from purchasing specific products on a conditional basis.

Discounts for WooCommerce

Extend the scope of your WooCommerce discounts beyond the conventional coupon system. Cart Discounts function similarly to standard WooCommerce coupons, with one significant exception: customers are not required to utilize any codes. This simplified process enables eligible consumers to immediately view their discounts, which has the potential to increase your conversion rates.

Configure WooCommerce discounts by utilizing a variety of criteria, such as the subtotal of the cart, the items in the cart, the customer’s information, the transportation details, the customer’s previous purchases, and more. This provides a degree of adaptability that surpasses that of conventional coupons.

Fees associated with WooCommerce

A mechanism for incorporating nuanced charges that are contingent upon the specifics of an order is provided by Checkout Fees. This can be employed to reduce expenses associated with specific categories of orders, such as the management of perishable products or the processing of international orders.

With this feature incorporated, there is no longer a necessity to manage multiple tools. This comprehensive extension manages all aspects of the fee that your customers are charged.

Extensive Conditional Logic

Precision in WooCommerce discounts necessitates more than merely adhering to fundamental regulations. It necessitates a comprehensive conditional logic system that can accommodate a wide range of scenarios and requirements. With our conditional logic feature, you are able to establish discounts based on complex criteria, enabling you to create promotions that resonate with specific segments of your customer base.

Product › Product › Product variation › Product category › Product attribute › Product tag


Product › Product regular price › Product is on sale › Product stock quantity › Product transportation class › Product metadata › Custom taxonomy

Customer › Customer › User role › User capability › User metadata › Is currently signed in


Cart › Cart subtotal › Cart total quantity › Cart item count › Cart total weight › Coupon applied › Cart item data

Checkout › Payment method › Shipping method › Shipping country › Shipping state › Shipping postcode › Shipping zone

Customer Value › Total Expended › Average Order Value › Last Order Value › The date of the most recent order Order count Review count

Products in Cart › Products › Variations › Categories › Attributes › Tags › Shipping class in cart

Products in Cart › Quantity by product › Quantity by variation › Quantities by category, attribute, identifier, and shipping class

Items in the Cart Value by product › Value by variation › Value by category › Attribute-based value Value by tag › Value by transportation class

Purchase History – Products – Variations – Categories – Attributes – Tags

Purchase History › Quantity by product › Quantity by variation › Quantity by category – Quantity by attribute – Quantity by tag

Purchase History Value by product › Value by variation › Value by category Attribute-based value Value as indicated by the designation

Date and Time › Date › Time › Days of the week › Days of the month › Months

The most delightful aspect?

You are free to arrange them in any manner you desire.

Therefore, how can you provide a discount that is valid for all albums, with the exception of Album #1 and Album #4, and is exclusively available to non-wholesale consumers who have purchased at least one single within the past three months? Here is how…

Promotional Instruments

In the highly competitive eCommerce industry, your business can distinguish itself through effective communication. Our Promotion Tools are specifically engineered to improve the manner in which shop administrators communicate WooCommerce sales, promotions, and discounts to their customers. These features are essential for incentivizing consumers and clarifying the rationale behind specific discounts or surcharges.

✔ Your Price
Display a price that is current in real time on each product page.

✔ Product Banners
Please emphasize the relevant product pricing regulations on the product pages.

✔ Countdown Timer Include a countdown timer for WooCommerce discount rules that are time-sensitive.

✔ Table of Volume Pricing
Provide a table that illustrates the savings that are associated with purchasing in larger quantities.

✔ Customer Alerts
Notify customers of the implementation of a pricing rule, cart discount, or transaction fee rule.

✔ Descriptions of Cart Items
For the sake of clarity, provide a detailed explanation of the product pricing regulations that apply to the items in the cart.

✔ You Saved Display the total savings that a customer accomplishes on both the cart and checkout pages.

Boundless Configuration Possibilities

We recognize that you are likely abounding with exceptional concepts; however, if you require a gentle prod in the right direction, the following are a few illustrations of the benefits that this WooCommerce dynamic pricing plugin can provide:

  • A 5% discount is available for purchases of 10 or more units.
  • Purchase three t-shirts for $9.99, with the exception of those featuring custom artwork.
  • Receive a 10% discount for the purchase of 2 to 5 units; 20 percent off for the purchase of 6 or more units.
  • Add a wireless keyboard at a 50% discount to each desktop computer purchased.
  • Achieve a 5% lifetime discount after the 10th order and a 10% lifetime discount after the 50th order.
  • Carts that contain weighty items incur an additional handling fee of $15.
  • A 15% discount is available for orders of $1000 or more.
  • Book a hotel for seven nights and receive the eighth night at no cost.
  • Get a 20% discount on SPA treatments for stays of three nights or longer. First-time reservations receive a 10% discount, unless other promotions are in effect.
  • Every iPhone purchased comes with an iPhone case.
  • Receive a $5 discount on the cart when you make a purchase from the Clothing category.
  • products are priced at $9 until midnight for orders of three or more products.
  • The fifth accessory acquired is being offered at a 30% discount.
  • This month, music albums are discounted by 10%, while singles are discounted by 25%.
  • A $10 administrative fee is included in the price of international orders.
  • The shop manager is granted a 100% discount for conducting testing.
  • If no other promotions are in effect, orders are eligible for a 5% discount.
  • Establish an automated rewards system that provides discounts to loyal consumers.
  • A 25% discount is provided to VIP club members on their merchandise.
  • A 10% discount is available on laptops, with the exception of VIP club members.
  • There are numerous additional dynamic pricing, discount, or fee scenarios that can be configured in WooCommerce.

Real-World Applications

Wholesale Pricing Offers: WooCommerce wholesale pricing is introduced to attract bulk customers and resellers. Welcoming wholesale purchasers with exclusive prices, we cultivate enduring B2B relationships.

This advanced WooCommerce bulk discount plugin has revolutionized the way you buy in volume. Whether you are promoting a specific product or a range, it is uncomplicated to incentivize larger purchases.

Quantity and Volume Incentives:

Increase your sales by offering enticing WooCommerce quantity discount deals and volume pricing that reward mass purchases. The discount value will be adjusted in accordance with the quantity of products purchased.

Tiered Pricing Incentives:

Implement WooCommerce tiered pricing to offer a variety of price points based on quantity, thereby generating more substantial sales. Establish strategic pricing thresholds that are customized to meet the needs of both retail and bulk purchasers, guaranteeing that each transaction is appreciated.

The classic offer is enhanced. Construct captivating offers with our BOGO WooCommerce capabilities, ranging from the classic “buy one, get one” to more intricate deals that will entice consumers to return for more. Perhaps “Buy three, receive a WooCommerce nulled theme discount for multiple items”?

Role-Based Pricing for WooCommerce:

Our dynamic pricing plugin enables you to accurately represent the individuality of each customer. Provide exclusive discounts based on user duties, such as registered members, wholesalers, reviewers, or influencers, to ensure that all users feel appreciated and acknowledged.

Simple Percentage Discounts:

Enhance your store’s competitive advantage by adhering to the WooCommerce percentage discount regulations. Establishing a percentage-based discount has never been simpler, whether it is for a seasonal sale, a special event, or simply as a means of rewarding loyal consumers. Transform your product listings into irresistible deals that shoppers can’t ignore with just a few keystrokes.

Provide a discount on multiple items in WooCommerce:

Provide discounts that are customized to the size of the cart, thereby rendering larger purchases genuinely irresistible. Leverage the potential of dynamic pricing to increase your sales by attracting consumers to these alluring discounts, all thanks to the WooCommerce discount for multiple items strategy.

The WooCommerce dynamic pricing plugin’s exhaustive tools are the foundation of its versatility, which includes discounts, markups, and custom prices. In addition to WooCommerce’s discount policies, it provides the ability to increase pricing by either a specified amount or a percentage. Retailers have the option to replace the default pricing with a fixed price for specific campaigns or products.

Location-Based Promotions:

Implement discounts that are contingent upon the geographic location of the consumer, simplifying the management of regional sales or country-specific holidays.

Attribute-Based Deals:

Customize discounts to an unprecedented degree. Each discount appears to be tailor-made, regardless of whether it pertains to color, size, material, or brand. Develop unique attributes and structure discounts around them, thereby providing you with unparalleled adaptability.

Membership Tiers:

Provide members with exclusive discounts that are contingent upon their loyalty tier. Motivate customers to advance to a higher rank by providing them with exceptional WooCommerce discounts as they progress up the loyalty ladder.

Purchase History Recognition:

Commend customers who have been loyal with discounts that are contingent upon their purchasing history. Let your loyal customers know that you appreciate their trust by offering discounts based on their purchase history.

Coupon Code Synergies:

Integrate WooCommerce coupon codes with your dynamic pricing and discount policies. When specific coupon codes are inputted, activate flexible discount rules.

Flash Sales:

Utilize Pricepep to establish time-sensitive promotions that generate excitement and attract customers. Incorporate a countdown timer to generate a sense of urgency and boost sales.

Automate your WooCommerce transactions with ease: Set the start and end dates to your liking. Configure it once and allow the plugin to manage the remainder. Ideal for seasonal bargains, including Cyber Monday and Black Friday.

Make your consumers feel valued by providing them with customized offerings. Offer distinctive WooCommerce discounts that are determined by the behaviors of individual customers, their previous purchases, or other criteria. In order to demonstrate gratitude and cultivate brand loyalty, extend exclusive discounts to loyal consumers.

Customized Bundles:

Optimize your average order value by strategically bundling products. Assemble products in a manner that is comprehensible to the consumer. Provide discounts on bundles that are complementary, thereby guaranteeing that the consumer perceives value in each additional purchase.

Incentives for First-Time Shoppers:

Provide a unique WooCommerce discount that is irresistible to attract a greater number of first-time purchasers.

Seasonal Catalog Discounts:

Special offers that are customized for each season. Provide discounts on curated collections, such as “Back-to-School Specials” or a “Summer Collection.” Set the dates for seasonal collections to be automatically activated or deactivated in accordance with the season.

Rules of Exclusion:

Select and modify which categories or products are exempt from the global dynamic pricing rules of WooCommerce. Preserve your profit margins by preventing items that are already on sale or with special promotions from being discounted twice.


Stay ahead of the pace with a dynamic pricing nulled plugin for WooCommerce that is constantly changing. Our plugin evolves in tandem with the eCommerce environment.

Dedicated Support:

Discover the distinction of a dedicated support team that is behind your every action. Our professionals are available to provide assistance, whether you are establishing WooCommerce quantity discounts for the first time or modifying an advanced pricing rule.

This plugin is comprehensive and can be used to introduce WooCommerce dynamic pricing, establish discount rules, create BOGO offers, or implement WooCommerce bulk discount strategies. Boost the sales of your WooCommerce store, improve customer loyalty, and transform your discount strategy immediately!

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