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The Point of Sale for WooCommerce is an advanced toolkit designed to integrate your online store with physical stores. It allows you to manage your products, orders, and customers holistically, turning any modern web browser into a cash register. This solution is perfect for retail stores, market stalls, food and drink vendors, vape stores, jewellers, and more.

The POS solution is built natively to work seamlessly with WooCommerce, eliminating the need for third-party API interfaces. It offers flexible configurations, including cashier restrictions, inventory control, and customizable product grids. The POS extension also allows for easy access to multiple outlets and registers, ensuring accurate stock management.

Customizable product grids allow for easy checkout and maximizing sales. Product visibility settings streamline inventory administration across multiple sales channels. Custom products can be created on the spot using the POS interface, adding attributes like size and color to meet customer needs and preferences.

The POS extensions’ barcode scanning capabilities help streamline the checkout process and provide a digital shopping experience in-store. The built-in product preview panel attracts customers with detailed product displays and stock information. The discount and fee system allows you to offer fixed or percentage-based discounts through coupons and apply fees for additional services.

The efficient note-taking feature allows you to attach notes to high-priority orders and choose between customer-facing and administrative notes for internal record-keeping. Overall, the Point of Sale for WooCommerce is an essential tool for businesses looking to streamline their sales and operations.

The Point of Sale for WooCommerce is a web-based application that allows businesses to manage taxes, end of sale, secure payments, order management, sales analysis, customized measurements, loyalty cards, barcode labels, and stock management. The system works seamlessly with Stripe Terminal and supported readers, and allows for the use of a range of third-party card terminals. The system also features a user-friendly orders tab, which allows for easy access to detailed order information and efficient tracking of order statuses.

The system also offers a sales analysis feature that allows businesses to distinguish between online and in-store sales using outlet and register filters. The POS extension is fully compatible with the Analytics tool in WooCommerce, allowing for easy analysis and visualization of sales data.

Customized measurements allow businesses to track stock levels accurately, while loyalty cards allow customers to be rewarded. Barcode labels can be created and updated, and stock management is easy with the simple interface.

The POS extension is compatible with most modern web browsers, and the setup process is very easy. It does not store or transmit data to third parties, and card readers can be used in an isolated manner using the built-in Chip & PIN payment method.

Point of Sale for WooCommerce nulled plugin An comprehensive toolset for placing in-store orders using a WooCommerce-powered Point of Sale (POS) interface.
Transform your WooCommerce business with our POS system, the perfect tool for easy in-store ordering.
Experience the power of POS for WooCommerce, the ultimate web-based POS tool that seamlessly links your online shop with in-store sales. Our technology transforms any current web browser into a cash register, enabling you to manage your items, orders, and customers holistically. Point of Sale for WooCommerce is ideal for retail establishments, market stalls, food and drink vendors, vape shops, jewellers, and other businesses looking to simplify their sales.
Point of Sale for WooCommerce nulled plugin Easy deployment without the need for third-party API interfaces thanks to seamless WooCommerce integration.
Flexible configurations provide unrivaled adaptability and competitiveness.
Cashier Restrictions for managed business operations and enhanced security
Easy cashier management, including the option to move between designated cashiers or automatically log them out after each transaction.
Manage multiple outlets and registers effortlessly to ensure correct supply management at each site.
Customized Access includes the option to assign users to outlets for personalized access.
Streamlined Order Management allows for speedy and effective sales and returns processing.
A robust reporting system provides significant insights into revenue, inventories, and customers.
Discount and fee scheme to increase client happiness and retention.
Product Grids may be customized to provide individual cashier experiences for each retail department.
Personalized experience with several viewing choices and important information presented on each product tile
Product visibility options help simplify inventory management across numerous sales channels and decrease mistakes.
Bespoke product development on-site with critical qualities like size and color, enhancing client pleasure and loyalty.
Point of Sale for WooCommerce

Built for WooCommerce.
With over seven years of research and development, our Point of Sale for WooCommerce is natively designed to integrate smoothly with WooCommerce, removing the need for third-party API integration. Download and install the extension, create a registration, and begin selling.

Point of Sale for WooCommerce nulled plugin Flexible configurations
Our addon provides a variety of POS options, giving business owners unrivaled freedom and adaptability. These alternatives allow you to keep ahead of the competition and promote development by innovating your company procedures.
Cashier Restrictions:
Set cashiers to only put orders on hold or awaiting payment, and limit the use of discounts, giving you more control over your company operations. You can also instantly swap between assigned cashiers from inside the POS application or set the register to automatically log the cashier out after each transaction, making it easier and more secure to manage your cashiers.

Outlets and Registers
Our POS addon allows you to take control of your inventory and build your e-commerce company. Manage many outlets and registers with ease, guaranteeing correct supply management at each site. Assign users to outlets for personalized access, and never let restricted access stymie your progress. With our integrated solution, you can take your company to the next level both in-store and online.
Register settings are controlled from the WordPress backend.
Tailored Experience
Provide configurable product grids for each retail department to streamline checkout and increase sales. Choose from a variety of viewing choices, including grid, rectangle, and list, and see key data such as stock count, status, and sale status on each product tile. With all of the relevant information at your fingertips, you can easily make educated choices to expand your company. Our configurable product grids make it easier and more convenient to manage your shop sections than ever before.

Product Visibility
Set the product visibility for each product to either online, POS, or both. This functionality simplifies inventory management across different sales channels, increasing productivity and decreasing expensive mistakes.

Bespoke products
Our POS interface allows you to easily create bespoke goods on the moment. Add important product features such as size and color to your current catalog and have them published quickly. As a consequence, companies may better fulfill their customers’ wants and preferences by providing tailored goods, enhancing satisfaction and loyalty.
Adding unique, customized goods from the POS.
Scanning Capabilities
Easily expedite your checkout process with our POS extensions’ diverse barcode scanning features. Scan any product SKU barcode, as well as embedded barcodes including price or weight information, to sell items via the POS or add them to your product database. Our product search field has both search and scan modes, so you may reliably and quickly identify SKUs using a barcode scanner, camera, or search function. Additionally, you may tailor the SKU field to your own business requirements and preferences.

Interactive Product Display
With our built-in product preview panel, you can create an interactive product display to attract clients. Not only can you show off your items in depth, but the panel also shows stock information to keep clients informed. This function is ideal for business owners looking to give a digital shopping experience in-store.

Discounts and Fees
Our customizable discount and charge system will help you increase sales and customer happiness. Coupons may be used to provide set or percentage-based discounts, as well as to charge fees for extra services like cleaning or insurance cover. You may also provide a discount rationale for each transaction. With our POS, you have entire control over pricing and promotions, allowing you to establish an appealing value offer, boost sales, and increase customer loyalty.

Our fast note-taking function will help you streamline your order management procedure. Attach notes to high-priority orders that need extra attention, and choose between customer-facing and administrative comments for internal record-keeping. Use our POS plugin to take advantage of every detail.
Easily handle your taxes with our automatic taxation option. Set your tax rates and class settings, and the POS will do the rest. Configure taxes for your shop and outlet addresses, as well as your customers’ billing and shipping addresses.

End of Sales
Allow your company to customize each transaction with configurable prompts that show after each sale, such as emailing or printing receipts, evaluating associated remarks, or collecting signatures for permission. Furthermore, using our simple and straightforward method, your cashiers may produce a unique QR code for shop customers to scan and pay with their mobile devices, guaranteeing that each transaction goes smoothly.
End-of-Sale choices for each transaction.
Secure Payments
Whether you choose to take cash or process payments via a third-party card terminal, we have you covered. Our system integrates smoothly with Stripe Terminal and compatible readers, and our Chip & PIN payment mechanism enables for the usage of a variety of third-party card readers. This function allows cashiers to immediately charge a customer’s card and payment, making record-keeping a snap.
Order Management
Provide a simple order management experience with our user-friendly orders tab. Access comprehensive order information quickly and simply with our extensive search features by order number, client name, filter status, and order type. In addition, our elegantly designed order cards provide fast order monitoring and updating of order statuses such as on-hold, pending, processing, and finished. This tool allows you to optimize your company operations and guarantee client satisfaction, whether you run a small or big firm.
Sales Analysis
Point of Sale for WooCommerce nulled plugin With our comprehensive order filtering and reporting function, you can turn your sales data into valuable insights. Easily differentiate between online and in-store sales using the outlet and register filters, and get detailed reports based on POS orders by outlet, register, or cashier. Furthermore, our POS plugin is completely integrated with WooCommerce PLUGIN  Analytics tool, enabling you to monitor and view your sales data from a single spot.
Customized Measurements
Customize your inventory management by specifying and establishing your chosen unit of measurement. This tool allows you to correctly manage and monitor stock levels for flooring, fresh food, cloth, and jewelry. Use this handy tool to keep track of your inventories.
Adding items with the unit of measurement enabled.
Loyalty Cards
Reward your regular clients by swiftly scanning their loyalty cards and entering their information into the POS. This tool makes it simple to keep track of purchase history and provides tailored incentives to keep customers returning for more.
Barcode Labels
Our POS addon allows you to easily produce barcode labels for your items. Choose from a variety of customisable layouts and determine what information to include on the label. Then, just scan these labels to add items to orders.
Stock Management
Our easy stock management interface will keep you in control of your inventories. Simply input the SKU and updated amount to easily update product counts, and choose whether to update, replace, or eliminate stock as required. Accurate inventory control allows you to prevent running out of popular goods and continue serving your clients without interruption. Plus, our POS plugin can even sell products that are momentarily out of stock owing to misreporting, ensuring that you always make a sale.
Frequently Asked Questions.
Q: Which hardware do you suggest using?
A: Since WooCommerce Point of Sale is a web-based program, all hardware must be capable of interacting with HTML sites. You can get more information on suitable hardware here.
Q: Will this work anyplace in the world?
A: Point of Sale for WooCommerce is compatible with any nation that WooCommerce supports.
Q: Can I use this on any computer?
A: Yes, Point of Sale for WooCommerce is compatible with most recent web browsers, including Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.
Q: How simple is the setup process?
A: Very. Download and install the extension. Click on Point of Sale to open your register. It’s that simple!
Q: Does this extension save or send my data to any other parties?
A: No. WooCommerce provides comprehensive e-commerce features and payment processing in the same manner as your web shop.

Q: Which card readers are compatible with Point of Sale for WooCommerce?
A: Card readers may be utilized in an isolated way using the built-in Chip & PIN payment mechanism; however, you must confirm the payment with your selected terminal. We propose connecting Stripe Terminal to the BBPOS WisePOS E reader for easy integration and secure payment from inside the register.

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