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Page Generators Pro is a WordPress plugin that allows users to create unlimited, unique pages, posts, and custom post types. It works with various page builders like Elementor, Divi, and Visual Composer. Users can define keywords, use them in content templates, and generate unique, search engine-friendly content. Page Generator Pro also allows users to connect keywords to other data sources, generate location-specific keyword lists, and import existing keyword lists. It supports hierarchical content creation and allows users to create directory sites with interlinking.

Create unlimited, unique pages, posts, and custom post types.

Page Generators Pro nulled plugin With our WordPress Mass Page Creator nulled Plugins, you can quickly create unique, infinite content (Pages, Posts, and Custom Posts) to maximize your search engine visibility.

Whether you want to create city or locality-specific pages, a directory of goods and services, or drip feed new material to your blog for the next month, Page Generator Pro has it all.

Define your keywords (locations, services, goods, or anything else), then use them in a content template (Content Group) to produce Pages, Posts, or Custom Post Types in bulk.

Works with the Classic Editor, Gutenberg, and most Page Builders like as Elementor, Divi, and Visual Composer.

Keywords are unique phrases you may use to fill your Pages, including places (cities, counties, zip codes), company services, goods, and more. They are then incorporated into Page Generator Pro’s templates (also known as Content Groups).

When content is created, Page Generator Pro selects a separate, unique term from each of your keywords for each generated page, resulting in unique, search engine friendly material that contains no duplication.

Powerful keyword transformations enable you to modify the case of keyword terms and extract subterms from your list of terms, such as just using the city name from a list of descriptive locations included in a keyword.

Having trouble coming up with keywords? Simply input your keyword, click save, and Page Generator Pro will generate a list of synonyms for you.

Dynamic Keyword Sources

Is your data often changed or updated? Page Generator Pro allows you to enter a Keyword and connect it to other data sources, such as:

  • Airtable CSV file
  • CSV URL: Database Table
  • Google Sheets Notion
  • RSS feed Spreadsheet

External data sources are then updated when you produce (or regenerate) Pages, Posts, or Custom Post Types, ensuring that your website’s content is current.

Target Location-Specific Areas

Page Generator Pro’s Keyword system also allows you to automatically generate location-specific keyword lists that include ZIP Codes (with latitude and longitude), Cities (with latitude, longitude, and population), Counties, Regions, Phone Area Codes, and/or Phone Country Codes.

This data may subsequently be utilized to create location pages, either in a flat or directory layout, owing to the Group Directory feature.

Wikipedia URLs and content are provided, as well as demographic information for the United States (population, population by gender, age, ethnicity, median household income).

Data may be produced by providing a start point and radius, or geographical area(s) such as particular Cities, Counties, or Regions (States). It includes 250 nations, ~4,000 states/regions, ~45,000 counties, and ~2.6 million cities/towns, and is updated daily. Any Pro license offers complete access to this dataset at no extra cost.

You may also provide your own location data as a Keyword, or import it from a CSV file, spreadsheet, Airtable, or Notion database.

Import existing keyword lists.

If you have existing lists of terms, or relational keywords and terms, Page Generator Pro offers two ways to easily integrate this data into keywords:

  • Import Text File: Import all data in a text file into a single keyword.
  • Import CSV File: Import keywords and phrases from a CSV file, and save the results as individual keywords depending on the column headers.
  • Import Spreadsheet File: Import keywords and phrases from an Excel (.xlsx) file and save the results as individual keywords depending on your spreadsheet’s column headers.

Keywords may then be entered into Page Generator Pro’s template areas, such as the title, content, excerpt, and others.

Easily create directory sites with interlinking.

With complete support for hierarchical content creation, Page Generator Pro is suitable for creating directory-based websites. There is no limit to depth, and you may pick whatever structure you need – for example:

Service options include: Region (State), County (County), City (ZIP Code), County (City), City (Service), and Sub Service (Service).
The hierarchy is as follows: Region (State) > County > City.

Page Generators Pro nulled plugin Our Related Links. Dynamic Element provides for the automated generation of appropriate internal links on your created material, such as connections to additional services available in a certain city or neighboring locations within a radius. We even have a tutorial that explains how everything works.

Page Generator Pro offers full content control by allowing you to alter Title, Permalink, Content, Excerpt, Custom Fields, Advanced Custom Fields, and more. The interface is similar to that of ordinary WordPress nulled themes Pages and Posts.

Keywords may be entered into any of these areas, and depending on the Post Type, you can also choose Post Formats, Page Templates, and Taxonomies.

Spintax, Nested Spintax, and Block Spinning Support.

Create fully unique, non-duplicate information by using spintax, nested spintax, and block spinning.

Page Generator Pro automatically spins whatever spintax you provide in the Title, Content, Excerpt, Custom Fields, Advanced Custom Fields, and other areas, selecting the content to output at random for each produced page.

Best of all, keywords may be included into spintax.

Page Generators Pro nulled plugin Use your current Site Design/Layout.

Have you already created your site/page layout in your preferred Page Builder as a Page, Post, or Custom Post Type?

Page Generator Pro adds one-click capability for importing existing layouts into Content Groups. You may then select your keywords, generation parameters, and mass create content without having to rebuild your current layout from scratch.

Whitelabeling, Access and Domain Controls

Whitelabelling is available on Agency Licenses and allows agencies to establish a custom Plugin Name, Support, and Documentation URLs.

Access Control gives agencies more control over using the Plugin on behalf of their clients and leaving it installed on client sites without giving them access to the Plugin itself. Options include allowing or limiting access to all or sections of the Plugin, with the approved User(s) always having complete access to it.

Domain Control only allows certain site URLs to utilize your Agency License Key. This is helpful if you want to activate or disable the product for a customer.

All configuration parameters are configured in the WordPress configuration file.


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