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OnAir2 is a top-selling WordPress theme designed for creating professional radio station websites. It offers a non-stop music player, radio shows, schedule, podcasts, events calendar, eCommerce, donations, and more. OnAir2 is compatible with any MP3, AAAC, and Ogg web radio stream and can display song titles and artists from major providers like ShoutCAST 2, IceCAST, Radio.co, Airtime, Live365, and Radionomy. The theme also supports non-standard https ports for ShoutCAST and supports playable radio channel cards for multi-channel radios. OnAir2 features a mobile-friendly radio player, songs feed, schedules, pages, podcast series, top 10 charts, events calendar, and more. It is fully compatible with SoundCloud, YouTube, and MixCloud and features a feature-rich MP3 Player. OnAir2 is also equipped with a Page Builder, which allows users to create almost any web element they desire. The theme is fast and responsive, with 11 post types, 7 custom widgets, and 14 custom shortcodes.

Onair2 nulled Themes is the best-selling and highest-rated WordPress theme for creating professional radio station websites, with a non-stop music player, radio programs, schedule, podcasts, events calendar, eCommerce, contributions, and more.
Nonstop player, show schedule, speakers, and more!
OnAir2 supports any mp3, aac, or ogg online radio stream and can show song titles and artists from any major source, including ShoutCAST 2, IceCAST, Radio.co, Airtime, Live365, Radionomy, and many more.

Onair2 nulled Themes Radio has undergone significant evolution in recent years, thanks to the introduction of newer, better, and less costly distribution methods such as streaming, podcasting, and, of course, internet radio.

You want your radio station to embrace this, which is included in the one-time purchase of OnAir2 – a comprehensive WordPress package for creating commercial radio stations, radio programs, radio circuits, networks, podcasts, independent radio, and internet-based radio station websites.

OnAir2 allows for the creation of a contemporary and feature-rich web-based radio station. With Radio Player capability that is very mobile friendly, you may access an infinite number of channels and stream any MP3 stream for high-quality, low-bandwidth professional sound.

Onair2 nulled Themes Built with the newest streaming multimedia technology. OnAir2 is compatible with MP3 streams, SHOUTcast, and Icecast, and has a quirky Popup Player that enables continuous play. How awesome is that?

Song feed
Use ShoutCAST 2, IceCast, Radio.co, AirTime, Live365, or Radionomy. Fantastic! This nulled themes may also show the titles of the songs. You may also show the titles of any text stream.

Now enabling non-standard https ports for ShoutCAST.
If your radio channel uses a non-standard port for the https protocol, OnAir2 V3.6 has a feature that forces the HTTPS connection and makes your song names compatible with your HTTPS website.
New! Playable radio channel cards!
For multi-channel radios, you can now show radio cards with playing functions and use Page Builder to build a gallery of all of your radio stations.
Show Schedules.
Creating a top-rated radio station demands a certain amount of refinement, which is what OnAir2 provides for you. With purpose-built Show pages, you can anticipate a sticky experience that will keep your listeners wanting more.

Beautifully crafted pages that do not seem like a typical website, with stunning full-width parallax backdrops that emphasize your greatest material – your show.

Feature Days, Weeks, or Months schedules in a simple but beautiful and professional manner, with a sleek technique to promote Social Media quietly sharing embedded on each page.

Onair2 nulled Themes Easy to set up, with automated time and day recognition, attractive display sliders, and simple tables. No stone was left untouched.
All on autopilot!
We understand that time is valuable. That’s why our home page widgets are automatically updated for you! The material is pulled directly from your news, programs, timetable, and podcast. When you post new material, your home page is instantly updated. When you edit a schedule or performance, it is immediately updated throughout your whole website! Save time and work smarter! Create your radio station website without the need for manual homepage changes!
Show Pages
Display magnificent Grid or Masonry style Pages by Category or Music Genre, and utilize a sophisticated Tag taxonomy to allow your users to simply search for phrases that are relevant to them.

Give your users someplace to go as they watch by providing Related Top 10 articles, Top Tracks, Newsfeed, and Previous Episodes at the touch of a mouse.

Show pages also have an automated schedule, the ability to show a Podcast series, and an eye-catching parallax header that effortlessly adapts to the user’s device and moves as if by magic when scrolling. We believe you’ll enjoy it.

Podcast Series
Every radio station nowadays must take its audio offline and into the hands of its fans via a technologically competent and professional quality podcast. OnAir2 takes advantage of all of today’s latest Podcast technology, ensuring compatibility with your audience wherever they are listening.

OnAir2 is completely compatible with SoundCloud, YouTube, and MixCloud, and has a feature-rich MP3 Player, allowing you to effortlessly adopt any of these services without requiring any scripting.

Top Ten Charts
A chart feature on your new radio station website just makes sense. You wish to see the top tracks listened by day, week, month, and year. Create sticky content by tastefully integrating audio and video material on purpose-built pages that include entire tracklists and show audio using any of the applicable web technologies or the built-in MP3 player.

Display an unlimited number of tracks and utilize any of the numerous Shortcodes available to build magnificent pages with an Accordion Design for exquisite chart listings that can be inserted anywhere.

New since Version 3.6! Chart automatic sorting
You can now dynamically rearrange chart songs depending on user votes, ensuring that your charts are always up to date!
Events Calendar
Complete the package with an integrated solution for displaying Events, which includes auto-hiding of previous events for a full-featured website.

Featuring a Countdown timer that shows in Days, Hours, Minutes, and Seconds, you may incorporate Location data, Map integration, and critical event information. Include ‘Buy Tickets’ buttons to promote your artists, events, and future gigs.

Custom posts, widgets, and shortcodes
With 11 Custom Post Types, 7 Custom Widgets, and 14 Custom Shortcodes to help you design the best radio station website, we are convinced you will enjoy OnAir2, as do over 500 other satisfied customers.

If that’s not enough, you may get creative with our pre-built Page Templates or take it to the next level with Drag & Drop simplicity.

Build, Modify, and Create
But don’t be constrained by these options alone; they’re merely the tip of the iceberg.

OnAair2 is enhanced and expanded even more with the power of a Page Builder. Create nearly any site element you want with the Drag & Drop ease of the #1 best-selling WordPress plugin, WPBakery Page Builder.

  • Fast and responsive.
  • 11 Post Types
  • Shoutcast/Icecast player (needs public mp3 stream; contact us for pre-purchase testing).
  • Shoutcast V.2 Song Titles Feed Popup player
  • 7 Custom widgets.
  • Totally customisable in colors and fonts.
  • Lots many shortcodes.
  • WPBakery is included (certain modules are deactivated due to incompatibility with Ajax). We can reenable
  • them if you need by removing the ajax nulled plugin.
  • Display schedule with automated sliders and “on air” show information.
  • Working contact page with form and map.
  • AJAX capabilities
  • Pixel-perfect design.



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