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Omni Channel Sales module for Perfex CRM Nulled Script 1.1.5

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The Omni Channel Sales Module is a sales strategy that involves selling products across multiple online and physical locations. This approach increases exposure to potential customers and sales opportunities. The module features order management, automatic inventory checks, shipment management, pre-order channels, POS channels, and more. It also includes POS settings, shift management, transaction management, loyalty points, redemption, payment processing, print receipts, sales reporting, and customer addition. It also includes promotion management, voucher management, data synchronization logs, and sales statistics. The module is integrated with Perfex CRM, offering inventory management, purchase management, accounting and bookeeping, and customer loyalty and memberships. The support team is available to assist with any issues and provide assistance through documentation and support tickets.

Omni Channel Sales module for Perfex CRM Nulled Script The process of selling your items over several sales channels is known as the Omni Channel Sales Module. Selling your items in both physical and virtual stores is known as omni-channel selling. For example, you may decide to use your website to sell your items directly to consumers. However, you may also sell goods using well-known websites such as WooCommerce Multiple Stores, Sales Portal, POS, Manual Order, and Pre-order. Moving merchandise to many channels involves selling via several well-known channels.

Why should I sell via many channels? Your exposure to prospective clients grows when you sell via a variety of sales channels, which boosts your chances of making sales. Online consumers are either shopping around (meaning you’ll lose out if you’re not on more than one sales channel) or sticking to one sales channel (meaning you’ll miss out if you’re not there).

Omni Channel Sales module for Perfex CRM Nulled Script Sales across channels for Perfex CRM
Perfex CRM Multi-channel Sales on YouTube Module Features
Order List (Manual, Pre-Order, Client Portal, POS, and WooCommerce Orders): Order Management
Order Information Order Fulfillment
Inventory Automation Verify
Handled Order Management Shipment Management
Pre-Order Channel: Configure the Product
Form for Preorder (Client Portal)
Channel for the Client Portal: Product Settings
Setting Prices
Customer Portal: Shop
Look Up Products
Product Specifics
Cart Placement Order Administration
POS Channel: Price and Product Configurations
POS: Transaction Management/Shift Management
Barcode Scanner Barcode Scanner with Camera
Payment processing, Print Receipts, Loyalty Point & Redeem, Sales Reporting
Include New Staff Management for Customers
Caculator POS Configurations
WooCommerce: Woocommerce Channel Store Administration: Establishing Connections
Product Configurations
Price Settings Orders Sync from Perfex CRM to WooCommerce: Product (All) Sync from WooCommerce to Perfex CRM: Products
Extended Product Description
Brief Description of the Product
Product Pictures
Cost of the Product
Product List
Product Category: Product Name
Goods Tax Product Labels
Processing of Loyalty Points and Redeem Payments
Print Sales Reports and Receipts
Include New Staff Management for Customers
Caculator POS Configurations
Trade Off: Marketing Administration
Management of Vouchers
Reports on Data Sync Logs: Trade Discount History
General Settings for sales statistics
Configuration Orders
Sync Settings That Are Automatic
Integration: Perfex CRM Inventory Management
Purchasing Administration for Perfex CRM
Bookkeeping & Accounting for Perfex CRM
Memberships and Customer Loyalty for the Perfex CRM Demo
Multi-Channel Sales Example

If you are unsure of how to upload and activate the module within Perfex CRM, the included instructions will assist you.

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