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Nested Category Layout nulled plugin 1.19.0

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The WooCommerce Nested Category Layout extension is a plugin that allows you to display products organized by category and subcategory on your shop and catalog pages. This intuitive and attractive catalog layout is designed to make it easier for customers to find and purchase products. The plugin creates a list on the shop and/or category pages organized by category/subcategory, and allows customers to click on a category/subcategory title to see more products. Users can select which categories to nest and which to display normally, and determine whether to show the layout on shop pages and category pages, or just on category pages. The plugin increases customer satisfaction and sales by separating products by subcategory, allowing users to customize the number of products per subcategory to display on the shop and catalog pages. The plugin is compatible with WooCommerce Themes and the Genesis Framework.

Display Your Shop Catalog Using Subcategories and Categories
You may display goods on the store and catalog pages arranged by category and subcategory with the WooCommerce Nested Category Layout plugin. This plugin offers an appealing and user-friendly catalog style that your consumers will love by segmenting goods by subcategory. Here are some images showing the store page utilizing nested category layout before and after:

WooCommerce Nested Category Arrangement Prior to
WooCommerce Nested Category Structure Following
Subcategories may normally be shown on store and category pages with WooCommerce (or subcategories and items, however this might seem cluttered). Although this is a useful feature, it looks like this and needs users to click on categories, then subcategories, in order to simply browse products:

The default category layout for WooCommerce shops View by Category for WooCommerce
However, we’ve tried to address that with this plugin since the more obstacles you place in the way of a client locating a product or making a purchase, the more likely it is that they will quit your site. Nested Category Layout simplifies and declutters this procedure for the user. It simply produces a list on the shop and/or category pages grouped by category / subcategory, then lets consumers to select a category / subcategory title if they want to view more items, eliminating the need for users to browse through categories and then subcategories to get to products.

You may choose which categories to display normally, which to nest, and whether to display this layout on store pages just or on category pages as well. Do you want to see this in action? To get a sense of how the store and catalog pages are altered, you may visit the Demo store, which is now using the plugin.

Nested Category Layout: What Does It Do?
Enhance client happiness and revenue generation with a user-friendly design that divides items into smaller categories.
Decide which category pages to display normally and which to modify.
The amount of goods per subcategory that are shown on the store and catalog pages may be easily customized.
Compatibility with the Genesis Framework and WooCommerce plugin  is known
Additional themes and frameworks may be supported and customized thanks to the architecture’s flexibility and overrideability.
Adaptable Display
Lacking a category for a certain product? No worries, Nested Category Layout will display your categories and subcategories after these goods at the top of the page. A product will be shown with the relevant subcategory if it falls under both the parent category and the subcategory. A product will appear in the parent category before any subcategories (such as this) if it is the sole item in the parent category.

WooCommerce Category Page with Nesting

How to Begin
Get the extension and download it 🙂
Install and upload the file to your WooCommerce shop.
Navigate to WooCommerce > Settings > Products to set up your preferences.
Put goods into main categories and subcategories.
And that’s it! Enjoy a flexible, user-friendly catalog display while relaxing!
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