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Mixpanel nulled plugin 1.16.0

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Mixpanel is an advanced analytics tool designed to help WooCommerce stores track revenue, customers, trends, and sales funnels. It offers a segmentation builder, funnel visualization, and real-time analytics. Mixpanel is free for a limited number of data points per month, and users can segment data by product, category, and more. The funnel builder simplifies building complex funnels, and users can analyze funnel visualizations using tools to find actionable data. The built-in Stream view allows users to see real-time customer activity on the site. All event and property names can be customized through the admin interface, and customers can be tied to their WordPress username or email address when logged in. Mixpanel also supports WooCommerce subscriptions, tracking subscriptions when activated, suspended, cancelled, renewed, and even when free trials expire. To get started, users can download and install the extension into their WooCommerce store, log in to their Mixpanel account, and save their project token. SkyVerge-developed extensions are the highest quality extensions for WooCommerce stores, ensuring the store’s performance is as important to them as it is to you.

Get the most advanced analytics for your WooCommerce store with Mixpanel.
Add Mixpanel monitoring to your WooCommerce shop in one click and start receiving actionable stats right now. Segment your data easily for complicated analysis, see your checkout funnel with sales funnel reports, and monitor visitor interactions with your business in real time.

WooCommerce Mixpanel Segmentation Builder.
Create complicated queries with ease.
Designed for Mixpanel.
This extension was created to interact with Mixpanel, the most powerful online and mobile analytics solution that provides actionable information for your company. If you do not already have a Mixpanel account, you can create one for free. Mixpanel is free for a certain amount of data points each month.

Gain insight into your revenue and customers.
Track your sales over time and simply segment based on product, category, and other criteria. To have a better understanding of how your shop is operating, look at the average number of customers over time, as well as the average revenue per customer.

WooCommerce Mixpanel Trends.
Trends may help you uncover methods to boost income and consumer satisfaction.
Visualize your Sales Funnel.
View the proportion of users at each stage of your checkout funnel to enhance your checkout process. You may also organize the sales funnel by category or product!

WooCommerce Mixpanel Funnel Visualization.
Improve your sales funnels to boost your store’s income.
You may easily create visualizations and see precisely what you want.

WooCommerce Mixpanel Funnel Builder.
The funnel tool makes creating complicated funnels simple.
After you’ve created your visualization, utilize the funnel analysis tools to do a thorough data analysis.

WooCommerce Mixpanel Deep Funnel Analysis.
Analyze your funnel visualization using tools to identify actionable data.
Real-Time Analysis
Are you running a one-day sale or advertising campaign and want to observe how your clients interact with your website? Use the built-in Stream view to monitor activity on your website in real time.

WooCommerce Mixpanel Stream.
Watch how your consumers engage with your shop in real time.
Powerful customization
The admin interface allows you to customize all event and property names, which can also be deactivated separately. When customers log in, they are instantly associated with their WordPress username or email address. Custom events may be monitored by including a snippet in your theme.

WooCommerce Mixpanel Administration Settings
Already use Mixpanel? Easily adjust event and property names to fit your current data.
Supports WooCommerce plugin subscriptions.
Are you selling subscriptions on your store? Great! Gain insight into your subscribers by automatically monitoring membership activation, suspension, cancellation, renewal, and even free trial expiration. Mixpanel can display average subscription term, cancelation rate, and other subscription stats with no further settings necessary.

How to Start (in 5 Minutes or Less)
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Download and install in your WooCommerce shop.
Log in to your Mixpanel account (sign up for free if you don’t already have one) and get your project token.
Save your token to the settings page.
That is it! Sit back and enjoy simple but powerful shop statistics!
Read the entire documentation to see a complete set of recorded events and properties, as well as instructions on how to adjust event and property names, track custom events, and more!

Need more reason to buy? When you buy a SkyVerge-developed extension, you receive the best extensions for your WooCommerce business. Gain piece of mind knowing that when you buy our items, we care about your store’s success just as much as you do.

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