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MagicAI, a leading SaaS product, offers a range of AI-powered tools for creating professional-grade content, including machine learning models, AI-powered text creators, AI pictures, AI conversation, AI code, AI-powered natural language transformation, robot voiceover, AI vision, CHATPDF, and AI-Wizard articles. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, MagicAI is perfect for creating top-notch writing, AI pictures, AI conversation, AI code, and AI-powered natural language transformation.

MagicAI’s AI-powered natural language transformation allows users to accurately transcribe audio files and create engaging narrations. It also offers AI vision for picture clarification, CHATPDF for PDF file examination, and AI-Wizard articles for search engine optimization. The software is designed for seamless performance across all devices, with a mobile-first layout and an experience similar to native.

MagicAI also offers training with a chatbot, allowing users to create unique AI content using their own data. The platform also features a high-tech control panel for easy customization and customization. With its adaptable layout and user-friendly interface, MagicAI is a valuable tool for businesses looking to create and share original content.

MagicAI is a powerful AI tool that offers a flexible dashboard for managing site settings, user behavior, and accessing insights and statistics. It is designed to provide top-notch performance regardless of server configuration, with features such as AWS S3 storage, YouTube ads, and a user-friendly WYSIWYG editor. MagicAI also offers a risk-free trial and flexible pricing options, including prepaid, subscription, or lifetime plans.

The tool is user-friendly, allowing users to easily create, organize, and sort files. It also supports multiple languages, making it easier for employees to communicate and adapt to different languages. The dashboard also features a dark mode for improved user experience.

MagicAI is designed to maintain privacy and protect personal information, ensuring compliance with GDPR regulations. It also offers site safety, easy export, and support ticket management. Users can access the platform through API keys, enabling continuous AI interactions.

MagicAI also offers personalized design templates, allowing users to create their own templates or use samples tailored to specific content sectors. It can generate post titles, brief recaps, product descriptions, articles, and product names, and provide quick feedback on various topics.

In summary, MagicAI is a versatile tool that can help businesses unlock their full potential by utilizing AI algorithms to generate content, manage files, and generate relevant content.

MagicAI Nulled Script

MagicAI – OpenAI Content, Text, Image, Chat, Code Generator as SaaS

Leading Product in Its Class
In only three days, MagicAI surpassed all other products on Codecanyon in terms of sales.

Machine learning models
Create professional-grade content in an instant with the aid of MagicAI. The most prominent models for AI creation are supported.

AI startup OpenAI

Turbo GPT 4


3.5% GPT

The third GPT

Two Dall-E

Three Dall-E

Consistent Dispersal

Leonardo da Vinci’s

Generating artificial intelligence.

AI-Powered Text Creator

Artificial intelligence picture generator

Automated Program Builder

Conversational AI software

Speech-to-text AI

Intelligent Voiceover by AI


Computer vision using AI

Introducing AI Writer, MagicAI Writer, the ultimate tool for effortlessly producing top-notch writing in an instant. Your AI-generated output may be quickly and simply edited, exported, or published thanks to our user-friendly interface and robust features.

AI Pictures
Create professional-grade photos for use in many contexts, such as online advertising, social networking, and website design. If you want to make professional-looking graphics for your company or just play around with various design ideas, MagicAI is what you need.

AI Conversation
No matter the subject, you will get prompt responses to your inquiries. No matter what you’re searching for—a reservation, product suggestions, or even simply a conversation about the weather—MagicAI is here to assist.

Introducing AI Code MagicAI is the next generation of efficient, user-friendly, and lightning-fast coding. Whether you’re an experienced developer or just starting out, our tool will make your coding life easier and faster.

AI-Powered Natural Language Transformation
Transcribe audio files accurately in a few minutes. It just takes a few clicks on our intuitive interface to get your files uploaded and transcribed.

robot voiceover
With our AI voice, your words will come to life in intriguing ads and engaging narrations. Our AI voiceover is ideal for any project because of its flawless delivery, genuine intonation, and unparalleled adaptability. Quickly and easily choose your preferred speed and a wide range of voices and languages.

A.I. Vision: Picture Clarification
You can easily share any picture you want and start meaningful discussions about it.

Examine files using CHATPDF.
Using AI to completely change the way you work with PDFs. All you have to do is upload a PDF file, and then you may search for certain words, extract important ideas, or create a synopsis.

A.I.-Wizard Article
Select a subject, and in a flash, MagicAI will produce blog posts that are optimized for search engines.

Wonderful Instruments.
Enhanced by ANNs
Use AI to create, edit, and share original content, images, code, and conversation.

Installing smart devices
With our newest wizard, installing MagicAI is a breeze. This program can be deployed with a few clicks in seconds, and the installation procedure is much easier than before.

Your site is kept up-to-date via a smart dashboard. The newest version of MagicAI may be yours at no cost by just clicking the update button.

Mobile First: MagicAI is optimized for seamless performance across all devices. The ability for your consumers to generate content on any device, regardless of size, is made possible with a completely adaptable layout and an experience that is similar to native.

Training with a Chabot
You can quickly train MagicAI using your own data and create AI content that is unique to your website using MagicAI’s proprietary tool.

Create one-of-a-kind experiences for your consumers with the help of pre-made bots or build your own chatbot using custom avatars.

Instead of making you wait while the AI generates the result, STREAM MagicAI displays each letter in real-time using cutting-edge technology called Stream.

Exclusive Design Suits
From blog entries and product descriptions to email newsletters and social media updates, our tools can help you produce any kind of content.

High-Tech Control Panel
You can change site settings, keep tabs on user behavior, and have access to useful insights and statistics with a flexible dashboard.

The outcome
The utmost performance is achieved by combining a sturdy construction with state-of-the-art technology.

Storage on AWS S3
Choice to use Amazon Web Services S3 for storage.

YouTube Ads
Display Google ads and get money.

TURBO WRITER MagicAI is designed to provide top-notch performance irrespective of the configuration of your server. Using MagicAI at peak speed on any server is now feasible thanks to exclusive JS and server improvements.

Efficiently managed files
All of your files—folders, documents, photographs, code, and more—can be easily created, organized, and sorted.

Method of Payment
Process payments safely using a variety of online payment systems like Stripe, PayPal, 2Checkout, Yokassa, Iyzico, and Paystack.

Customers may test out your AI services risk-free with MagicAI’s free trial and flexible pricing options (prepaid, subscription, or lifetime).

Risk-Free Test Drive
With the unique free trial, you can give your users a taste of MagicAI’s incredible possibilities.

You can now create and apply discounts at checkout using MagicAI’s new coupon feature.

Affiliated with
Participate in affiliate programs, get a percentage on referrals’ first purchase, and introduce friends.

Customizable Web Page
The frontend editor makes it simple to make changes to the site’s content. Editing is as easy as highlighting the text you want to change and typing it in. It’s done!

See how easy and intuitive our WYSIWYG editor is with our free trial. Thanks to our user-friendly WYSIWYG editor, creating and editing content is a breeze.

Speaking more than one language
A company’s reach and attractiveness may be greatly enhanced if its employees are fluent in more than one language.

From the dashboard, you may use MagicAI to translate strings and download other languages.

Help from RTL
Create a welcoming and accessible space for people who speak RTL languages by easily modifying your dashboard, content, and user experience as a whole.

Dim Mode
A sophisticated dark layout may be applied to your dashboard at the touch of a button, completely changing its look.

In order to improve your search engine rankings, SEO MagicAI creates original, optimized content.

Login using social media platforms.
Try logging in with one of these other services: Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, or GitHub.

MagicAI is built to keep your personal information secure and in line with GDPR regulations. Content for Privacy, Policy, and Terms of Service may also be added and changed by you.

Site Safety
Manage your server and project settings.

You may effortlessly incorporate the produced content into a larger system or process by exporting it as plain text, PDF, Word, or HTML.

Provide access to the platform. Manage all platform updates with a single click, and access support tickets directly from your dashboard.

Energetic Find
Users get relevant results on the same page with a live search.

A plethora of API keys and passphrases
With MagicAI, you may connect an infinite number of devices with the use of API keys. Bypassing important use constraints and ensuring continuous AI interactions are both made possible by this unique capability.


Personalized Design Templates
To get things rolling fast, you can either make your own template or use one of the many available samples and templates tailored to certain sectors and kinds of content.

Generate post titles.

Briefly Restate

Description of the Product

Generate Articles

Generate product names.

Feedback Evaluation

Issue Resolve Rapidly

Part of the Blog

Ideas for Blog Posts

Hello there!

Conclusion of the Blog

Advertising on Facebook

Description of a Video on YouTube

Title of a Video on YouTube

Tag videos on YouTube.

Instagram Post Sayings

Instagram tags by subject

Tweet or post on social media.

Promote your company on social media.

Latest News on Facebook

Latest News on Google Ads

The Description of Google Ads

Generate Paragraphs

The Benefits and Drawbacks (1)

Metadata Summary

Entire Data Set FAQ Generator

Email Composer

Automated Email Response Maker

Creating a newsletter

Proofreading and grammar

Brief Synopsis

Artificial intelligence picture generator

Individualized Creation

Speech-to-text AI

Automated Program Builder

A Brief Overview:

Just describe your material and tweak the parameters to suit your requirements.

Simply provide your brand’s or product’s basic details or relevant keywords, and our AI algorithms will handle the rest.

With only a few clicks, you may see, change, or export your result. And there you have it!

Letting AI do the heavy lifting and bring in the dough will unlock your business’s full potential.

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