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Lottery for WooCommerce is a plugin that allows you to run lotteries, competitions, contests, giveaways, and raffles, supporting both free and paid tickets. It allows you to set up questions for users to answer before purchasing lottery tickets, making it a case of skill rather than chance. You can assign Instant Win Prizes to specific ticket numbers, and when users purchase those tickets, they will be eligible for the assigned prizes.

Benefits of Lottery for WooCommerce include increasing revenue, converting potential prospects to customers, and attracting new customers. Popular features include asking a question before purchasing lottery tickets, assigning Instant Win Prizes to specific ticket numbers, and offering discounted ticket prices.

Ticket selection types include automatic, user-selected, and Lucky Dip. Users can view lottery details on the shop page or on a single product page. A separate dashboard for customer and admin is available, with options for guest user controls and highly customizable features like price, start and end dates, ticket creation methods, and winner selection.

Extensive features include guest user support, automatic ticket generation types, user-selected ticket types, instant win prizes, entry lists, Lucky Dip, question and answer options, reserved tickets, lottery ticket quantity chooser, predefined buttons, lottery details, and more. The plugin also allows you to restrict users from purchasing tickets based on IP address, close the lottery when all tickets have been sold, and manually extend the lottery when it fails.

The lottery plugin for WooCommerce offers various features for managing lottery orders, including automatic and manual relisting, a separate dashboard for admins and customers, and the ability to display purchased ticket details. The plugin also provides options to hide the countdown timer, lottery start and end date, timezone info, and lottery status. The lottery can be displayed on the shop and single product pages, and the Ticket Progress Bar can be displayed only when payment is completed.

Admins can customize lottery frontend labels and messages using Localization and Messages settings, and color customization is available for various options. The plugin requires Server Cron or WP Cron for functionality, and various shortcodes can be used to customize the lottery based on user needs.

The lottery plugin also provides email notifications for all lottery activities and exports ticket details and tickets on the site. Frequently asked questions include allowing guest users to purchase lottery tickets, selecting manual winners for closed lottery, and enabling Instant Win Prizes.

The plugin also allows users to verify answers before purchasing lottery and not generate ticket numbers for incorrectly answered questions. The Lucky Dip option is available in User Chooses the Ticket Type.

However, it is not possible to run a lottery without a start and end date but show a progress bar of how many tickets are left until the contest is ended.

Lottery for WooCommerce offers a range slider for quantity selector, which can be set as a preset value. This option works only for Automatic Ticket Generation Type. If the admin selects a manual winner selection method, the lottery is moved to closed status, and users wait for the result until the admin picks the winners manually.

Customizing the “Lottery” word in the frontend can be done using Localization and Messages settings, as well as using Po file translation. Automatic Ticket Generation type allows for setting ticket numbers from 00001 to 99999, and shuffled or sequential ticket types can be used. Alphabet ticket number series is also available in User Chooses the Ticket Type.

Buy bulk tickets based on ticket quantities, and a Predefined Buttons option can apply Fixed price or Percentage discounts based on lottery ticket quantities. Admins can create manual orders for lottery products.

Lottery for WooCommerce requires Server Cron or WP Cron for functionality. To configure the server cron, log in to the cPanel of your site, locate “Cron Jobs” within the cPanel, and set the server cron settings. The WP cron settings can be found in the Lottery plugin settings.

Re-using old lottery products is possible with the Relist option. If the lottery fails, the Extend option can be used to extend the lottery without losing purchased ticket data. The Export CSV option is available in the lottery post table.

Lottery for WooCommerce nulled plugin WooCommerce Lottery is a lottery/lucky draw mechanism for WooCommerce. This plugin allows you to host lotteries, competitions, contests, giveaways, raffles, and other events, and it accepts both free and paid tickets. You may also create a Question that users must answer in order to participate in the Lottery, making it a game of talent rather than chance. You may designate Instant Win rewards to certain ticket numbers, and your users will be eligible for the specified rewards if they buy those tickets.

Lottery Advantages for WooCommerce
1. Boosts Revenue

Running a lottery/lucky draw system at your store might generate extra money from lottery ticket sales.

2. Converting Prospects to Customers
New users that enter your lottery/lucky draw may be more likely to buy from your store.

3. Obtain New Customers
Users who have won a lottery or drawn a fortunate number are more inclined to suggest new users to the service.

Lottery for WooCommerce nulled plugin Popular Characteristics
Before Purchasing Lottery Tickets, Please Answer a Question
You may configure your website to prompt customers to answer a question before purchasing lottery ticket(s). The following changes are possible:

Make your customers answer the question before they buy.

If the answer to the question is wrong, prevent consumers from buying a lottery ticket.


Instant Victory
Instant Win Prizes may be assigned to particular ticket numbers. Your users will be eligible for the given rewards if they buy those tickets (works for both Automatic Ticket Generation and User Chooses Ticket types). The winners will be contacted via email. The list of Instant Win Prizes will appear on the product page.


Pricing Structure (Predefined Buttons)
Ticket costs may be reduced by bundling two or more tickets.


Ticket Selection Methods
1. Automatic

The ticket will be created automatically for the users using this approach.

2. The user selects a ticket

Your consumers may choose the ticket number of their choice using this way.


The Lucky Dip
Using the Lucky Dip function, you can enable your users to choose tickets at random.


Lottery on the Store Page
The lottery information may be seen by your users on the store page.


Single Product Page Lottery
Your customers may buy lottery tickets from a single product page.


Customer and Administrator Dashboards
A unique dashboard to see and control lottery activities for the Site Admin and Users.


Admin Control Panel


Dashboard for Users

Lottery Entry Form
A separate website listing the currently active, failed, completed, and closed lottery products. Your users may examine participant information, ticket information, and extra information about the lottery product.

Controls for Guest Users
When a visitor user attempts to participate in a lottery, they are required to login to the site. You may also adjust the visitor procedure in two more ways, depending on your preferences.

Prevent visitor users from entering the lottery.

Allow visitor users to enter the lottery.

Highly Modifiable
For the lottery, you may adjust the following:


Start and end dates

Method for Creating Lottery Tickets,
– Created automatically
– The user chooses the tickets (Alphabet Ticket Numbers are supported).

Method for Choosing a Winner
– Autonomous
– Instructional

Labels and messages may both be personalized.

Lottery dashboard URL parameters.

When you click the Participate Now button, you may choose to be sent straight to the checkout page.

Users may activate the search and pick ticket options.

Detailed Feature List
1. Support for visitors

2. Types of Automatic Ticket Generation

(i) Tickets at Random
(ii) Chronological
(iii) Rearranged

3. The user selects the ticket kinds.

Only Numbers (I)
(ii) Prefix and Suffix numbers
(iii) Alphabet ticket numbers (A1, A2, B1, B2,………..E1, E2)

4. Prizes awarded on the spot

Allow consumers to win rewards immediately after purchasing lottery tickets. It works for both the Automatic Ticket Generation and the User Selects Ticket types.

5. List of Entries

You may utilize Entry List to enable viewers to examine the participant data, as well as the ticket number and further information about the lottery product.

6. The Lucky Dip option is offered when the user selects the ticket type.

7. Question and Response:

Administrators may design questions and answers at the global or product level. In Question and Answer, the following limitation settings are also accessible.

(i) The option to oblige consumers to answer the question in order to purchase lottery tickets is accessible.

(ii) The administrator may impose a time restriction for answering the question for acquiring lottery tickets.

(iii) Do not generate ticket numbers for questions that are incorrectly answered.

(iv) Check the answer before buying the lottery ticket (only the Correct Answer should be permitted to buy the ticket). The administrator may choose whether the user has Limited or Unlimited Attempts to select an answer.

8. Enable Reserved Tickets (Only when the user selects a ticket type).

9. Range Slider for Lottery Ticket Quantity for Automatic Ticket Generation type.

10. There are predefined buttons available to offer fixed or percentage discounts depending on the number of lottery tickets purchased.

11. When the stock amount is less than the quantity of the Predefined button, the option to conceal the Predefined button is accessible.

12. There is an option to show lottery data for closed, failed, and completed lotteries on the product page.

13. There is an option to show the Lottery Dashboard menu on the My Account page.

14. Prevent people from buying tickets based on their IP address.

15. When all of the tickets have been sold, the lottery may be closed.

16. When the lottery fails, manually expand it.

17. When the lottery is ended or failed, there are Automatic Relist and Manual Relist choices for relisting.

18, The administrator may manually generate orders for lottery items (both automatic tickets and user-chosen tickets).

19. Administrator and consumer lottery dashboards are separate.

20. On the Single product page, there is an option to show bought ticket information (ticket history) under the Lottery Tickets information tab.

21. There are options to conceal the countdown timer, lottery start and finish dates, timezone information, lottery status, and so on.

22. There are display options to reveal or conceal the lottery information on the store page and single product page.

23. Display the Ticket Progress Bar on the product and store pages.

24. Only after the payment is complete will the Ticket Number(s) appear on the thank you page and purchase details page.

25. Using the Localization and Messages options, administrators may alter the lottery frontend labels and messages.

26. The following settings may be customized in terms of color:

(i)The Progress Bar
(ii)Timer Countdown
(iii)Ticket No.
(iv)Ask and Answer
(v)Button Preferences

27. Lottery for WooCommerce needs Server Cron or WP Cron to function. The administrator may also see the most recent Cron-triggered information.

28. There are many shortcodes available to personalize the lottery depending on your requirements.

29. All lottery actions are notified by email.

30. To export the information of a specific lottery product ticket number, use the Export CSV option. There is also the option to export all of the lottery tickets from the site.

Questions and Answers
Q: Can we enable a visitor user to buy lottery tickets?

Yes, you may enable a guest user to buy lottery tickets.

Q: How can I choose manual winners for a closed lottery?

For closed lottery, you may see the Select Winner option on the lottery post table. Please follow the procedures and screenshots below to choose manual winners for the closed lottery.

View Details -> Lottery -> Lottery -> Lottery product


Q: Is the Instant Win Prizes option available?

(i) It is, indeed, accessible.

(ii) Instant Win Prizes are available for both Automatic Ticket Generation and User Select Ticket Type.

(iii) Instant Win Prizes may be configured in the Lottery product settings (Edit product page).

Note: Instant Win Prizes are merely for exhibition reasons, and the winners must be manually awarded the prizes and credits.

Q: I can’t add more than 100 Instant Win Prizes to the Instant Win Prizes settings because it takes too long to load. How can I resolve this problem?

(i) We hope that this problem occurs because the “PHP max input variables” and “PHP post max size” limits are insufficient to hold additional data on your site, resulting in the Instant Win loading issue while introducing more rules.

(ii) Please double-check by increasing the “PHP max input variables” to 4000 or more and the “PHP post max size” to 100M or greater.
(iii) Please also ensure that your PHP memory limit is set to 512M in order for our lottery plugin to function properly.

Please follow the steps below to see the current site limitations.

Tools -> Site Health -> Info -> Server -> WordPress Dashboard

Q: Is there an email option for Instant Win Prizes?

(i) For Instant Win Prizes, the email option is available.

(ii) The administrator may activate Instant Win Prizes email for both the administrator and the customers who win the Instant Win Prize.

Q: We don’t want to enter the person who answered the question wrong into the competition. Is that possible?

Yes, that is conceivable.

(i) Before purchasing lottery tickets, double-check the answer.

– With the Verify Answer Before Purchasing Lottery option, you may restrict the number of times the customer can answer the question.

– If a user picks the incorrect answer and the try limit is reached, that user will be unable to participate in the lottery.

(ii) Do not generate a ticket number for a question that was incorrectly answered.

We have another option (Don’t produce Ticket Numbers for Incorrectly Answered Question), which enables the customer to buy the lottery even if they picked the erroneous answer but were unable to produce the ticket number, and a message was sent to the user informing them of the incorrect response.

Q: Is the Lucky Dip option included in User Selects Ticket Type?

It is, indeed, accessible.

Q: Is it possible to conduct a contest without specifying a start and end date, but instead display a progress bar indicating how many tickets remain till the contest is over?

1. It is currently not feasible to conduct a lottery without specifying a start and end date. Instead, you may choose a lengthy duration for the end date and conceal the countdown meter on the store and single product pages.

(i) Lottery -> Settings -> General -> Shop page -> Hide Lottery Product Countdown Timer on Shop and Category Pages.

(ii) Lottery -> Settings -> General -> Single Product Page -> Hide Single Product Page Countdown Timer.

2. There is also the option to end the lottery after all of the tickets have been sold.

Lottery -> Settings -> General -> Close Lottery after all tickets are sold.

Q: Is there a way to specify a default value for the amount display in the Range slider for the quantity Selector?

Yes, a preset value (default amount) may be selected in the Range slider for quantity Selector.


(i) Lottery -> General -> Single Product Page -> Quantity Selector Type -> Range Slider.

(ii) Lottery product settings (Edit product page) -> Preset Tickets -> Set Preset Tickets


Only the Automatic Ticket Generation Type has a range slider for quantity selection.

Q: How do I choose a winner while utilizing the Manually Pick Winners option?

i) If the admin chose Manual as the Winner Selection Method and the lottery period runs out before the minimum ticket value is reached, the lottery is closed. Users must wait for the results until the administrator selects the winners manually.

ii) Admin may manually choose the winners in the Lottery Post table.

View Details -> Lottery -> Lottery -> Lottery product

Q: How can I change the term “Lottery” on the frontend?

(i) Messages and frontend presentation may be customized using the Localization and Messages settings.

Lottery -> Preferences -> Localization

Lottery -> Preferences -> Messages

(ii) You can also use Po file translation to adjust various messages and frontend presentation. For additional details about Po file translation, please see Lottery Documentation’s “Translation” section (https://docs.woocommerce.com/document/lottery/).

Q: Can I specify the ticket number range from 00001 to 99999 in the Automatic Ticket Generation type?

1. Yes, that is conceivable. If you enter 5 in the ticket length (Only number type) and 99999 in the maximum ticket size, it will create ticket numbers 00001 to 99999.

Lottery -> General -> Ticket Generation -> Automatic Random Ticket Generation -> Ticket Length -> Set 5

2. You may also accomplish this situation by utilizing the Shuffled or Sequential ticket types. If you enter 00001 as the Ticket Starting Number and 99999 as the Maximum Ticket, it will produce tickets numbered 00001 to 99999.

The lottery product settings (edit product page) provide shuffled and sequential choices.

Q: Are alphabet ticket number series (for example, A1, A2, B1, B2,………..E1, E2) allowed in User Selects Ticket Type?

It is, indeed, accessible.

Q: Can we provide bulk tickets (depending on ticket quantity) for a set price?

(i) That is correct.

(ii) We have a Predefined Buttons option to provide Fixed price or Percentage discounts dependent on the quantity of lottery tickets purchased.

(iii) The options are shown in the Lottery product settings (Edit product page).

Q:Can the administrator generate an order for the user (manual order) for lottery products?

– That is feasible.
– The administrator may generate manual orders for both ticket creation types.
(i) Type of Automatic Ticket Generation
(ii) The user selects the ticket type

Q: How can I set up Cron for Lottery?

Lottery for WooCommerce need either Server Cron or WP Cron to function.

1. Cron (Server)

(i) To setup the server cron, please follow the instructions below.

1. Log in to your site’s cPanel.
2. Find “Cron Jobs” in the cPanel.
3. Fill in the following information in the “Add New Cron Job” section:

a. Typical Configurations

You may configure how often the Cron should run in this area. For example, if “Once Per Minute” is selected, the cron will run once every minute. The following actions will be updated once the cron is triggered:

– Launching Future Lotteries
– Putting an End to Closed Lotteries

b. Lottery Plugin Server Cron Configuration

Please also enable the Server Cron option in the Lottery plugin Settings.

Cron -> Cron Type -> Server Cron -> Lottery -> Settings -> Advanced

c. Cron Command Update

Please test by changing the server cron using the URL syntax shown below.

Cron Command URL Format Update

Your website’s URL (http://www.your-domain.com/) with the Update command (?lty_lottery_cron=update)

As an example,


2. WordPress Cron

WP Cron -> Cron Type -> Lottery -> Settings -> Advanced -> Cron -> Cron Type -> WP Cron

– Configure the Cron Trigger Frequency.
– Save the changes.

Please see the documentation (https://docs.woocommerce.com/document/lottery/) for additional details about WP Cron.

Also, please follow the steps below to learn about the most recent cron information update in our plugin.

Cron Information -> Lottery -> Settings -> Advanced

Q: Can we use the old lottery products?

Yes, we offer a Relist option that allows you to reset past lottery data and restart the old lottery as a new lottery.

Q: Why is my lottery failing, and how can I restart it with the same purchasing data?

Lottery goods fail only if the end time is reached without the Minimum ticket value being met.

We have the Extend option in Lottery Product Settings (Edit product page). You may prolong the lottery without losing the bought ticket data by using the extend option. Extend the choice display solely for the unsuccessful lottery.

Q: Can the lottery tickets be exported?

Yes, there is an Export CSV option accessible in the lottery post table.

PHP version 5.6 is required.

Lottery for WooCommerce is a plugin that allows you to operate a lottery/lucky draw system in your WooCommerce store.

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