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JetReviews For Elementor nulled plugin 2.3.3

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JetReviews For Elementor is a WordPress plugin that integrates with WooCommerce nulled themes, allowing users to convert Woo product reviews and comments to JetReviews products. The plugin allows users to create multiple review types for any project, adjust them to suit any project, and display dynamic rates for WooCommerce projects. JetReviews also offers expanded product specifications, visible average statistics, multiple rating scales, and a unique layout for publishing reviews and comments. It also allows users to interact with reviews and comments, streamline voting, and update submissions. JetReviews For Elementor also features advanced enhancements such as no website delay, a responsive layout, and an element-based style. The plugin also allows users to customize rating scales, icons, colors, padding, label texts, fonts, and item gaps.

JetReviews For Elementor nulled plugin

JetReviews For Elementor nulled plugin: WordPress Plugin for Reviews and Comments

What’s New

  • Block Editor Integration
    Enjoy the review and comment capabilities in the WordPress Block editor.
  • Automated email notifications.
    Send updates about new reviews and comments to the admin email.
  • Advanced WooCommerce nulled themes category.
    Convert Woo product reviews and comments to JetReviews products.

Adjust Reviews to Suit Any Project.

Create many review types for any desired CPT.

JetReviews works well with all post types. Feel free to create the necessary review types, update the review fields in a convenient pop-up window, and assign the review types to different articles and pages.

  • Create unique review structures by combining field kinds.
  • Apply reviews to posts, sites, goods, events, orders, and more.
  • Add static and dynamic review blocks to the page to present relevant input.

Display dynamic rates for WooCommerce projects.

Want to include reviews and comments on your WooCommerce nulled plugins website? JetReviews is the best fit for the job. Create comparable sections on product sites and set the ideal rating scale settings.

  • Show real user reviews, data, and important statistics.
  • Place the star rating scales on a single product page.
  • Import product native reviews and comments to create JetReviews goods.
  • Filter product posts based on rating data and sync it among previous and new articles.

Improve audience engagement.

  • Expanded product specifications
    Create a tell-all rating system for each product/service you offer, and allow people to score them based on predefined criteria.
  • Visible average statistics
    Decompose any post type to highlight the total number of reviews, the average rating for each review and post, and the ranking of all reviews.
  • Multiple rating scales.
    Stick to your preferred rating system and display user reviews as stars, points, or percentages.
  • Reviews listings
    Create a unique layout and publish reviews and comments as a JetEngine Listing.
  • Respond to reviews and comments.
    Allow website users to interact by leaving comments on reviews and responding to those written by others.
  • Streamlined voting.
    Bring Likes/Dislikes into play and allow guests to switch from Like to Dislike at any time.

Make leaving feedback trouble-free and secure.

Update review submissions and show.

Use JetReviews to its maximum capacity by configuring author verification and review transparency settings. Advanced enhancements encompass data retrieval and front-end rendering.

  • Add necessary fields and reCAPTCHA v3 to prevent incognito reviews.
  • Create custom queries that fetch JetReviews entries from the database.
  • Assign author verification kinds, such as Guest, Customer, and Shop Manager.
  • Structure the review. List data rendering by ,the specified data type.

Additional features.

No website delay.
All data is stored in specific database tables and accessed using a proprietary query engine, which saves resources and keeps your site running smoothly.

Responsive layout
Use Elementor to design a fully responsive layout for all reviews, ensuring that they look great on any screen size.

Elementor-based style.
Style up whatever review item you want, including rating scales and icons, colors, padding, label texts, fonts, item gaps, and more.

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