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Inventory Managemen Nulled Script 1.3.1​

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The Inventory Management module is a crucial tool for managing products and services in a company’s supply chain. It provides detailed tracking of a product’s lifecycle, enabling companies to make informed investment decisions. The module includes features such as managing product variants, styles, models, sizes, colors, warranties, and more. It also allows for bulk imports, barcode labels, receiving inventory, managing vouchers, and inventory transactions. It also includes support for setting up and activating the module within Perfex CRM. The module is designed to streamline the supply chain process, reducing waste and enhancing decision-making. The module is a Nulled Script that can be used alone or integrated with other Perfex CRM tools.

Inventory Managemen Nulled Script

Inventory Management module for Perfex CRM

This is a Perfex CRM module, so keep that in mind. No script may be used alone.

A brief overview
The Inventory Management Module is a useful tool for keeping tabs on products as they move through your company’s supply chain. By charting a product’s whole lifecycle, it improves every step of the process, from interacting with vendors to receiving orders. The ability to precisely monitor shipments allows companies to cut down on waste, spot patterns, and make more informed investment choices.

Characteristics of the Module
Managing Products and Services: Product variants, styles, models, sizes, colors, warranties, lengthy descriptions, photos, purchase price, sub-group, images, profit rate, selling price, warehouse, tag, barcode, and inheriting from Perfex CRM items are just a few of the numerous enhanced features that this feature brings.
Import goods in bulk
Print barcode labels and import opening stock in bulk.
Reading Barcodes
Receiving Inventory and Managing Vouchers
Management of delivery notes
Managing the packing list
Shipping Records
Management of Internal Delivery Notes: Loss and Adjustment
Management of Inventory Transactions
Management of Warehouses:
Summary of Stocks Report
Report on Inventory Valuation (Inventory Analytics) Preferences:
Main Menu Minimum and Maximum Stock Levels
Sale price adjustments
Management of Product and Service Types
Administration of Product/Service Groups and Product/Service Subgroups
Management of Product and Service Units
Managing Colors
Management of Models
Managerial Styles and Sizes
Warehouse-Specific Fields
Management of the Approval Process
Prefix Configuration
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If you are unfamiliar with the process, the included instructions will walk you through uploading and activating the module inside Perfex CRM.

Feel free to reach out to our support staff at any time. Please do not hesitate to submit a support request.
If you have any questions or concerns, the support team will respond to you quickly and help you sort things out.

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