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Group Coupons nulled plugin 2.1.0

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Automatically apply and limit coupon validity for user groups. Offer unique, automated, and targeted offers to your consumers.
Want to provide unique, automated, and targeted coupon deals to your customers? That’s where WooCommerce  Group Coupons may assist. This WooCommerce plugin extension leverages the free Groups membership plugin and WordPress roles to govern coupon validity.

Automatically apply coupons to group members.Apply Coupons Automatically.
New discount capabilities include the ability to automatically apply coupons for group members. This permits discounts to be applied to certain client groups.

It is quite helpful to have discounts applied automatically for certain user groups. This includes anything from automatically providing a promotional discount to all registered users to automatically awarding discounts to specified user groups such as distributors, volume customers, and so on. It may also be used with other features of this extension to ensure that vouchers can only be used by certain groups.

Restrict coupons to group members.Restrict Coupons by Group
The extension’s new functionality enables you to limit coupon use to group members alone. This provides the ability to regulate who is permitted to utilize discounts based on their group membership.

Coupons may be limited to one or more groups, and this functionality can be paired with automated coupon application for each group.

Exclude Groups from utilizing coupons.Exclude Members
Another significant feature given by this plugin is the ability to prevent group members from utilizing certain discounts. This enables you to effectively prevent specified groups from utilizing a discount.

With this functionality, you may run discounts for new clients while excluding current customers. You may also provide more privileged groups access to greater discounts than others.

Restrict Coupons to WordPress Roles.Restrict Coupons by Role
This new functionality added by the plugin enables you to limit discounts to specified WordPress user roles. It provides the ability to regulate who may use a voucher depending on their function.

For example, you might provide a special discount to current customers using the Customer role, but standard registered users would be unable to utilize it.

Display attractive coupons.Display attractive coupons.
The plugin also includes a new shortcode for displaying the coupons managed by the extension to your clients.
The coupons are shown when they are valid, as determined by the user account, coupon settings, and shortcode settings.

With the foregoing characteristics, the addon delivers important additional functionality for coupons, including:

The free Groups membership plugin offers exclusive discount deals to group members.
Exclusive discount vouchers for roles.
Automatic discounts for group members.
Discount target groups and roles at a glance.
Pretty coupons using shortcodes
Helps cover numerous promotional and marketing instances.
Examples and Screenshots
A limited coupon for registered users.
This example illustrates the settings for a voucher that is only valid for registered users and is automatically applied to them. This implies that the discount will be automatically applied to any current user account, eliminating the need for the client to enter the coupon code at checkout directly. In this case, we additionally prohibit any member of the Test group from redeeming the voucher.

Registered Group Coupon excludes Test group.

An automated coupon for distributors.
This example shows the parameters for a restricted discount that is applied automatically to two distributor groups.

Coupon settings for distributor groups.

A coupon confined to certain groups.
Here’s an example of a voucher with settings limited to two groups: Level 1 and Level 2.

A coupon restricted to customers.
This example displays the settings for a voucher that can only be used by users with the Customer role.

Coupon settings are limited to the customer role.

Extension Settings
The addon includes several simple to use options. Here you can also see that we have the free Groups membership plugin installed, which enables us to utilize the discount settings for groups.

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