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Green Forms is a stand-alone form builder script that allows users to create multi-purpose, visually appealing forms that complement the style of their website. The plugin features a drag-and-drop form builder, over 20 form components, and a complete grid system for intricate layouts. It also includes built-in spam protection, form styling, native themes, and a built-in theme manager.

Green Forms offers various features such as conditional logic, mathematical expressions, payment forms, interactive forms, email alerts, third-party integrations, HTML form integration, third-party MySQL database, custom GET/POST requests, pop-up mode, remote usage, form statistics, field analytics, pre-populate fields, confirmation mechanisms, user input filtering, Google Analytics Event Tracker, and support for RTL websites.

The plugin requires no programming skills and is fully responsive on any device. Users can receive unlimited alerts, conditional logic for notifications, field validation, advanced email validation, custom error messages, Google Fonts, 1,500 icons, RTL support, documentation, ajax-powered submission, integration with CRM and marketing tools, integration with payment providers, SMS gateways, double opt-in, and customizable CSS and classes.

Green Forms is compatible with 47 providers and supports various payment providers, including PayPal, Stripe, Skrill, Authorize.Net, Blockchain, Instamojo, Mollie, PayUmoney, Razorpay, Perfect Money, and Yandex. It also supports export and import forms, duplicate forms, and customize CSS and classes.

Green Forms has a native caching mechanism to decrease server demand and has minimal effect on Google PageSpeed Insights scores.

Green Forms is a sophisticated and quickest form builder on the market, designed with a wizard for easy installation. To activate the plugin, follow the instructions in the “How to Use” submenu. Updating the script is manual, and the latest version can be downloaded from CodeCanyon. Server requirements include PHP version 5.5 or above and MySQL 5.0 or above. If you encounter any issues, contact Green Forms for assistance. The Changelog provides updates and fixes.

Green Forms Nulled Script

Green Forms – Standalone Form Builder

This is a stand-alone form builder script. If you’re looking for a WordPress form builder, check out Green Forms – Form Builder.

The most powerful and efficient form builder on the market!
Introducing the most powerful and speedy form builder available. Green Forms allows you to develop multi-purpose, visually appealing forms that precisely complement the style of your website. You can change practically anything, including fonts, colors, shadows, conditional behavior, arithmetic expressions, and connectors with marketing, mailing, and CRM systems. Each form may be simply integrated into any third-party website as a conventional form or a popup; all you need to do is copy and paste a few JS/HTML snippets.

We have devoted close attention to performance optimization. You may deactivate assets that are not needed for the current project, preventing the plugin from loading extraneous JS and CSS files (like others do). Furthermore, it has a native caching mechanism to decrease server demand (the form does not need to be built each time it is shown). As a consequence, the plugin has essentially little effect on Google PageSpeed Insights scores.

Try the magic of green forms for yourself.
Access the admin panel at https://greenforms.pro/standalone-demo/ and log in using the username demo.
Password: demo.

A drag-and-drop form builder. Create forms using the simple drag-and-drop Form Builder. No coding skills are required.
There are more than 20 form components. Form Builder has everything you need to develop customized forms. There are no bounds to your creativity.
Complete grid system. Create intricate layouts using a one-of-a-kind drag-and-drop grid system. Includes infinite column nesting.
Built-in spam protection. Green Forms’ revolutionary anti-spam technology eliminates the need for captchas or recaptchas.
Form styling. Easily style any piece of your form using the overall styling parameters. There are several alternatives available to meet any demands.
Native themes. Form Builder comes with pre-defined net themes for every need.
Built-in theme manager. Create and maintain customized form themes.
Multi-step forms. Divide your complicated form into many phases for a better user experience. It’s easy.
Conditional logic. Perform actions on form fields, confirmations, alerts, and so forth in response to user input and choices.
mathematical expressions. Create sophisticated real-time mathematical formulas based on user input and choices.
Payment forms. Request that users pay money and then take action after the payment is received. Green Forms integrates with PayPal.
Interactive forms. Forms engage with users by presenting their input in real time.
Email alerts. Send out personalized email alerts and user confirmation emails. Use conditional logic as required.
Third-party integrations. Automatically send user input and selections to major CRM, marketing, and mailing platforms.
HTML form integration. Automatically transmit user input and selections to third-party HTML forms provided by your service provider.
Third-party MySQL database. Automatically insert user input and selections into a third-party MySQL database or table.
Custom GET/POST requests. Automatically communicate user input and choices to a third-party URL using GET/POST queries.
Pop-up mode. Clicking any element, such as a button, link, or menu item, will cause a form to open up.
Remote usage. Easily embed any form onto third-party websites (simply copy and paste a few JS/HTML snippets).
Form statistics. Statistics on form views, submissions, confirmations, and payments for any form over any time period.
Field analytics. A collection of input data may be depicted in a convenient format, such as bar charts.
Pre-populate the fields. Do it using dynamic data from a URL or by specifying static default values.
The reasoning behind the confirmation mechanism. Show confirmations depending on the user’s input and choices.
User input filtering. Use the available filters to remove any unnecessary data.
Performance is enhanced. Form Builder is well optimized for improved performance.
Google Analytics Event Tracker. Record form submission events.
No programming. Using green forms requires no coding skills.
Fully responsive. Forms look great on any device.
You may get unlimited alerts. A single submission allows for the sending of an unlimited number of emails.
Conditional logic for notifications. Send emails depending on the user’s input and choice.
Field validation. Validate user input using 14 built-in validators.
Advanced email validation. Check the MX record for the domain or utilize a third-party service like Clearout, Kickbox, or TheChecker.
Custom error messages. Show a custom error bubble depending on the validation results.
Google Fonts. Customize form components with hundreds of typefaces.
1,500 icons. Green Forms is compatible with the current Font Awesome bundle.
RTL support. Green Forms works with RTL websites.
Support. We are ready to assist you as quickly as possible.
Documentation. Green Forms is well documented.
Ajax-powered. Forms are submitted without a page refresh.
Integration with CRM and marketing tools. Green Forms collaborates with 47 providers: Acelle Mail, ActiveCampaign, ActiveTrail, AgileCRM, Automizy, AvangEmail, AWeber, BirdSend, Bitrix24, Campaign Monitor, CleverReach, Constant Contact, Conversio, Drip, FreshMail, GetResponse, HubSpot, INBOX, Jetpack Subscriptions, Klaviyo, Mad Mimi, Mailautic, MailChimp, MailerLite, MailFit, Mailgun, Mailjet, MailPoet, Mailster, MailWizz, Mautic, Moosend, Mumara, and Omnisend
Integration-based conditional logic. Perform integrations depending on user input and selections.
Integration with payment providers. Green Forms supports PayPal, Stripe, Skrill, Authorize.Net, Blockchain, Instamojo, Mollie, PayUmoney, Razorpay, Perfect Money, and Yandex. Money, Paystack, WePay, PayFast, and InterKassa.
Integration with SMS gateways. Green Forms supports BulkSend, FatewayAPI, Nexmo, and Twilio.
Double opt-in. Request that users confirm their email addresses.
Save sensitive information. Decide which user data should be stored in the database.
Export and import forms. Easily transfer forms across installations.
Export the form records. Save all form records into a CSV file.
Duplicate forms. Easily make a duplicate of an existing form.
CSS and classes may be customized. Add them to any form element.
Custom JavaScript handlers. When the form is initialized or successfully submitted, execute your own JavaScript function.

We designed a wizard to assist with the correct installation of the script.

Unpack the downloaded ZIP and upload the contents to your server.
Open it in your browser; the wizard will run instantly. If SSL is set up, go to https:// and answer a few questions in the wizard. Nothing special: MySQL parameters and admin credentials to access the Admin Panel.
Once completed, go to the Dashboard and click the “Green Forms” box in the “Installed Plugins” section. It activates the plugin.
Once active, the plugin adds the required item to the left-side menu.
Find the “How to Use” submenu option. It describes how to integrate a plugin into your website—just insert a few JS or HTML snippets.
Updating the script is done manually. It’s quite straightforward. Do not worry.

Download the most recent version of the script from CodeCanyon.
Overwrite all current files on your server except /inc/config.php and /content/data/.
You will not lose forms or settings. They are kept in a MySQL database.

Server requirements
Your server must meet the following criteria: Every contemporary server already does that.

PHP version 5.5 or above.
MySQL 5.0 or above.
If you have any issues when using the script, please contact us, and we will assist you as soon as possible.

Please visit Changelog to see what we added or fixed in the most recent version of Green Forms.

Green Forms is the most sophisticated and quickest form builder on the market!

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