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Gravity Forms Timed Entries is an add-on for Gravity Forms that allows users to set time limits for quiz/form completion, hide, show, or block editing of form fields and page elements, and alert users at custom times or when the form timer expires. The plugin features entry timer fields that record the total time taken to complete a quiz/form, individual page timers that record the time spent on specific form pages, and the ability to capture or copy the current elapsed or remaining time from a timer field to a text field when the user clicks on a specified element/field. The plugin can also hide, show, or block editing of form fields and page elements, redirect the form to a custom URL, and copy the current timer field’s text to any text field when the user clicks on a selected page element. The plugin is currently only authorized, supported, and legitimately sold through codecanyon.net.

Gravity Forms Timed Entries nulled plugin/form submissions and set a time restriction for multiple activities! Set time limitations for quiz/form completion using auto submission or prohibited editing on a timer, and track quiz/form completion times. Editing of form fields and page components may be hidden, shown, or blocked, and the user can be notified at certain moments or when the form timer ends. Capture the current elapsed page time or total elapsed form time when a user clicks on any page element! The nulled plugins may optionally display user timers that count up or down to the total entry time.

Gravity Forms Timed Entries nulled plugin Entries is a Gravity Forms Add-On that works well with our encryption and input formatting add-on plugins.

See the full feature list below!

If you have a quiz or form that has a time restriction and/or want to know how long it took to finish, this is the plugin for you! Entry timer fields may be visible or hidden to the user, and at certain moments or when the time limit is met, you can show the user personalized messages, hide and/or display page components, redirect the page, prevent further editing, or auto submit the quiz/form as-is.


-Entry Timer fields track the overall amount of time it takes to finish a quiz or form. This may be configured to store hours, minutes, and seconds, or to save simply total hours, minutes, or seconds.

Individual Page Timers may track how much time a user spends on certain form pages.

-Entry time limitations may be established for quizzes and forms.

-Can capture/copy the current elapsed or remaining time from a timer field to a text field when the user clicks on a certain element/field (currently restricted to one implementation per form).

-A custom user alert message is shown when the entry time restriction expires. This may also be used to only show the user a message after a certain length of time without blocking or submitting the form.

-Quiz/Forms may be automatically submitted after the time restriction expires (see “Important Notes” below).

-Editing of quizzes and forms might be prevented after the time restriction expires (see “Important Notes” below).

-The ability to select which fields are not prevented from further editing/uploading, for example, when a form is stopped from editing for a certain period of time.

-Ability to conceal form timers and only show/start them when a certain form/quiz page is viewed.

-The ability to redirect the form to a custom URL without submitting it when the time restriction is met.

-When a user clicks on a certain page element, the current content of the chosen timer field may be copied to any text field. This allows you to save/capture the current time from a timer when the user clicks anything specific!

-Hide, display, or prevent editing of form fields and page components, and notify the user when the form timer ends or at certain moments.

-The clock display for entry timing fields may be hidden or made visible to the user.

-Entry timing fields may be removed from the submitted quiz/form data.

-The timers may count up or down.

-Option to display the main form timer above the form on all pages with custom wording.

-When the time limit is met, a custom text choice will appear for ALL entry timer countdown timers and the main form timer.

-Timers are supported by a configurable server time check interval to prevent users from tampering with system time changes.

-Text customization options for ‘Hours’, ‘Minutes’, and ‘Seconds’ on all entry timers (timer displays support any language).

– The ability to delete the time text when storing merely total hours, minutes, or seconds.

– Timers may be customized using CSS (via your theme or own CSS).

-A simple “System Check” to ensure your system fulfills plugin requirements.

– Each option and setting is documented inline and/or with tooltips.

– The free Envato Market plugin provides automatic upgrades and available update alerts.

-Filters allow developers to customize the form time limit and extra timed events for each user.

-Setup instructions are on the plugin settings page, immediately inline with plugin choices and tooltips, allowing users to be up and running in a matter of minutes.

Important Notes: The “Block Editing” and “Auto Submit” capabilities of this plugin are ideally suited and meant for single-page ajax-enabled quizzes/forms with NO mandatory fields, so users cannot insert erroneous data into fields that would prevent normal submission or be malicious. However, the functionality of these choices will also operate on multi-page forms that are not ajax enabled. When form editing is restricted due to a time restriction, you may additionally select which fields will not be disabled. The “Auto Submit” option submits by skipping all mandatory fields and field data validation, and it is designed for single-page quizzes/forms with no specific user input, such as open text fields or text regions that might be incorrect or malicious. The “Block Editing” function does not circumvent validation, but is designed for the same quiz/form kinds so any previously supplied data cannot be incorrect and prevent the user from submitting.

Please note that this plugin is only available for purchase on codecanyon.net and is fully approved and supported. Unauthorized installation of this or any other plugin will jeopardize the security of your site.
Plugin Owl offers Gravity Forms Timed Entries.

Item is supported via the comments page.

View the plugin settings page: Settings: GF Timed Entries

Requirements: + indicates “or any higher version”.

-Requirements: WordPress nulled themes 4.6+ and PHP 5.6+ (5.5 and 5.4 should now work but are NOT SUPPORTED.)
-Gravity Forms, Version 2.5+
Installation / Upgrade
Important: For complete instructions on updating between versions or installing the plugin for the first time, please see the readme file.

  • Fixed non-existent array key warning on form property line 757.
  • Tested with GF 2.8.6.
  • Tested on WordPress 6.4.3.

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