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Gifting for Woo Subscriptions nulled plugin 2.7.0

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Gifting for Woo Subscriptions is a plugin that allows customers to purchase and manage subscriptions for others, allowing them to sell more subscriptions and generate more revenue for your store. The extension allows customers to enter the recipient’s email address on product, cart, or checkout pages, and the extension will handle the rest, including on-boarding the recipient with your store, managing shared control over the subscriptions, and access to orders related to it.

The features of Gifting include easy gifting, recipient onboarding, shared subscription management, membership integration, clear ownership, shared email notifications, download handling, and customer privacy. By displaying this information in various places on the subscription and related orders, Gifting makes it easy to track gifted products in your store. It also communicates with both parties about important subscription-related events, such as renewals, and ensures that sensitive information is kept private.

Gifting can help you sell more subscriptions, whether it’s a monthly box of physical goods, a repeating downloadable product, or a weekly service. To get started, purchase, download, install, and activate the Woo Subscriptions plugin in your WooCommerce store, set up your first subscription-based product or service, and check out detailed documentation to customize the gifting experience. Trust in the high-quality code and support provided by the same developers behind Woo Subscriptions.

Gifting for Woo Subscriptions nulled plugin Increase subscription sales by allowing consumers to purchase memberships for friends, family, and others.
Woo Subscriptions allows you to generate residual money by selling subscription items in your WooCommerce shop. But what if your client wishes to buy a membership for someone else?

For physical things, the consumer may input the recipient’s address to receive delivery, but what about virtual products like services or memberships? And what if the receiver moves? How will she change her mailing address?

Gifting for Woo Subscriptions nulled plugin enables one person to buy a subscription package on behalf of another. It then distributes the subscription to the purchaser and receiver, allowing them both to control the subscription for the remainder of its life cycle. That means less difficulties for you and your clients when anything on the subscription needs to be changed.

Customers may buy memberships for others via Gifting by entering the recipient’s email address on the product, basket, or checkout pages. The extension will handle the rest, such as registering the recipient with your shop and handling shared control for subscriptions and access to orders tied to it.

Bottom line: sell more memberships while requiring less effort. Allow your consumers to buy and manage memberships for others. It’s a never-ending present for your consumers, their receivers, and your store’s income.

Subscription Gifting Options
Simple Gifting
Screenshot of the subscription recipient email field
Your client merely has to input the recipient’s email address to give a subscription. The remainder will be handled by the Gifting extension. Making it simple to gift a subscription increases the number of subscriptions offered, which implies more recurring income for your shop.

Onboarding of Recipients
Screenshot of the Gifted Subscription Welcome Email
Gifting registers the receiver in your business when they acquire a subscription. An account is created automatically. The receiver is notified of the gift and instructed to log in to your shop. Upon login, recipients are put through an onboarding procedure to configure account credentials, including the subscription’s delivery address. You won’t have to do any more effort whether you sell one gift or a thousand.

Gifting for Woo Subscriptions nulled plugin Management of Shared Subscriptions
Table of subscription management capabilities screenshot

The receiver and purchaser of a given membership may both suspend or cancel the subscription, see subscription information and renewal orders using your store’s My Account page, and modify the mailing address. Allowing your clients to manage their subscriptions themselves saves you and your customer care staff time.

Integration of Memberships
Memberships Area in My Account Screenshot
WooCommerce Memberships are compatible with Gifting. Gifted subscription items linked to a membership plan will offer the receiver with all of the membership advantages, not the purchaser. Giftable memberships provide your consumers another motivation to purchase additional subscriptions from your business while also saving you time by enabling them to handle given memberships themselves.

Unambiguous Ownership

Gifting makes it apparent to you and your customers who bought and who received a membership. Gifting makes it simple to keep track of given goods in your business by showing this information in a variety of locations on the subscription and associated orders.

Email Notifications Shared
Email Addresses of Subscription Recipients
Gifting interacts with both the purchaser and receiver about crucial subscription-related events, such as renewals, to keep both parties informed and their inquiries out of your inbox. You can activate or disable, update, and tweak these emails just as you do with other WooCommerce plugin emails to ensure they fit your store’s voice and identity.

Screenshot of Download Handling Gifted Subscription Download Settings
When a downloaded product is bought for a recipient, the recipient is automatically given access to download the files associated with that product. You may also provide download rights to both the receiver and the purchaser, depending on the nature of your business. Your customers will no longer have to manually send download links to recipients.

Screenshot of Customer Privacy Gifted Subscription Order Details
It is critical to keep your customer’s sensitive information confidential while transmitting data between two persons. As a result, Gifting carefully considers what information should and should not be shared with the receiver. For example, receivers cannot view the initial order of their subscription, ensuring that they cannot see anything else bought with the subscription.

Increase Subscription Sales
Gifting may help you sell more subscriptions with Woo Subscriptions, whether you’re offering a monthly box of physical products, such as a candy box, a repeated digital product, such as a surfing magazine, or a weekly service, such as dancing lessons.

Allow your customers to buy and manage subscriptions on behalf of others. It’s a never-ending present for your consumers, their receivers, and your store’s income.

What to Do First
Purchase, download, install, and activate the Woo Subscriptions plugin if you haven’t already.
Purchase this addon
This plugin should be downloaded, installed, and activated in your WooCommerce shop.
Create and launch your first subscription-based product or service.
Check out our comprehensive documentation to help you personalize the giving experience.
Relax and enjoy making more money!
Do you need another incentive to buy? Gifting for Woo Subscriptions is created by the same team that created Woo Subscriptions, so you can be certain that you’re receiving high-quality code and support.

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