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Gift Wrapper for WooCommerce allows customers to add gift wrapping to individual products or entire orders, with the option to charge optional fees. This feature increases revenue, provides convenience for customers, and increases brand visibility. It supports multiple product types, allows for unlimited gift wrapping designs, and allows for customization of options. The product-level gift wrapper supports simple and variable product types, while the order gift wrapper supports all product types. Gift wrapper options can be displayed with or without designs, and can be set as optional or mandatory. The gift wrapper option can be displayed in a pop-up or toggle, and orders can be shown on the cart and checkout page. The frontend displays gift wrapper labels and messages, which can be customized by going to “WooCommerce > Gift Wrapper > Localization” or “WooCommerce > Gift Wrapper > Messages”. The feature also allows for flagging orders placed with gift wrapper information in the “Item” section in orders and the “Order notes” section.

Gift Wrapper for WooCommerce nulled plugin Allow consumers to add gift wrapping to specific goods or full purchases from product sites. Charge an extra cost for gift wrapping.
Gift Wrapper for WooCommerce allows customers to gift wrap specific goods from the product page or their whole purchase from the basket or checkout page. They may also insert a customized note, and business owners have the option of charging a fee for gift wrapping.


Gift Wrapper for WooCommerce nulled plugin Increased income: Charge a charge for gift wrapping to increase your revenue with each purchase.
consumers save time and effort by buying already-wrapped presents, and satisfied consumers are repeat customers.
Increased brand visibility: Gift wrapping not only produces a nice impression on your consumers, but recipients learn about your company when they get your items!
Popular Characteristics
Support for a variety of product types
WooCommerce plugin Gift Wrapping supports both basic and varied items.Options for gift wrapping on a basic product

Options for gift wrapping on a changeable product
Countless gift wrapping ideas
Configure an unlimited number of gift wrap designs, each with its own optional cost.

Gift wrapping is available from the product or checkout pages.
Shoppers will notice the gift wrap option near the “Add to cart” button on single product pages:

When users tick the box, the various gift wrap designs will be presented immediately. When the customer selects a design, any gift wrap cost you’ve specified will be applied to the product’s price, and the total will be updated:

If a cart does not include any gift wrapped goods, a “Gift Wrap This Order” button will appear on the cart and checkout page:On a shopping page, there is a gift wrap button.

Gift Wrapper for WooCommerce nulled plugin A checkout page with a gift wrap button
When a customer hits the “Gift Wrap this Order” button, a pop-up window displays the various Gift Wrapper designs:

When the customer selects a design, the following “Gift Wrapper” product is added to the cart:

List of Extensive Features 1. Product-level gift wrapper for basic and varied product kinds

2. All product categories are supported by the order gift wrapping.

3. A gift wrapping option with or without designs is available.

4. In design mode, you may build an endless number of designs and assign various pricing to each one.

5. The gift wrapping option is only available for selected goods.

6. The display of gift wrapper options for certain users/user roles may be disabled.

7. It is possible for guest users to disable the gift wrapping option.

8. Virtual items might be excluded from gift wrapping.

9. Gift wrapping choices may be shown in a pop-up or toggle menu.

10. The gift wrapping choice may be either optional or essential.

11. The order gift wrapping may be shown in the cart and on the checkout page.

12. Supported positions for displaying order gift wrapper

13. The price of the order gift wrapper can be multiplied by the item quantity.

14. Display the first name, last name, and gift wrapper message fields to obtain the corresponding values

15. Gift wrapper designs may be made on a worldwide scale or for each individual product.

Questions and Answers
Q: Can alternative gift wrapping designs be given for different products?

Product-level gift wrappers may be developed. When you go to the edit product page, you’ll see a “Gift Wrapper” area where you may design gift wrappers for the individual product.

Q: How can I mark orders ordered with a gift wrapper for shipment to a shipstation?

Gift Wrapper for WooCommerce nulled plugin Gift wrapping information will be included in the “Order notes” portion of orders in addition to the “Item” section. This may be used to mark the gift wrapping information in shipstation.

Q: I can’t locate the gift wrapper labels/messages that were shown in the frontend in the PO file. Where can I locate it?

The labels/messages shown in the frontend may be changed.

To modify the labels, go to “WooCommerce > Gift Wrapper > Localization”.

To change the messages, go to “WooCommerce > Gift Wrapper > Messages”.

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