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Geo POS is a comprehensive Point of Sale solution with CRM, Accounts, HRM, and Stock Manager features. The application has undergone several updates, including major PHP 8 upgrades, core file improvements, and third-party library upgrades. It also offers features for all types of tax, including exclusive, inclusive, and GST.

Future updates are free and based on user suggestions. The application has published 100+ updates, and it is available in 21 languages. It supports online payments, multiple stores, and subscriptions/service modules. The application has a ready-to-use REST API Driver, allowing users to link it with limited coding to other applications as per their requirements.

Geo POS offers various features such as POS registers, QR code due invoices, subscriptions, multiple store creation, invoicing, inventory management, customer management, supplier management, and more. It also includes a ticket-based support system, HRM, project management, task management, Twilio and SMS service intigration, reCaptcha, Bit.ly short invoice URL in SMS, notes, documents, REST API support, and customizable invoice templates.

The application requires no programming knowledge and can run on a basic configured and low-powered system with PHP 7.3 or later with MySQL. It supports thermal printers and is translated into Arabic, Bengali, Chinese-simplified, Czech, Dutch, Filipino, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Javanese, Khmer, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese, and Urdu.

The application is translated into the provided languages and files, and translations are subject to improvement. RTL (Right to Left) support is available, and payment gateways like Stripe, Authorize.Net, PayUMoney, 2Checkout, RazorPay, Pin Payments, PayPal, and SecurePay are available.


A Whole Point of Sale Solution Including Stock Manager, HRM, Accounting, and CRM
14 April 2023: Change Log v 8.1 build 186 using an automated web wizard
Build 180 of Change Log version 8.0

– Update by Hand – Update by Mega Framework
– Update: Build 153, 160 merged; Core Files updated
– Update: Upgrade PDF for Third-Party Libraries
– Update: POS Upgrade for Third-party Libraries – Update: Email Upgrade for Third-party Libraries
– Update: Payment for Third-Party Library Upgrade
Updates: – Fixed minor issues – Updated system security
A new update for Rose Business Suite’s Laravel version is available via WhatsApp share:)

Rose Executive Suite

Please watch the demo before making any purchases.

Geo POS is an exquisitely designed Point of Sale software. Point of Sale, Invoicing, Quotations, Purchase Orders, Inventory Management, Customer Management, Supplier Management, Project Management, Accounts, Data & Reports, REST API, CRON JOBS, Employee Management with separate user roles are just a few of the many features that are packed into this program. All tax kinds, including GST, Exclusive, and Inclusive, are supported.

Point of Sale, Billing, and Stock Management Application (Geo POS) – 1
Our goods are designed to last, not only to have flashy features to flaunt every now and then. Our author is skilled in research; several of her works have been published in reputable international publications. In upcoming releases.

Will updates in the future be free?
Indeed! Future upgrades are entirely free, and we often provide updates based on your requests for new features. We have almost 100 updates available!

Release of New Update — Changelog — Version 7.0 build 150 – – Major PHP 8 Upgrade Update
– Update: New Core Files
– Update: Rewritten Section
– Update: Minor Bugs Have Been Fixed
– upgrade: An upgrade to system security

Check the list of supported languages at the bottom of the page.

GST, Exclusive, and Inclusive Taxes
Several Product Units
The sole source of assistance, support, and service module subscriptions is the help desk. Kindly use HelpDesk to submit an email or message.

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Because the application includes a ready-to-use REST API Driver, you may connect it to other apps with little code in accordance with your needs. Included are a few example methods.

internet-based accounting software Point of Sale
Elegantly Styled Point of Sale
Assistance with Online Payment
POS Registers for every worker
POS Terminals Record QR Code Past Due Bills and Subscriptions
A Masterfully Designed Module for Subscription Management
Assistance with Online Payment
Several Shops
Establish Several Stores Under One Brand
Assign a worker to the store
specific tax rates for each item
For invoicing, choose the TAX Type.
Note on Delivery
Formal Billing
Personalized discount percentages for each item
Stock Manager Integrated
Receive online payment via a special invoice link.
Good Bill Printing quotes from a template
Provide a proposal and quotes by email.
Transform quotations into bills.
Orders for Purchase
Forward the purchase receipt to the supplier together with your stock requirements via an integrated inventory manager.
Track Stock Value by Category
Serial Products
Oversee Product Warehouses
Utilize real-time stock status to manage your merchandise.
Automatic Email Notification of Low Stock
Variations in products, such as color and size
Client Administration
Client wallets and internet recharge
Obtain a record of the invoices for a certain client.
Revenue and Expenses for each Customer
Management of suppliers
Obtain Purchase Order Records
Record of payment to supplier accounts
The invoice’s payment will appear
Purchase and sales are linked with accounts
Every payment activity history
Create Personalized Purchases
Information & Reports
Accounts Statements and Company Statistics
Revenue Outlays
Purchases & Sales TAX Notation
Ticket-Based Support System: Through his login, customers may open tickets.
Employee is able to respond and resolve issues
Holidays, Payroll, Employee Attendance, and HRM
Employee Salary: Historical & Incremental
Project Manager: A practical and user-friendly project management module with customer view and feedback options is offered.
Work Manager
The management or owner of the company might provide duties to the staff.
ReCaptcha and Twilio SMS Service Initiation
Bit.ly Invoice URL shortcode in SMS notes and documents
RESTful API: Establish a connection with other apps
Employee Management at CORN Jobs
Several Payment Gateways Preloaded
TAX Disclosures
Modifiable Email Templates
Export and backups of data
Payment Gateways that are prepared for usage
Authorize.Net for Stripe
PayUMoney 2Checkout
RazorPay Pin Transactions
Inventory Management using SecurePay

Support for REST APIs

You may preview templates in the confugre>templates portion of the program, which gives a well arranged, attractive invoice template that you can print.

Quotes Demo Specifications
Employee login area

https://pos.ultimatekode.com is the URL.

Owner/Administrator of the Company: [email protected]

Password: 123456

Manager of Business Email: [email protected]

Password: 123456

Email for the Sales Manager: [email protected]

Password: 123456

Email for the salesperson: [email protected]

Password: 123456

(In the program, a salesperson’s responsibility is restricted to their own bills.)
Customer login area

http://pos.ultimatekode.com/crm is the URL.

[email protected] is your email.

Password: 123456

View the Installation Video
Lack of Programming Experience Installing and using code igniter-built software is necessary. Adaptable and simple to change. There are no specific requirements for this application; it can operate on a machine with extremely little configuration and power. It only needs MySQL and PHP 7.3 or later, which is quite prevalent in the market right now.
Thermal printers that are supported

Arabic, Bengali, Chinese (simplified), Czech, Dutch, Filipino, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Javanese, Khmer, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese, and Urdu are among the languages that are available.
The application includes files and is translated into the aforementioned languages. Since translation is still being worked on, there may be some improper terms in the final version. We would appreciate your assistance in making the translation better. You are welcome to contribute to the language file enhancements; the application documentation will include appropriate credit information. If your language is not among those mentioned above, you may translate it into it.
Support for RTL (Right to Left) is offered.

The following payment gateways are available for use: PayPal, SecurePay, RazorPay, Authorize.Net, 2Checkout, and Pin Payments. Customization is available for various payment gateways, such as Payfort, among others.



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