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FunnelKit Checkout nulled plugin 3.14.1

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FunnelKit Checkout is an optimized WooCommerce checkout page plugin that offers customizable templates, order forms, and one-page checkouts. It offers multi-step checkout pages, mini cart modification, field preview, Google Address Autocomplete, bullet-based reasons to buy, mobile-optimized checkouts, a carthopper, and an order bump. It also allows users to skip the conventional cart and create targeted offers.

Increase Sales with Optimized WooCommerce Checkout.

FunnelKit Checkout nulled plugin provides elegant, ready-to-use WooCommerce checkout themes, embed order forms, one-page checkouts, and more.

Say goodbye to the default WooCommerce checkout.
Say welcome to FunnelKit Checkout! The greatest WooCommerce checkout page plugin designed to increase conversions.

Multiple-step checkout pages

FunnelKit Checkout nulled plugin A lengthy checkout form seems intimidating. You may divide it into many steps: first, collect contact information, then gather additional information. Capture emails early on in the process.
Mini cart modification
Allow users to evaluate products before submitting payment. They can remove item(s), change the amount, and see item photos. A smart small cart module may provide an excellent user experience.

WooCommerce checkout field preview.

Allow users to preview selected fields from the previous step in the current stage. In the event of a mistake, users may immediately click alter and amend a field. The transitions between stages are seamless.
Google Address Autocomplete
Mistyping in the address fields often results in expensive unsuccessful deliveries. Address autocomplete allows users to type a few characters from their street address and get matched possibilities.

Reasons to Buy:

List the reasons to purchase bullets. Perhaps your company gives to charity, employs organic materials, or deliveries the next day. Whatever the cause, express it in bullet points.

Mobile-optimized checkout

Collapsible order summary
Mobile-friendly sticky CTA button and express checkout alternatives.
Increase conversions and reduce abandonment with a smooth mobile checkout experience.

Cart Hopper

Allow consumers to bypass the traditional cart and go directly to the checkout page from the product page or a bespoke landing page. Customize the add to cart button label with wording like ‘purchase now.’

Order bump

Cross-sell complementary goods at the WooCommerce checkout that customers may add with a single click. Create targeted rule-based offers based on the user’s cart items, purchase history, and other criteria.

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