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fullPage.js nulled plugin 3.0.5

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The fullPage.js nulled plugin is an official WordPress plugin designed for creating full-screen layouts. It offers responsiveness, touch functionality, and is compatible with all current browsers, including older ones like Internet Explorer 9. The plugin comes with the fullPage.js script and license, and developers can use it to create flawless slideshows. FullPage.js extensions can be acquired individually via the extensions page. A money-back guarantee is provided for purchases made within thirty days, and free upgrades are available for a limited time. Bills of lading are sent to users via Gumroad, a secure payment service.

fullPage.js nulled plugin

plug-in for Gutenberg called fullPage.js nulled plugin
Make a WordPress full-screen page using the official plugin.

The official WordPress plugin for making full-screen layouts

Swift and
A completely responsive page is FullPage. To provide room for content, you may disable it for specified widths or heights and even let portions exceed the viewport.

Enables touch functionality
Works without a hitch on tablets and smartphones. Created with everyone in mind, not just us! Move about by scrolling, using the mousewheel, or dragging! Experience is up to you!

Less extensive parts
Slides and sections may be resized to fit inside the viewport height if necessary. For the simple reason that not everything requires full screen mode! Wonderful for those who are stepping on the pavement!


All current browsers, including some older ones like Internet Explorer 9, are fully compatible with Fullpage.js! Create a flawless slideshow using the WordPress nulled themes Gutenberg builder!

Do you have fullPage.js installed?

Indeed. The purchase of the nulled plugin for Gutenberg builder will come with the fullPage.js script as well as the license for using it. Buying it separately is not required of you at this time.

the extensions for fullPage.js

In the event that you choose to make use of fullPage.js extensions, you will be required to acquire them individually via the extensions page. Following that, place the file in the appropriate folder, as specified in the documents.

The term “developer” is used.

One of the members of your team who is working on a project that makes use of the Fullpage plugin for Gutenberg is referred to as a developer or team member. This involves putting the code into action, integrating it, or making changes to it.

A refund
Money-back guarantee for any purchase made within thirty days, provided that help was not required.

There are free upgrades included with each license, but they are only available for a limited amount of time. In the event that it is necessary, an additional updates and support package may be purchased.

Bills of lading
In the email that Gumroad, the business that handles the secure payment, sends to you to confirm your purchase, you will find a link to the invoice.

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