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FormCraft nulled plugin 3.9.10

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FormCraft is a comprehensive, adaptable, and adjustable Drag & Drop Form Builder nulled plugin for WordPress. It features a drag-and-drop editing interface, allowing users to create intricate structures effortlessly. The plugin is designed to provide a user-friendly WordPress dashboard, with menu items and text boxes for easy navigation. FormCraft offers numerous add-ons, such as MailChimp, GetResponse, and Campaign Monitor, and allows users to combine their existing payment gateways with their forms. FormCraft offers customization options, including fonts, layouts, logos, and custom CSS. Its scalable and responsive design ensures stunning designs across all devices. FormCraft also supports math formulas, conditional logic, and triggers, allowing users to trigger forms, embed forms, and use conditional logic to send emails, activate integrations, and update shopping carts. It also offers real-time online form analytics, allowing marketing teams to track form views, submissions, and payment conversion rates. FormCraft also provides a complete record of tutorials and help files, making it easy to seek assistance while working.

FormCraft nulled plugin

The most comprehensive, adaptable, and adjustable Drag & Drop Form Builder nulled plugin for WordPress available is called FormCraft.
Powered by the Drop and Drag Interface
FormCraft’s familiar drag-and-drop editing interface makes it a snap to use. You just need to drag and drop the necessary item from the menu into the selected form, thanks to a clear graphical user interface (GUI) operating behind the scenes. Since everything is WYSIWYG, you may drag and drop anything to the desired location. Whoa! Form created. It is incredibly easy to construct amazing, intricate structures.

WordPress Knowledge

For users to feel instantly at ease with the WordPress Dashboard, we built FormCraft in order to create that captivating user experience. After it is activated, WordPress will display a new menu item and an intuitive dashboard with menu items that simplify the process of creating forms.
Text boxes in the navigation to the right, build things at the top. With everything being drag and drop and still having that familiar nulled theme WordPress feel, there is almost no learning curve right away.

Add-Ons in plenty

Expand functionality beyond what’s feasible with the many Addons available, such as MailChimp, GetResponse, and Campaign Monitor (FREE!). You can even take your current Payment Gateways and combine them with your forms.
Put some style into it.
Who said dull forms had to be? Are you tired of attempting to incorporate a form without it like Microsoft DOS? With FormCraft, you can succeed. FormCraft offers numerous levels of customization, so you can quickly alter the fonts, layouts, add your logo, and even apply custom CSS to further customize the appearance and feel.
There is a form with your name on it. You may adjust the width, change the basic color, add a whole custom color scheme, or even add a backdrop image.

Adaptable and Expandable

Scalability and responsiveness are at the foundation of FormCraft’s design and development process. Your webforms will never have looked better thanks to FormCraft’s display resolution, which is ready to take on any device—mobile, tablet, smartphone, or even smartwatch. There is no need for page reloads because to the efficient, lightweight, and tested HTML5 code that is built upon a comprehensive AJAX framework. Stunning designs across all devices.
Math formulas, conditional logic, and triggers
With this most recent fourth-generation form builder platform, no detail has been overlooked. You can use an existing element on a page to trigger a form, or you can embed forms to “popup” on any page. Take conditional logic one step further by using it to send emails, activate integrations, show or hide fields, and update a live shopping cart using arithmetic expressions.


Real-time online form analytics is a new feature of FormCraft that your marketing team will adore. Views of form views and submissions, as well as payment conversion rates – weekly, monthly, yearly, or by custom periods – are all available.
Complete Record
Without leaving the form editor, access dozens of lessons, look up assistance topics with real-world examples, and more. We have ensured that all of the tutorials and help files are available directly from within the editor, making it incredibly simple to seek assistance while working.

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